9 Most Shocking Celebrity Transformations Of 2014

2014's been an exciting year for celebrity double takes, but incredible transformations are nothing new in Hollywood, where extreme surgery and extreme weight loss are par for the course. Celebrities reinvent themselves often, sometimes out of necessity. Some changes are successful - such as Madonna's many transformations and age-defying tricks, serving to extend her career beyond what the public imagined. In contrast, Michael Jackson’s physical changes were scrutinized and typically ridiculed by every tabloid and entertainment show.

Regardless, celebrities enjoy shocking their fans.

From hair color to weight fluctuations, our favourite celebs seem to enjoy the game of keeping the public guessing. This year is no exception. 2014 has been filled with jaw-dropping transformations of some of today’s most familiar household names. And if a star decides to make a change, you can be sure that social media will explode with observations, criticism, support and opinions galore.

Some changes this year are fairly obvious including Rob Pattinson's absolutely bizarre haircut or Taylor Swift's “makeup-less,” androgynous face on the cover of Wonderland magazine.

Other celebrity changes were unexpected and even outrageous. Let’s take a look.

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8 Renee Zellweger

This fall, when Renee Zellweger appeared in public, her appearance was so astonishingly different that she was hardly recognizable. Renee’s unusual puffy yet smooth, wrinkle-free face and wildly different eye shape started rumors flying that her new best friend must be a plastic surgeon.

Renee had been out of the public eye for quite a while, but in October when she made a rare public appearance, people were shocked at how unnatural the actress's appearance had become. Many speculated that the drastic alteration may have something to do with her new film, which she is about to start shooting.

As for Ms. Zellweger’s own opinion, she stated “I look peaceful and [...] healthy.” Perhaps. But maybe that peace of mind is connected to the fact she just sold her East Hampton home for well over $4.45 million.

7 Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting

During the current season premiere of televisions’ number one rated comedy, The Big Bang Theory, Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting debuted a new super-short hairstyle. Directors of the popular series had given Kelly their blessing for this radical change and even decided to write it into the script.

Kelly was smart enough to consult with the show’s executives who found an amusing, on-going new storyline based on her altered outward appearance. Unfortunately, the public has not been so forgiving. The majority of tweets and comments on the removal of Kelly’s long mane have been less than positive.

But Kelly is very happy and loving her life with new husband Ryan Sweeting. She recently told Ellen DeGeneres on her afternoon talk show, “my new motto is ‘life is sweeting.’”

6 Jessica Simpson

The many transformations of this woman’s body have been astounding. Jessica has gone from huge to teeny tiny a couple of times already.

During her first pregnancy, many skeptics believed Jessica gained an insane amount of weight in order to be paid a hefty sum by Weight Watchers for losing the weight after the baby’s arrival. Whatever the motivation, after a few months of struggling, Jessica put back on her Daisy Dukes.

And just as soon as Jessica lost this “baby weight,” she became pregnant once again.

After baby number two, Ms. Simpson was spotted trying to reshape her post-pregnancy body once again with the help of Weight Watchers. And just like before, she was successful.

After losing the pounds following the birth of baby number two, and regaining her position as a blonde bombshell, Jessica knew she was ready to say her vows with her fiancé, former NFL player Eric Johnson. The two were formally joined together in matrimony on July 5, 2014.

5 Jonah Hill

Jonah Hill went from heavy to handsome pretty fast. But alas, all good things must come to an end.

In 2011, while working on the film Moneyball, the belief was that co-star Brad Pitt had lectured Jonah on the importance of healthy eating, while also forcing him to attend morning baseball sessions in an effort to slim him down. Later Jonah said his 40 pound weight loss was actually due to the guidance of a nutritionist and a low-fat diet.

During the summer of 2014, paparazzi photos found Jonah regressing back to his larger, rotund size. Some tabloids claim he now weighs 270 or even 300 pounds. Jonah seems to have lost his motivation for healthy eating and a healthy lifestyle.

4 Joe Manganiello

On the complete opposite side of the spectrum, Joe Manganiello converted his already sexy body to the most incredibly ripped version of himself. His primary inspiration to take fitness seriously seems to have originated from his role as True Blood werewolf Alcide - and becoming an exercise fanatic certainly paid off in Magic Mike.

Joe admits to following a diet of restricted calorie intake, focusing on such foods as grilled chicken, green beans, high-protein almonds and bars, apples and fish.

Also this year, Joe and the stunning Sofia Vergara began a red-hot romance which is showing no signs of cooling down.

3 Beyonce

Can anyone explain the many styles of Beyoncé’s hair this year?

Admired for her flowing locks (extensions or not), Queen Bey's signature look seemed to change at end of the Summer. In 2014, this superstar singer began posting images of herself in a super-short hair style with bangs. Twitter blew up and as with Kelly Cuoco-Sweeting's new look, the feedback was not very supportive.

Just a short time later, Beyonce seemed to abruptly abandon the cropped look and returned to her shimmering long locks.

Then, suddenly, photos of Beyonce in a bob emerged.

Now, she has surprised us again by dying her hair platinum. Does Jay-Z even know what his wife looks like anymore?

2 Jennifer Hudson

With an eighty pound weight loss in less than four years, it's no wonder so many people see Jennifer Hudson as an inspiration. The admitted chocolate addict has acquired a healthy approach to life and is willing to share her journey with her fans.

In fact, this Oscar-winning singer and actress was even willing to post a photo of herself on Instagram wearing a bright yellow bikini. Jennifer explained that reaching her ultimate objective of showing her body in a 2-piece bathing suit was her “goal of the 2014 summer.”

Since reaching her goal weight, Hudson is moving forward to prepare her magnificent singing voice for new roles in film and on Broadway.

Late this Spring, The View television talk show had a new look… and so did Rosie O'Donnell.

Rosie underwent a weight-loss operation to protect her health after suffering a heart attack in 2012. And just prior to beginning her second stint on The View, Rosie lost over 50 pounds before taping started. She vows to keep every ounce off.

It seems The View continues to be a place of transformations and confessionals for their hosts. Whoopi Goldberg also disclosed that she shed 35 pounds after tipping the scales at over 217 pounds. Whoopi did it the “healthy” way and avoided surgery.

1 Melissa McCarthy

And finally, we end with one of the most current weight loss stories… Melissa McCarthy has disclosed that she has lost 50 pounds by following a high protein and low-carb diet.

Even though this comedy actress has peeled away some pounds, she is still teaming up with fashion designer Daniella Pearl to create a line of clothes for plus-sized women.

Melissa says that her weight loss journey is not to try to fit into the Hollywood scene, but just to set a good example of healthy living for her kids.

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