9 Of The Most Shocking Honeymoon Deaths

When you’re lucky enough to find, “the one”, the assumption is that you’ll get married and live happily ever after in wedded bliss. One of the most common ways to start your journey towards happily ever after is to go on a romantic honeymoon. Whether couples choose to soak up the sun on their romantic holiday, or explore European cities, the honeymoon is meant to serve as a peaceful time for couples to relax and enjoy their transformation into married life. Unfortunately, sometimes honeymoons don’t turn out as planned. Every once in a while, news stories surface of couples meeting tragedy on their honeymoons, leaving one or both of them dead. The nine couples listed below each experienced their own nightmares on their honeymoons. During a time that was meant to celebrate their love, horror struck. Whether it be by a mysterious murder, a freak accident, or a robbery gone wrong, each of these couples met their untimely deaths on their honeymoon.

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9 Tina Thomas Watson and Gabe Watson


Gabe Watson and Tina Thomas met while they were students at the University of Alabama. The pair fell in love and married in 2003. The newlyweds decided to spend their honeymoon in Queensland, Australia, where they were both looking forward to taking up scuba diving. Scuba diving was a passion of Gabe’s, and Tina had earned her certification to scuba dive just before they were married. During the couple’s excursion, Tina lost consciousness while scuba diving and sank to the bottom.

Before Tina started sinking, Gabe said that he noticed a look of terror in his wife’s eyes when his mask was knocked off. As a result, his vision was compromised and he was unable to save his wife from drowning. Suspicion began to surround Gabe when it came out that Tina had a new life insurance policy that would be beneficial to Gabe in the event of her death. Gabe was tried in Australia and found guilty of murder but his charge was reduced to manslaughter after he pleaded guilty. Once he was released, he moved back to Alabama and was once again put on trial. However, this time the Alabama Judge dismissed the case because of a lack of evidence.

8 Ben and Catherine Mullany 

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Ben and Catherine Mullany tied the knot on July, 12 2008. Two days later, they kicked off married life and checked into Antigua’s Cocos Hotel. The couple spent nearly two weeks at the hotel. The night before they were supposed to return home to the United Kingdom, they were fatally shot in their cottage in what was assumed to be a robbery attempt. Catherine was shot in the head and died instantly. Ben was shot in the neck but managed to call for help. However, on the way to the Hospital Ben lapsed into a coma. One week later, in the hospital that his deceased wife worked at, Ben’s life support was turned off after doctors told his parents that there was no hope for recovery. In 2011, Daniel Martin and Avie Howell were charged with the murders of Ben and Catherine Mullany. In 2014, Howell was shot and killed after he escaped from jail.

7 Ashlee and Deepika Reddy

After three years together, Ashlee and Deepika Reddy tied the knot and were ready to head off on their honeymoon when tragedy struck. The newlyweds were on their way to a hotel at Sam Lameer when they were both killed in a head on collision. In the other car was a fifteen-year-old boy, who also died in the crash, and his parents. The death came as quite a shock to family and friends, as it happened just hours after the couple was married.

6 Michael and Nicole Abel


Michael and Nicole Abel, both engineers, had been married for six days when they set off for their honeymoon in Hawaii. To get their vacation started the couple decided to take a helicopter tour to get a better view of the island. Sadly, their helicopter never landed. The helicopter crashed and exploded into flames while it was flying over Molokai. The accident was blamed on bad weather but an investigation is still on going.

5 Jonathan and Emma Gray


Jonathan and Emma Gray married on July 30, 2011. Less than a week later, the couple arrived in the Maldives on their honeymoon. They were hoping to enjoy a relaxing vacation in a seaside villa. One night, the couple was being driven home in a quad bike when they crashed into a tree at 4:00 in the morning. The couple suffered fatal injuries, while the man who was driving the quad was also seriously injured. The man who was driving them did not work at the hotel but was believed to be in a relationship with someone who did. It is uncertain why the man was driving the couple home so late. An investigation into the couples’ deaths was started and in 2012, Filip Petre was charged under the Maldives Penal Code with disobedience to order.

4 Michaela Harte and John McAreavey

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After Michaela Harte and John McAreavery wed, they decided to take a romantic getaway to Grand Gaube, Mauritius to celebrate. On January 10, 2011, Michaela and her new husband had lunch at their hotel. After lunch, the couple decided to have tea. At this time, Michaela went back to the room to grab a Kit Kat bar to have with her tea. Investigators believe that when Michaela arrived to her room, she was wrestled to the ground by three of the hotels employees who were attempting to rob her. The three men strangled her and put her in the bathtub. Her body was discovered by her husband soon after. Two hotel workers were tried for the murder of Michaela Harte but they were both found not guilty.

3 Jennifer Hagel and George Smith IV

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After being married for eleven days, George Smith and Jennifer Hagel took a two-week honeymoon trip on a Mediterranean cruise. The couple was enjoying their cruise when George disappeared on July 5, 2005. Evidence found after George Smith’s disappearance suggested that foul play might have been involved. There were bloodstains found in his cabin and on the side of the ship, and it seemed like the victim had been tossed overboard. The police suspected the crime to be a homicide and started an investigation. There were three different men that were questioned after Smith’s death but no one was ever charged with a crime. Throughout the investigation, Smith’s wife claimed that his disappearance was the result of a night of intoxication. She ended up receiving $1.1 million in compensation from Royal Caribbean.

2 Kristy and Damian Cadman-Jones


After being married for six months, Kristy and Damian Cadman-Jones celebrated their honeymoon by taking a four-week trip through Cambodia. At the end of their month long tour, the unthinkable happened, Kristy had a heart attack and died. The news was especially shocking for family and friends, given that Kristy didn't have any previous health problems. However, after further investigation, it was discovered that Kristy had died from an overdose of pure heroin. Suspicions started surrounding Kristy’s new husband who said that he hadn't seen Kristy take any drugs. In addition, there was a call made to make a claim on her life insurance policy, hours after her death, and Damian had insisted that his wife’s body be embalmed within 48 hours of her death, which would make it impossible to perform a toxicology test. In the end, there was never enough evidence to prove that Kristy’s death was anything but a tragic accident.

1 Anni and Shrien Dewani

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Anni and Shrien Dewani married in an elaborate three-day Hindu marriage event. After the festivities, the couple headed to South Africa to celebrate their honeymoon. On November 13, 2012, the taxi that the couple was being driven in was hijacked. The 28-year-old bride was shot in the neck and killed during the tragic incident. Her body was found in an abandoned taxi and all of her belongings had been stolen. Two men ended up being convicted of the murder of Anni Dewani. In a tragic turn of events, Anni’s husband Shrien was accussed of setting the entire thing up. He is currently being tried for orchestrating the murder of his new bride.

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