Celebrities' 15 Most Painfully Regrettable Tattoos

Tattoos were once seen as rebellious and uncouth, part of a murky sub-culture, but now they're common on people from every walk of life. Tattoos can convey a wide range of meanings; they can be intricate or simple, colourful or black and white. Whatever your personal style, from quirky to conservative, there'll be a tattoo for you. As the taboo around the tattoo wanes, more and more people are getting inked.

This is especially true among younger people. And while tattoos may be more socially acceptable than ever before, and consequently more accessible, they're still permanent - and they can still be seriously misguided. Given the cost and time involved in removing a tattoo, some people choose to cover up their mistakes with new tattoos. These attempts to rectify a disastrous mistake can be amusing, but when celebrities receive ill-conceived tattoos, it's all the funnier. We all see them, and we all judge them.

This doesn't stop celebs from getting the ink they want, though, and often regretting it later. This list of celeb tattoos is filled with tattoos celebrities already regret, and a few that they certainly should regret.

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15 Katie Price

via mirror.co.uk

Among the list of most regrettable tattoos is the name of an ex. Former British glamour model turned reality star Katie Price received a tattoo of her husband's name on her wrist, but when the two split, she was faced with a difficult decision. Instead of removing the tattoo, which would have been very painful, she got her ex-husband's name crossed out. This was both a relatively painless and cost effective alternative, but she later remedied the situation further by having a rose inked over the name.

Following this tattoo though, Price received yet another of the same ilk; this one had the name of her boyfriend 'Leo' with a date next to it. Since then, that couple have also split.

14 David Beckham

via mirror.co.uk

David Beckham has 32 tattoos in all, but none have drawn as much attention as this one. He received a tattoo on his arm of his wife, Victoria Beckham's, name in Sanskrit. The only problem is that it was misspelled. Though he says he doesn't regret any of his tattoos, including this one, fans saw this as a face-palm moment which did nothing to help Beckham's reputation as one of the least intelligent British sports stars.

The tattoo, which was supposed to read 'Victoria', ended up saying 'Vihctoria'. It is certainly not a glaringly noticeable mistake to the general public who don't know the language, but it is still widely seen as a cringe-worthy mistake. Beckham's other tattoos include full sleeves and a winged figure on his back.

13 Cheryl Cole

via mirror.co.uk

Cheryl Cole shocked fans when she put this picture on Instagram. Her latest tattoo is a full back-side tattoo of roses. It covers up three other tattoos the star received previously. The tattoo took 15 hours in total and was, it's reported, unbelievably expensive. The star admitted to paying as much as a small car for the art.

She chose the design, and likes it, but many disagree with her decision. To her, tattoos are art, and while others might view the tattoo as regrettable, Cole does not. In fact, in the future she says she may get her entire back covered in tattoos.

12 Johnny Depp

via thinng.com/

In the early 90s, Johnny Depp tattooed the name of his then-girlfriend, Winona Ryder, on his arm. Following their split, though, he was forced to change it to something else. The tattoo read 'Winona Forever' and afterwards Depp famously altered it to 'Wino Forever'. The actor regretted the first tattoo, which is why he had it changed, but does he regret this new and improved one? That is unclear. However, many fans see it as an equally regrettable tattoo, as it implies a drinking problem.

Depp is another celeb who loves tattoos, and has over 30 covering his body. His first tattoo is a Chief on his bicep, which he said honours his Native American heritage.

11 Kesha

via mirror.co.uk

The 'Suck It' tattoo Kesha received in 2012 drew a lot of attention. Some of it was positive, but the vast majority was negative, particularly from parents of girls who idolized the singer. Because of its phrasing, as well as its location, many saw the tattoo as being over the top and crude. The tattoo is a response to her 'haters' and the public and media who write negative comments about the star.

Kesha also has other tattoos, but none that have drawn as much controversy as this one.

10 Tulisa

via gopixpic.com

Tulisa revealed this tattoo in 2013. 'Lucky You' is etched above her bikini line, accompanied by a four leaf clover. Although the tattoo could have been received to commemorate the 'Lucky Brand' jeans company (which has 'Lucky You' on the fly), it has has other connotations, leading many fans to criticize the tat as being trashy and classless. However, many others see it as merely being fun and cheeky.

The former X-factor judge also has a giant Pegasus tattoo on her shoulder blade, among others. All the star's ink has to do with making a statement, complimenting her larger-than-life personality.

9 Rita Ora

via popstartats.com

The Goddess of love, Aphrodite, is tattooed on Rita Ora's bicep. Beneath this is a heart, enhancing the theme in a somewhat unsubtle way. Ora has always been intrigued and invested in the legends of Gods and Goddesses, which is why she wanted the tattoo. Aphrodite is the epitome of these Gods, and is the 'Marilyn Monroe of Goddesses', the singer stated in an interview.

The heart was inked first, but when she thought it looked like a shriveled prune she added the face of Aphrodite. It is upside down, however, and is much larger than she expected. Ora has other tattoos as well, such as an anchor on her wrist to 'keep her grounded.'

8 Lady Gaga

via mirror.co.uk

In October 2014, the Queen of Pop posted pictures of her latest tattoo. It depicts a monster's hand, or 'Paw,' as the singer puts it, which is an homage to her fans: Gaga's 'Little Monsters' are her inspiration, which is one reason why she received the tattoo. Along with pictures of the finished product, Gaga also posted pics of the process, which included revealing full body shots that showed off her butt and other tattoos.

This latest tat features scales and long nails, intended to appear monstrous. The singer tweeted 'Uh Oh...it's time monsters,' with the first pictures. Some of her monsters are not happy with the tattoo though, and it has been called 'ugly' and 'distasteful'.

7 Eva Longoria

via mydaily.co.uk

Eva Longoria regretted receiving this tattoo, so much so that she has had it removed. The former Desperate Housewife had "Nine" tattooed on her neck following her marriage to Tony Parker. The number was in reference to his NBA jersey number. They split in 2010 after Longoria found texts to another woman on Parker's phone.

The star had laser tattoo removal on the spot, and what was left was a patch of red skin. In addition to the number, she also had the date of their marriage tattooed in Roman letters on her wrist. She stated that she wished to remember the date forever.

6 Harry Styles

via wewomen.com

One Direction singer Harry Styles has over 30 tattoos covering his body, but it is his latest one that has caused a stir. Styles recently received a giant butterfly tattoo over his stomach. The 20 year old has had regrets about tattoos in the past, but has not (yet) expressed regret about this new one.

Of the others he has said, "I regret this one on my wrist here," while being interviewed by We Love Pop. The tattoo he was referring to was done by fellow singer Ed Sheeran and is of a padlock. Styles admits that he finds some of his tattoos to be "awful".

5 Miley Cyrus

via mirror.co.uk

Another trend in tattoos is to get family members forever immortalized by ink. Miley Cyrus is the latest celeb to follow this trend. The singer recently got a large picture of her grandmother, Loretta Finley, tattooed on her arm. The reason? "Because I am her favorite & she is mine," the star wrote beside the picture she posted.

Cyrus and her grandmother are very close, which is why she wanted to pay tribute to her. Not everyone is pleased with the recent tattoo though. There have been Twitter followers mocking the new ink but, as is typical of her approach to the public, Miley doesn't pay attention to them.

4 Chris Brown

via celebitchy.com

Following Chris Brown's vicious attack on ex-girlfriend Rihanna, many fans questioned if he should ever be in the spotlight again. Brown apologized for the attack, saying he felt regret, although he received very little in terms of sentencing.  Further questions turned up about the legitimacy of his regret after he got this tattoo...

Many have remarked on the similarity between the image and that of Rihanna's battered face following the attack. According to Brown, it is of a Mexican "sugar skull" and not of Rihanna or an abused woman. Brown also has other tattoos, including a massive T-Rex, but none have stirred up as much controversy as this one.

3 Zac Efron

via thatswhatshesaid.jezebel.com

Zac Efron got a small tattoo in 2011 that left fans scratching their heads. He showed off his tattoo in Tokyo during a press conference, and caught many unawares.

The actor chose to have 'YoLo' tattooed on the side of his hand after the release of his flop film New Year's Eve.  The film did terribly - it premiered on one of the lowest box office weekends in history, in fact - but the star chose to get this tattoo anyway. People have speculated that it is because he does not regret anything he has done, including the movie. The tattoo was done when the phrase "YOLO" was at peak popularity.

2 Ryan Cabrera

via hollyscoop.com

All tattoos have some kind of meaning, but some are sillier than others. In 2013, Ryan Cabrera got a picture of Ryan Gosling's face tattooed on his calf. He has showed it off on numerous occasions, and is not ashamed of it in the least. Why did he have it done?

"We like to play a game called tattoo roulette," he explained, "We blindfold each other: 'You get to pick a tattoo for me, and I get to pick a tattoo for you.' And you don't get to see it till they're both done." The Gosling tattoo joins his many others, but it is one of the larger pieces.

1 Steve-O

via starcrush.com

Jackass star Steve-O has many unique and varied tattoos covering his body, but there are none more pronounced that the enormous portrait covering his back. The tattoo stretches across the expanse of his back and is in the likeness of his own face.

Beneath the massive self-portrait are the words, "Yeah dude, I rock!" Definitely one of the largest celebrity tattoos, Steve-O has commented on its details and style saying, “It’s not in the center and it’s lopsided." Unsurprising, considering he reportedly picked a parlour at random to have it done. The tattoo has been the center of a number of jokes and conversations around regrettable ink.

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