9/11 And 14 Other Times The US Government Lied To Us

Government and lies. For many of us in America, those are two words that go together like bread and butter. It's no secret that our government keeps secrets and has been doing so for many years. Any c

Government and lies. For many of us in America, those are two words that go together like bread and butter. It's no secret that our government keeps secrets and has been doing so for many years. Any conspiracy theorist will tell you just to what extent the government hides information from us. Especially in the light of the recent election and information from 9/11, there are plenty of questions that make us wonder if the government is trying to cover their tracks to this day.

It's kind of sad in hindsight that such an article like this demands to be written. America was founded on moralistic principles that would make us the greatest nation in the world. For a time that was true. We helped and cared for others. We fought for freedom and gave it to the people. We didn't leave one another behind. As time went on though, the human nature became abundantly clear. Greed and selfishness became mixed in with the governing officials, and we slowly fell from grace.

This is no recent observation either. Based on the information, the government has been lying to us for decades. Perhaps the worst part about all of these lies is the fact that many people believe them. There are some who are still convinced that America is the greatest nation in the world. I would like to believe that as much as the next guy, but it's just not the truth.

9/11 and 14 other times where we were lied to are only proof of that.

15 9/11


There are so many lies surrounding 9/11, that I'm not even sure what I believe about it anymore. For example, did you know that three towers were destroyed that day? Probably not. I'm not even sure that what I saw fifteen years ago was even the truth. For example, when the towers collapsed, it was theorized that it was because of the intensity of the fire. However, there have been many investigations (even today) that suggest that was not the case. The towers were constructed of a high caliber steel, and to propose that fire could melt and destroy such material is preposterous, as pointed out by physicist Steven Jones. As a matter of fact, after the buildings fell, there were photos taken of the steel beams. They had broken, but they were almost cut clean through diagonally. This kind of break could only be done by a particular bomb that had been placed there.

If that's not enough evidence to change your way of thinking, when the towers were built, there was concern for an airplane attack. So the people that constructed it made it specifically to withstand such an event. An airplane crash might have led to a huge fire inside the building, but it would never bring the towers down.

14 Watergate


What list of government lies would be complete without the Watergate scandal? Richard Nixon lied about many things while he was president, but the final straw was Watergate. Watergate refers to an official government complex in DC. One day, there were five burglars who broke into the building, allegedly to tap into communications and other top secret information. When the men were brought into court and tried, there was some investigating done on how they got in. As they followed the trails, they began to notice something suspicious: that the breaking of Watergate was an inside job. Eventually, they began following a cash trail (the burglars were funded for their work) and traced it all the way back to a committee that was the head honcho for Richard Nixon's campaign and eventual presidency. Eventually, more evidence was discovered against Nixon's officials, and they soon found evidence that Nixon himself tried to cover up the break-in and even attempted to throw investigating officials off of the trail. After threats of impeachment were thrown out, Nixon ended up resigning from his chair. Since then the term "Watergate" has represented many other scandals in world history, but it all started here.

13 Pentagon Bombing


Some of the entries on this list are a bit controversial in nature and could fall more in line with conspiracy theories, so feel free to take anything with a grain of salt. That being said, I felt like this needed to be mentioned, considering it's becoming more noticed on social media. A mere hour after the World Trade Centers were bombed, a plane flew directly into the Pentagon building as well, or that's what we were told. Pictures taken directly after the event show no plane debris, an exit hole that is quite small when compared to the alleged plane, and a completely intact lawn, even right where the plane crashed. Many people suppose that this had to be some sort of inside job. While that could be true, there is evidence to support that it was indeed a plane crash. Either way, what we were told about the event isn't the truth. Despite both sides of evidence, what really gets me for the Pentagon bombing is that there were and are cameras on all sides of the building. You mean to tell me that seemingly none of them captured any footage of the plane flying into the building? Do with that information what you will.

12 Keeping Health Care

This issue isn't a terribly big one when compared to the likes of 9/11 and Watergate, but it's a prime example of our governing leaders lying to our faces, and us having to suffer for it. President Obama (love him or hate him) has done many things to raise people's' suspicions over the years. However, one speech showcased him lying through his teeth about his new plan for health care. He was proposing the Affordable Care Act that would place new standards, guidelines, and limitations on what health care would look like. This caused many insurance companies to discontinue many of their plans. However, President Obama promised to the public that if they were already under a health care plan that they liked, then they were more than capable of keeping said plan. When push came to shove, however, many people lost their health care plans and 4 out of 5 Americans found themselves between a rock and a hard place (and not to mention a distrust of our president). The government tried to fix that mistake due to public outrage, but it was never what we were promised.

11 Our Privacy


There are a lot of concerns with people that believe we are constantly being watched through are laptop cameras, smartphones, and so forth. While I wouldn't necessarily go that far, I will admit that our own privacy is one of the biggest lies the government has ever fed us. A whistleblower by the name of Thomas Drake revealed to the public that the government was experimenting with the National Security Agency on a plan they called Trailblazer. This plan in effect, intercepts and documents all conversations we have through text messaging, email, and more. It's not even for practical uses. Everything that the NSA does regarding our privacy is unconstitutional (if that word holds any weight any more), illegal, and irreverent. The most damning piece of evidence about this is that apparently, they didn't even have to go this far. There was another program that the government had the option to follow that would save money and not violate our right to privacy. Even today, it's unclear just to what extent the government is monitoring us, but if Trailblazer is any indication, our current standing isn't good, I can tell you that.

10 The Dark Alliance


In the 1980s, the drug trade was big in Los Angeles, probably no more or less than it is today. There were Nicaraguan drug dealers who were distributing cocaine throughout the city to much success. Questions were raised as to how they were so efficient and widespread without being caught and brought down. Well, according to a man named Gary Webb, this was because the CIA had formed a strange partnership with these dealers: a partnership Webb dubbed the Dark Alliance. Apparently, the drug dealers were able to continue in their trade because some of their profits were going straight to the Reagan Administration, who were also guarding the dealers from being prosecuted. Because of the nature of Webb's report, he was eventually fired from his news position, and could never find a job ever again. As if that wasn't enough to raise your brow, Webb was found dead with multiple gunshot wounds to the head. Some propose suicide, others propose murder. I'm not sure where I stand on the matter, but it does raise some interesting questions. What's more is that Webb's report was eventually confirmed, but not until long after he had been buried.

9 Vietnam War


During the Vietnam War, there had been many questions and suspicions about the war itself. However, after much research and investigation was done, many of those suspicions were proven to be justified. A series of documents published by Daniel Ellsberg called the Pentagon Papers highlight what the government was really doing by joining the Vietnam War. Anybody that knows the outcome of the Vietnam War knows that we as a country didn't necessarily win it. We only got the fighting to stop. What makes this so heartbreaking is that according to the Pentagon Papers, there was much information to suggest that they knew it was a war we couldn't win, yet they fought anyway, thus putting thousands of our soldiers' lives at risk. The Papers highlight many more wrongdoings regarding the Vietnam War, such as suggesting that the government was only in the war for political gain and not to actually help out the country. Also, there was evidence that President Johnson was planning to bomb North Vietnam, despite saying to the public that he was preparing to dial the war back. All of the evidence was so condemning that the author of the papers was brought in front of the Supreme Court but was let go when it was revealed that the government was illegally monitoring his communication.

8 Freedom of the Press


When the media was first established, freedom of the press was one of the biggest principles of our nation. No matter what happened or what was brought to light, the government would not influence what the media posted or said about anything. As time went on, that principle became a big fat lie. The government, as well as leaders of the FBI, have gone on record saying that they want to control the press to monitor what the public is hearing or reading. The purpose of this is that if they can control the press, they control the country.

When I first outlined this article, I was wondering if this might be too touchy of a topic to write about. Then I reasoned that if it were to be taken down, then my point would only be proven. There are things in the media that you can't talk about, and that many people won't talk about, simply out of fear of the government. Freedom of the press? Not likely these days. Everything you see on the news is only everything that the government wants you to see, nothing more.

7 Military Actions Overseas


Before I go any further, I must make it clear that I have the utmost respect for the military. All of my gratitude goes out to everyone who sacrificed their time to go out and fight for our country.

The military has spurred on a lot of controversies over the years, with many speculating that there was much more to it than what was being let on, and with good reason. The military is controlled by the government, so naturally there'd be plenty of room for suspicion. Due to its nature, the military is one of the most prime examples of the government controlling the media. Everything you see or hear about is only what you are allowed to hear. What you don't hear is purely up to speculation. However, not too long ago, perhaps the largest leak of military secrets was unveiled, showcasing a slew of information that was hard to hear. Among this leak was a video of soldiers laughing as they struck a village by air (most of the dead in that village were innocents). The leak also provided a document that stated 66,000 of 100,000 confirmed civilian deaths in Iraq were all unarmed bystanders.

6 The Media is Unbiased


This goes right along with the government controlling the media. When it began, the media and press were designed to report an unbiased, true account of events as they came to light. Over the years though, the media has slowly drifted to political parties, opinions, and promoting things that aren't even true. A lot of it has to do with government influence. This is true especially now, given the upcoming election and our two frontrunners: Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. Pretty much anywhere you go, you'll hear news about one of these two candidates, but you'll also get a taste of the writer's opinions. This has a lot to do with the writers aligning themselves with a party, and these affiliations carry over into their work. More so, many government officials have their hand in the media to either promote or tear down a candidate based on whatever their desires are in the moment. The fact of the matter is that if the government wants something, they will do everything in their power to get it, and by moving the media to be biased, that's one more powerful tool they have at their disposal.

5 PRISM and the Report of Edward Snowden


Due to the recent movie Snowden, I felt like this had to be included here. Edward Snowden worked for the government in the National Security Agency. If you've been paying attention up to this point, you know that the NSA already doesn't have a good track record to begin with. Snowden had a hard time while working with the NSA solely because of the things that he knew the government was working on. Against protocol, he leaked that information to the public, convinced that they needed to know what was going on. Apparently, the NSA was working with the government even further to invade the privacy of citizens. Snowden also leaked a record of the government asking Verizon Wireless to hand over all their information on phone calls so that they'd have a record of it, no matter what the conversation might have been. On top of that Snowden also revealed the NSA had a program called PRISM, which was used to watch peoples' email, Internet activity, and more. No matter how you communicate, you're almost always at risk with the government breathing down your neck.

4 Syphilis Experiment


The Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment in Alabama is one of those events that will forever be remembered spitefully in American history. You see, there were a number of African-American individuals living in the state in the early 30s. At the time, there was an outbreak of Syphilis going around. The government decided to conduct an experiment to witness how the disease would naturally spread if untreated. The way they did this was sending medical personnel into the state to take blood samples of all of the infected individuals. The problem there was that the people were never told that they were infected, and were told they were only being treated for "bad blood". To make matters worse, the people were also told that the experiments were not experiments but instead them receiving free health care directly from the government. Not only was this a bold-faced lie, but it brought harm to many innocent lives. This experiment continued for approximately 40 years, and ended in the 70s. The worst part about all of this is that the infected individuals were never treated for the disease despite penicillin already being the standard treatment for the disease for quite some time.

3 Anarchy is Dangerous


I would like to directly give a shout out to The Christmas Conspiracy for bringing this to my attention. Among many of the principles and lies in American history, there is one that ultimately rules over all of them that shapes how our nation functions. Many people believe it, and many others don't even recognize it. This lie is one the government has stated many times over: anarchy is dangerous. Perhaps when you first hear the word anarchy, there is a negative gut reaction because of the connotation that word has. This is solely because of how society has manipulated that word to sound bad. The truth of the matter is that while some anarchists are evil, violent people; real anarchists are not. They simply see an establishment that is slowly heading down hill, and they refuse to go down with it. The government wants to continue in their ways, and hopes that the citizens are none the wiser. They give us promises of freedom, voting, and speech, but never deliver. They know that if anyone catches on, there would be a form of anarchy on their hands. Jesus Christ Himself was an anarchist in His day, and look where that got Him.

2 JFK Assassination


President John F. Kennedy's assassination is one of the most mysterious events in history. Nobody really knows who shot him or how. This idea is one that movies have only toyed with, but nothing has ever really come into light. At least, that's what the media and the government have told us all these years. The facts are that during that tragic event, someone got a near perfect shot off on JFK, but the prevention of real investigation and the mystery are almost suspicious in and of themselves. After all, if the government was really trying to find someone and bring them down, don't you think they'd be able to make it happen with all of their many resources at hand. Over 50 years have passed since that fateful day, and there has been much evidence since then to suggest that the president's murder was an inside job. While we're no closer to the answer than we were 50 years ago, there's enough reason to think that perhaps the government knows more about it than they're telling us. If they really wanted to find the guy that did it, the guy would most likely have been found. If he was in the government, that's a whole different story.

1 Lewinsky Scandal


Perhaps the biggest reason that Bill Clinton is well known, the Lewinsky Scandal is one for the history books. Not quite as big as the Watergate Scandal, this misconduct from the President resulted in his impeachment from office. When Clinton was in office, a young college graduate named Monica Lewinsky was hired as an intern for the White House. As she remained there longer, her relationship with the president became much more personal, leading to allegations of a sexual relationship. When first faced with these charges, Bill Clinton took to the cameras and said openly that there was no improper relationship occurring between him and Lewinsky. However, after much more evidence was brought to light, and Lewinsky given immunity, the conclusion was almost unavoidable. Clinton then went before the cameras once more, and admitted to what he had done. He went on to say that he had betrayed his wife and his country. Whether in the long term that Clinton felt sorry for his actions, there had to be some regret in his mind after he was impeached and prevented from practicing law for five years.

Sources: WikiLeaks, Politico

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