9 Most Shockingly Embarrassing Real Housewives Moments

The Real Housewives series has created a massive following of fans around the world and is now a byword for all that's wrong with trashy, reality TV in the 21st century. From the original series, The Real Housewives of Orange County, drama has followed the wealthy ladies everywhere they go. From family vacations to girls' trips overseas, the real housewives allow cameras into their daily lives, and into some of their most private moments.

The huge Bravo franchise has grown in the past ten years and now includes The Real Housewives of New Jersey, The Real Housewives of New York, The Real Housewives of Atlanta, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, and The Real Housewives of Miami. While some casts make more of a splash than others, all of the ladies take part in the reality show in some way.

Some maintain a level of reserved dignity, only to provide a foil for the many other more entertaining, bold personalities. No matter their style, each lady is bound to have at least one seriously embarrassing moment which will inevitably be caught on camera and aired for all the world to see.

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9 Melissa Gorga's Amazing Grace Rendition

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In an oh-so scripted scene from the Real Housewives of New Jersey, Melissa Gorga belts out Amazing Grace while husband Joe Gorga listens from across the room. He appears to be shocked, even awed by his wife beautiful singing ability. However, the Italian star has missed something...

During Melissa's less than ear-catching rendition of Amazing Grace, she flubs the lines, singing "saved a wench like me," instead of "saved a wretch like me." As if oblivious to the mix-up, Joe Gorga darts to the other side of the room, exclaiming his love for his wife's musical talents and insisting that she begin a music career. This begins a very slow, screechy, off-pitch musical career for Melissa Gorga.

8 Tamra Judge's Bathtub Scene

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After Real Housewives of Orange County star Tamra divorced Simon, she made no secret of her attraction to her now husband Eddie Judge. In fact, her displays of affection where painfully awkward.

During filming, Tamra ran a tub full of bubbles and surrounded it by lit candles and glasses of wine. While this may seem a romantic gesture, the scene went a bit too far when a naked Tamra, who floated just below a thin layer of bubbles, invited Eddie to join her. Upon stripping down, Judge climbed right in to the tub and from there and, well, things got a bit X-rated.

7 Porsha Stewart's and the Underground Railroad

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During a trip to Savannah, the ladies of the Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 6 took a tour of an old church. The tour guide pointed out to the ladies that the floors had several large holes which provided ventilation for those using the underground railroads as a means to escape slavery. While the other ladies nodded in understanding, Porsha Stewart paused and asked "But there must be an opening for the train to come out?"

During one of the most awkward moments of silence in Housewife history, the ladies of Atlanta attempted to process Stewart's ignorance. Coming to Stewart's rescue was Phaedra Parks, who attempted to explain to the 32-year-old star that there was no actual train involved. Stewart has since chalked her lack of understanding up to a 'brain lapse'.

6 Kelly Bensimon's "Breakthrough"

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Kelly Bensimon began her three season run on the Real Housewives of New York City during season 2 of the show. From the start she and cast mate Bethenny Frankel clashed. But their hatred for one another hit an all time high during a trip to "Scary Island."

During the trip, Kelly Bensimon had what she called a 'breakthrough': Essentially, the star had a serious mental break down and began ranting at the other ladies. She called Alex McCord the devil, screamed about Bethenny Frankel's attempts to 'stab her in her sleep', and about a dozen other bizarre accusations. After a long night of wacky behavior, Bensimon was asked to leave the island by producers and was flown home immediately. Soon after the season wrapped Bensimon was fired by Bravo.

5 Shannon's Beador's Dinner Meltdown

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Shannon Beador is not afraid to make a scene. In fact, much of her career as a Real Housewife of Orange County has revolved around her making a spectacle of herself. One of her most notorious on-camera rants occurred during cast mate Lizzie's dinner party.

After being confronted by Tamara and Heather about Terry Dubrow's desire to take 'the Beadors down', Shannon could take no more of the housewives' lies and manipulation. While a full table of guests ate their dinner, Shannon stomped through the house, waving her arm in the air and screaming "You will all see the truth! You will all see the truth!" She then darted to the front door with Tamara following closely behind her, before her husband David came to her aid, quieted her down and very politely suggested they leave the party.

4  4. Aviva's Leg on the Table

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In case you've been living under a rock, Aviva Drescher has an artificial leg. Since her introduction to the cast of the Real Housewives of New York, Drescher's fake leg has been her entire story line.

She has made her mark as the housewife with an artificial leg by bringing her extra leg to pedicure sessions, walking the runway in an outfit that fully exposed her leg... And by literally ripping her leg off and throwing it on a table.

During a heated disagreement about the validity of Drescher's asthma, the Real Housewives star produced several inhalers, chest X-rays, and doctors' notes to sway her cast members into believing her medical condition. However, the ladies were not to be persuaded and continued to accuse Aviva of being a fake. When Ms. Drescher could take no more she did what any clear-thinking adult would do; she screamed at the top of her lungs, "The only thing fake about me is this!"  and proceeded to rip off her prosthetic leg and slam it on top of the table. The housewives gasped in horror - as did a crowd of onlookers - and practically leapt from the table, possibly fearing that the deranged Drescher may take her antics one step further and clobber the ladies with her leg.

3 Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 6 Brawl

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Housewives reunions are known for their OTT fights and bickering. But the Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 6 reunion went from basic name-calling to a serious brawl when Porsha Stewart physically assaulted Kenya Moore.

In what began as some weird use of a megaphone and scepter, Moore spent the majority of Part 1 of the reunion antagonizing Stewart. Never short of a good accessory, Kenya Moore added a scepter to her reunion outfit, and also used it as a prop to point in Porsha Stewart's face. Mid-way through a long bickering session, Stewart grabbed the scepter from Moore's hand and tossed it behind her. Not to be outdone, Moore pulled a megaphone from behind her and began yelling in Porsha's direction.

Everything from Stewart's intellect to her marriage was tossed into the heated - and very loud - argument. Finally, Porsha Stewart could take no more and proceeded to take a swing at Moore. The episode ended with Stewart being physically removed from the set. Moore later filed charges against Stewart, landing Porsha in jail for a short period.

2 Brandi Glanville's Drunken Exposure

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Since her first appearance on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills in 2012, Brandi Glanville has been a walking time bomb of profanity and inappropriate behavior. During one of her first meetings with the ladies of Beverly Hills, she accused Kim Richard's of doing cocaine in the bathroom. She then proceeded to threaten the life of Kyle Richards.

Since then, Glanville hasn't slowed her bad behavior. Instead, she's kept her embarrassing behavior going by mixing in a bit of humor and a whole lot of alcohol. On the evening of July 8, 2013, Brandi Glanville was "out with her gays" at a Hollywood restaurant. According to the 40 year-old reality star, she was continuously given drinks and ended up getting a little too tipsy.

While leaving the restaurant, the star accidentally exposed her breast and butt. Though she's not known for her conservative attire, this wardrobe malfunction was more than she planned for. With photographers following her and snapping her every move, Glanville's slip was caught at every angle.

1 Vicki Gunvalson's Nude Selfie

via celebritywealth.com

Reality stars love selfies. In fact, they seem to be constantly snapping photos of themselves and the people and things they love most. In true celeb style, Vicki Gunvalson's Instagram account is a selfie haven.

On Thursday December 11, 2014, the Orange County housewife attempted to take a photo of her Beats headphones that were given to her by Bravo. Apparently, the star was topless while taking the photo and her reflection was caught, exposing her breasts. According to Gunvalson, the full-frontal nudity was a complete accident; she was in a rush attempting to get ready for work and take a photo at the same time.

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