Celebrity Wannabe: 15 Shocking Cases Of Plastic Surgery

Not satisfied with your looks? Thinking of plastic surgery to fix a nose or make you look younger? Well, these days, that's almost considered normal. Or maybe you fancy Kim Kardashian's backside or Jennifer Lawrence's nose. Again, that's not such a strange thing. But, if you have gotten to the point of going through endless plastic surgeries so you can look just like Kim Kardashian or Jennifer Lawrence or Demi Moore, then perhaps you are obsessed. The people on this list have reportedly done just that. Some have spent over $150,000 in an attempt to turn themselves into celebrities they idolize. And sometimes, they are not even real. Like the guy who went through 19 surgeries to look like Superman or the man who dropped tens of thousands of dollars to look like a Ken doll. Yes, as in Barbie. With that being said, here are 15 people who went to extremes of plastic surgery to look (or try to look) like a celebrity.

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15 Ashley Horn - Lindsay Lohan


Ashley Horn had a head start on this little project. She is Lohan's, of course, estranged half sister. Lindsay summed up her feelings for Ashley and her other half-siblings when she told her (and their father) Michael (also estranged big time), that they were "random f***ing kids". We get the general estranged vibe. According to Ashley, she is hotter than Lindsay. You be the judge. Reportedly, she spent $25,000 on a nose job, "various refinements", and myriad injectables to look like Lindsay "in her good days". Now, now. Play nice children. We don't think a thaw of the relationship ice is coming any time soon.

14 Herbert Chavez - Superman


This one is from the Philippines and, before becoming a Superman replica, he was what one report calls a "mild-mannered dress maker". Apparently, he fell in love with the big "S" when he was five and watched him leap tall buildings on television. Let's go through the list of procedures (at least some of them): multiple nose jobs, skin whitening, realignment of his jaw, pec implants, abdominal implants (presumably for the 6-Pack effect) and on and on. And this over 19 years. And why? Well, there's the 15 of fame thing, but also he claims he likes making people smile. Wouldn't you if you saw Superman walking down the street? At least.

13 Mikka Jay - Michael Jackson

We are back in England. Mikka Jay is a mother, yes mother, of three who has spent around $16,000 to look like Michael Jackson. She has had work done on her nose, cheeks and chin. Why would a mother want to look like Michael Jackson? Well, it seems Mikka can pull up to a cool $250,000 a year doing her Michael Jackson impersonation, rather "tribute act". If you can find her/him among all the female Michael Jackson female impersonators on YouTube, you can judge for yourself. Our view? Voice is good. Pity about the moves, though. We assume Mikka Jay (get it?) is a stage name.

12 Nileen Namita - Nefertiti

This woman reportedly pulled her daughter out of private school to help fund the nearly $250,000 she is said to have spent to look like long dead Egyptian Queen Nefertiti. Nice, huh? Anyway, Namita reportedly spent the doe on 53 different procedures. It's just as well then, that she told a British newspaper that she wasn't looking for anyone's approval, and that she is convinced that she is the reincarnation of the Egyptian Queen. "Being Nefertiti is my destiny." And her daughter? She sometimes wishes she had a more normal mother. Sometimes?

11 Justin Jedlica - Ken Doll


According to his website, it's not plastic surgery. It's "aesthetic fulfillment". Right."The Human Ken Doll" has spent, rather his partner has mostly spent, tens of thousands of dollars across some 100 "aesthetic" procedures so that he can resemble Barbie's main squeeze. It's almost certainly a 15 of fame thing, but also, Jedlica offers aesthetic fulfillment consulting, to include his "expertise" in plastic surgery. Put yourself in his hands and fulfill your destiny. Or some such. For him, it's a "journey of modification". Some might say he may have just gone a little too far in his journey.

10 Myla Sinanaj - Kim Kardashian

The weird factor in this one is the fact that Myla Sinanaj dated Kris Humphries after his split from Kim Kardashian. She even did a Kim-like sex tape (Myla Sinanaj - The Anti Kim XXX). According to one source, she had the surgery after her time with Kris. What is the term for being famous for pretending to be someone who is famous for being famous? Boring? Anyway, the real Kim K. can rest easy. Apparently Myla doesn't have a hankering for Kanye. Reportedly, he has too many anger issues to suit her. TV executives take note: Myla has her heart (and her bank balance) set on hosting a TV show. "Moochin' with Myla" has a nice ring to it, we think.

9 Toby Sheldon - Justin Bieber


OK. So guess what Toby does for a "living"? No, he's not a singer. He's a songwriter. The 30-something Californian reportedly spent in excess of $100,000 to look like Justin Bieber. Not just any old Justin Bieber, but the 18-year old Biebs. Reportedly, he's now looking to do a forehead reduction. One doctor told him he would end up looking like a Neanderthal man. Not to worry, says Toby. He can wear a hat. And it didn't surprise us to hear that he had been turned down by a number of plastic surgeons. But the cruelest blow? One report call his off-key rendition of one of his songs on TV show Botched "cringe worthy". Talent, says Toby, is a gift. Indeed.

8 Matt and Mike Shlepp - Brad Pitt


According to one report, the unfortunately named Schlepp brothers  spent some $30,000 to look like Brad Pitt. Our opinion? The hair's not bad, but forget the rest. According to The Daily Mail, they endured two months of pain and food deprivation on their own aesthetic fulfillment journey. And, to make it worse, they apparently are thrilled with the results. Why did they do it? Well according to the short-lived MTV reality show, I Want a Famous Face, the Arizona brothers thought the only thing holding them back from fame and fortune in Hollywood was their faces. No, they have not been mistaken for Brad Pitt, but feel they are channeling his vibe anyway.

7 Deborah Davenport - Kate Winslet


40-something Texan Deborah Davenport, claims to have spent $15,000 to have cartilage shaved from her nose (ouch), injections into her cheeks and Botox on her forehead and eyes. According to one story, Davenport had been told for years that she resembled Cameron Diaz, but Cameron was not her destiny. Having decided she wanted to look like a celebrity, she just had to decide who. Perhaps the easy thing would have been to channel the Cameron thing, but Davenport went through magazines and hit on Kate Winslet. Her plastic surgeon diplomatically said that it was not possible to "re-create another person's image exactly." We see that. We truly do. Still, the eyebrows are pretty good.

6 Lisa Connell - Demi Moore


Reports vary on this one. Some say the Brit Lisa Connell, who was apparently diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor, spent some $60,000 on breast implants, liposuction and an eyebrow lift, together with work on her skin and teeth, in order to look like Demi Moore. One source reported that she had said she wanted to die beautiful. Other reports peg Demi on Twitter, telling her not, not, not to do it. Whatever, we think the eyes and nose are pretty good, but the smile just misses.

5 Crystal U - Britney Spears


Another alumni of I Want a Famous Face, Crystal U was a pleasant looking brown-haired 20-something girl, with a respectable office job who dreamed of looking like Britney Spears. Why? Well, according to the TV show, she wanted a boost in confidence to catapult her into a glowing career as a stripper. You know, Britney meets the pole dancing thing. In any event, she thought bigger breasts and a nose job would make her normal, boring life, less normal and boring. No word on how it has worked out for her. But we think she's got the Brit-ditzy face down pat.

4 Kitty - Jennifer Lawrence


E! seemingly loved the story. The headline screamed "This Woman Spent $25,000 on Plastic Surgery to Look Like Jennifer Lawrence". ABC News reported that the 30-year-old Texas dog trainer and mother of five, paid the $25,000 over to achieve the JLaw clone look. She says she gets stopped on the street by people who say she looks like her favorite celebrity. We're sure that makes her feel really confident. No word though, on whether she has developed a tendency to trip and fall.

3 Jordan James Parke - Kim Kardashian


Jordan James Parke is a British make-up artist who is such a fan of Kim Kardashian, that he spent some $150,000 and went through more than 50 (yes 50) cosmetic treatments, including Botox, fillers in his lips and cheeks, eyebrow tattoos, and even laser hair removal. And he's not bothered that people tell him he looks, well, plastic and unreal. That was the point, he insists, of spending all that money. You may also be interested to know that there's a tattoo across his chest that proclaims "Everybody Dies But Not Everybody Lives". Tell it like it is Kim or Jordan. Or whoever. No word on Kim's reaction to this "tribute".

2 Nicolas Ryan - Ryan Gosling


It won't surprise you to hear that Nicholas Ryan is an aspiring actor. Heavy on the aspiring. But Nicholas apparently didn't go under the knife. He blew a mere $5,000 on Botox and filler injections to a) supposedly make him look like his idol, and b) to get his 15 of fame and exposure. And surprise, surprise, "Ryan" is a stage name. He said he did it hoping to get more acting gigs. Apparently, a girl at a party told him he had a very Ryan Gosling look. Personally, we see more Keifer Sutherland than Ryan Gosling.

1 Sha Ross - Pamela Anderson

No prize for guessing what this I Want a Famous Face contestant had done. Big ones. Very big ones. Like from a C to 32 F's. Then there was the lip implants and the lipo on her chin. Apparently, there was method to her madness. Prior to surgery, she had appeared in the "College Edition" of Playboy. And the show follows her as she sets off, post implants, etc. to audition for a Playmate spot. And she made it in 2004. Big time, on the cover of Playboy. Nine years later, the church-going mother of two children went under the knife again. Seems like she, well, stood out, on the playground. Really? This time she reclaimed her more reasonable C-cup. She commented that children change you.

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