9 Women Jay Z Is Rumored to Have Cheated On Beyoncé With

Will the real ‘Becky’ please stand up? Please stand up! On April 23, Beyoncé released her sixth studio album, and second visual album, Lemonade, on husband Jay-Z’s streaming service, Tidal. On the

Will the real ‘Becky’ please stand up? Please stand up!

On April 23, Beyoncé released her sixth studio album, and second visual album, Lemonade, on husband Jay-Z’s streaming service, Tidal. On the track “Sorry”, Bey calls out said Becky as the mystery mistress who supposedly came between the couple. The song calls out her lover for being unfaithful to her with a woman that she simply refers to as ‘Becky.’

Lemonade tells the story of a woman scorned by a cheating lover and is said to be an autobiographical reference to her marriage with rap mogul Jay-Z. Since the album's release, the Beyhive (Beyoncé’s crew of devoted fans), have been endlessly searching for the answer to the question: Who is Becky with the good hair?

There have been cheating rumors and whispers of affairs throughout the couple's eight-year marriage and even before they were married. Beyoncé has never spoken out against any of these allegations, leaving fans to wonder if there was any validity to these claims.

The internet has been trolling with conspiracy theories attempting to determine who this other woman, this ‘Becky’ is, since the album was released. Bey and Jay have been victim to many allegations of cheating, affairs, drama, and scandals; but do any of them have any truth to them?

These are the 9 women that could potentially be ‘Becky with the good hair’.

9. Rachel Roy

In May 2014, Beyoncé and Jay-Z attended the Met Gala together. A week later, a video of the infamous ‘elevator fight’ between Jay and Beyoncé’s sister Solange would be released via TMZ, causing a huge media frenzy. The fight was rumored to be about Jay’s alleged infidelity with designer, Rachel Roy.

Rachel Roy is a fashion designer who started her career in the 90’s at Rocawear , a company founded by Jay-Z and Roy’s future husband, Damon Dash. Dash and Roy married in 2005, but the marriage was short lived, the couple divorced in 2009.

The world was in shock that hip-hop king and queen were in relationship turmoil and Jay’s alleged cheating was put on blast.

The day after the Met Gala, Beyoncé posted a picture on her Instagram of her wearing a shirt with diseased R&B artist, Aaliyah... Is Bey calling someone out here? It is thought that the superstar had intended it as a swipe at Roy. Roy’s ex, Damon Dash, allegedly left her for Aaliyah.

When Beyoncé dropped Lemonade, the Beyhive immediately began a manhunt for this alleged “Becky.” Roy didn’t exactly help her case by posting a cryptic Instagram caption about “good hair” and citing past drama.

She received so much hate from the Beyhive that she deleted the Instagram post and followed up with this tweet: “I respect love, marriages, families, and strength. What shouldn’t be tolerated by anyone, no matter what, is bullying, of any kind.” The tweet seems to say, in so many words, “I am not Becky.”

8. Claudia Scheelen


In 2013, it was reported that Beyoncé’s husband was seen drinking and partying with the

former Miss Belgium, Claudia Scheelen. Jay reportedly sent over an expensive bottle of champagne to Scheelen and her friends at a club. Claudia strongly denies the validity of these rumors.

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7 Liv


The female rapper endlessly claimed that Jay was trying to hook up with her. The two apparently met in Miami at a photo shoot. According to Liv, Beyoncé’s sister Solange, saw the pair exchange numbers. Liv said she didn’t want to stir up any drama… but by continuing to talk to the media about Jay’s alleged interest in her, that is exactly what she was doing.

Liv claims she denied his advances out of respect for Beyoncé. She just seems like a woman who is thirsty for her 15 minutes of fame. She’s been known for talking about Jay and other rappers for quite some time. No truth has been brought to these claims. However, Liv took it upon herself to put out a track to the tune of "Sorry Ms. Jackson", titled, "Sorry Ms. Carter." How... original.

6 Casey Cohen


Princesses of Long Island reality star, Casey Cohen, was linked to the rapper in 2014. Although Cohen admits to having met Jay-Z and Beyoncé a couple of times, it was only though her job working as a VIP hostess in New York City.

Cohen vehemently denies all allegations of any sexual contact with the rap mogul. Cohen has even hired legal representation insisting that Bauer Media Group (owner of several magazines that slandered Cohen in the press) issue an apology to her and remove all posts about her from the Internet.

5 Karrine Steffans


The video vixen published an article the Friday following the Lemonade drop. She wrote, “Over 15 years ago, I had Beyoncé’s husband. Yes, I was one of Jay Z’s Beckys back in the year 2000 for about three minutes, which is about as long it takes me to satisfy a man in the back of a Maybach while overlooking the beaches of Malibu.”

4 Mya


In July of 2014, rumors were set ablaze on the internet that Jay had been having a long-term affair with Mya. However, the 36-year-old quickly turned to Instagram to deny these allegations, "Never did, never was, never will. Illegitimate, thirsty sources with no facts and that's the ‘media' for you - especially today. I play second to no one, pay my own bills, have my own label, own my own management company, rely on God only and respect myself & marriage too much for nonsense."

She continued, "False rumors are crafted for ratings & numbers. And miserable, unhappy people need someone to judge to deter the attention away from their own misery and feel better about their miserable lives. If they did it to Jesus, they'll do it to anyone. God bless."

3 Rita Ora


In the beginning months of 2013, there were whispers that Jay was hooking up with singer Rita Ora. The singer was signed to Jay’s label a few years back and the two were known to work closely together. In April of 2014, Ora was asked about the affair during an interview on Power 105.1 in which she replied, “Don’t you dare disrespect Beyoncé like that ever again in your entire life. You should know better than that.”

However, Rita fueled the fire once again after the release of Lemonade, last week. The artist took a Snapchat wearing a bralette with two lemons covering her nipples and a “J” necklace…. Hmm?

However, Beyoncé and Rita recently attempted to slam the ‘Becky’ rumors at the 2016 Met Gala on Monday evening, posing for a friendly picture together.

2 Tori Kelly

VH1/MTV Images

The singer was briefly rumored to have hooked up with Jay-Z at a charity event. A popular

website called Crazy Days and Nights revealed that they were talking about Jay and Tori in this post on September 27, 2015, “What singer-songwriter, who might or might not be one of the breakout stars this year, was spotted making out backstage with that married A-list rapper-mogul at that charity concert? This isn’t the first time they’ve been intimate.”

1 Rihanna

Via Anthony J. Causi

In 2005, rumors circulated that Jay was hooking up with his new artist, Rihanna. These claims were later said to have been planted to drum up publicity for Rihanna. Beyoncé’s album, B-Day, features songs like, “Ring The Alarm”, and “Resentment”, that were supposedly about Jay’s alleged affair with Rihanna.

It is even rumored that Beyoncé and Jay broke up for some time when Rihanna released “Pon De Replay” in 2005. Beyoncé wasn’t sure what to make of the relationship between Jay and Rihanna and whether it was strictly a professional one. But, the star got over the rumored infidelity because she later went on to marry rap mogul, Jay-Z, in 2008.

Most likely, ‘Becky’ isn’t one individual woman. It could be a combination of the infidelities that have impacted their relationship throughout the years. ‘Becky’ is a term that black people use for white girls. Beyoncé could be talking about any woman here, which also makes it relatable for listeners.

Imagine your significant other cheated on you with someone - you would analyze everything about this other person; their hair, their clothes, what they do, and where they’re from because you are trying to understand why your man would go and cheat on you with this woman when he has you.

What makes her better than you? Or better for your man that you? Is it her good hair? Or maybe “Becky with the good hair” was simply some form of creative expression. We may never know who Becky is, but don’t underestimate the Beyhive’s motivation to get to the bottom of this mystery.

Either way, side chicks ‘gon learn: Don’t mess with Beyoncé.

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