9 Conspiracy Theories Celebrities Believe

If you look up the phrase "Conspiracy Theory", Google will offer you 11 million pages to pick your way through. If you'd rather watch a video, YouTube has 7 million options available.

Whether it's David Icke's claims that lizard people control the world or Walmart stores converting to FEMA Prison Camps, there is a broad range of kooky theories to tap into. The mind boggles at just how many people believe these stories.

We're sure you have that one friend who always wants to show you "undeniable proof." You hear things like Miley Cyrus must be a mind-slave from Program MKUltra because she's changed from sweet Hannah Montana to raunchy Miley. The theorists don't consider that she's growing up, has a ton of money to spend and is simply living her life? Sometimes, you just have to laugh at what they come up with.

But not all theories involve young starlets; there have been a few incidents that seemed like they should only be in the movies. Remember the Robert De Niro movie, Wag the Dog? It involved "coverage" of an entire war, complete with exploding buildings, bridges, people fleeing for their lives, etc. But the entire thing was a fabrication by the government and the news media.

In the 1950s, the CIA ran Operation Mockingbird, where the CIA's views were presented as the real news to the American people. Using respected journalists, student bodies and magazines, they ran the operation for 14 years before being rumbled by David Wise in the book The Invisible Government. In 1976, newly appointed CIA director George H. W. Bush scrapped the project.

So you see, the truth isn't always far from fiction.

While we are quick to dismiss that one friend that always has a new story to tell, celebrities have a platform of sorts, and when they talk, people tend to listen. But are they always right? Do they always make sense? Thank to social media, we get to see many celebs and the conspiracy theories they buy into.

Here are nine popular conspiracies and the celebrities who believe in them and are pretty vocal about, too.

9 Malaysia Airlines 370

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In early 2014, the world reeled at the news that Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 had gone missing. Like a bad joke, the reports also said all 239 people on board had disappeared, too.

The theories came fast and thick, from the plane being flown to Diego Garcia to a supposed alien abduction to Rush Limbaugh speculating that the plane may have been shot down.

In March 2014, Courtney Love threw her hat in the ring with a picture on Twitter "showing debris from the plane." She wasn't flying overhead at the time, she just retweeted a picture she found on Reddit.

Like the remaining 6, 500 people that search for the term online, she was trying to chip in her 2 cents.

8 Star Whackers

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What do Heath Ledger and David Carradine have in common? Apart from the fact that they were both actors, there doesn't seem to be much else. For one, they're dead and if you believe the conspiracies, the Star Whackers got them.

There are people that believe there is an evil sect in Hollywood (probably an arm of the Illuminati) that sacrifices actors. You can laugh all you want, but there are approximately 1,000 people that search for the term "Star Whacker" in the USA every month.

Remember Randy Quaid from Independence Day? Well, he is pretty vocal about the existence of this "group." He claims they killed Ledger, Carradine and Chris Penn, that they stole millions from his account and are planning to kill him and his wife Evi.

Ok then, Mr. Quaid.

7 Chemtrails

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You know those wispy white clouds left by high-flying airplanes? Weather experts call them condensation trails or contrails. They are formed when the warm, moist exhaust of the plane's engines meets the freezing cold air of the upper atmosphere.

However, many people believe the government is trying to control the weather using chemtrails, chemicals sprayed in the atmosphere. Others blame it on the Illuminati (again), saying it's a form of population control. The fact that they may linger in the cooler atmosphere for longer is "proof" to these people that the government is out to get everyone!

With 60,500 people looking this up every month, you know it isn't going away. And it isn't just regular folks that talk about this. Chemtrail believers include Roseanne Barr, Prince, Billy Corgan and recently, Kylie Jenner, too.

6 The CIA created the HIV virus

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Since the CDC first recognized it in 1981, there have been speculations that the HIV virus was a man-made disease. Conspiracy theorists claim it was created by the CIA to decimate the population of African Americans and homosexuals. They claim the disease was invented when Nixon merged the U.S. Army's bio warfare department and the National Cancer Institute in 1971. Around 6,000 people search for the term ''CIA and AIDS conspiracy" every month.

This claim has spread across the globe, from the President of South Africa to Kanye West, who isn't known for his subtlety. When the Live 8 concert came to Philadelphia in 2005, he took to the stage to proclaim AIDS was a "man-made disease" released in Africa.

5 9/11 Truthers

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One of the most brutal terrorist attacks ever was the 9/11 bombing, where passenger planes were flown into the World Trade Center. The day ended with 2, 996 deaths, over 6,000 non-fatal injuries and approximately $10 billion worth of damage to property.

Yet, a very large "club" believe the incident was staged. A YouTube search for "9/11 Debunked" will return over 160,000 videos that have been created from scratch, to show the event want a terrorist act. The claims run from it being a controlled demolition to blaming insider trading. One even reports the World Trade Center was proving too expensive to renovate and thus had to be demolished.

The event was the first major terrorist attack on American soil. So, maybe people shouldn't be blamed for the shock they felt. But it's not just laymen and women, many celebs too believe the event was staged. Woody Harrelson, Mos Def, Eminem, Willie Nelson, Mark Ruffalo, Rosie O’Donnell, Charlie Sheen; the list literally goes on and on.

4 Moon Landing Hoaxes

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July 20th, 1969 marked man's first steps on the moon; 46 years later and there are still people that believe it was all faked. Doubters believe Apollo 11 and Neil Armstrong never left the Earth, and the broadcast was actually in a Hollywood studio.

All the photos, videos and artifacts available are not enough to convince them. They claim NASA tricked the public and manufactured all the evidence. The motives for this 'deception' included one-upmanship of the Soviets, claiming $30 billion for the project and the prestige President Kennedy would gain for landing a man on the moon within the decade.

Almost 11,000 people still search for "moon landing hoax" including Law & Order: SVU's Richard Belzer and Marion Cotillard.

3 Anti-Vaxxers

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Polio, measles and chicken pox are all potentially fatal yet easily communicable diseases. Good thing we have developed vaccines to address them, right? Nope.

There's a surprisingly large and vocal community of people who believe vaccines kill, cause autism and should be banned. As kooky as this sounds, the anti-vaxx movement has been around since the late 19th century. Some of them claim compulsory vaccinations amount to infringing on human rights; others questions the ingredients used in vaccines. Safe to say, this will be around for quite a while.

Of the 9,000 people monthly who look up the term, names like actress Jenny McCarthy, who has claimed that vaccines caused her son’s autism, stand out. Jim Carrey is also quite vocal in the anti-vaxx campaign.

2 The JFK Assassination was an Inside Job

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John F. Kennedy was assassinated on November 22, 1963, throwing America into mourning for a much-loved President. Less than two months later, the theories started to fly with Mark Lane's article article, “Defense Brief for Oswald”.

Since then, there have been a multitude of inquiries and investigations, all reaching different conclusions. Some conspiracy theorists claim he was murdered by the CIA while others claim it was the Mafia. The two-shooter theory was tested by the United States House Select Committee on Assassinations (HSCA) in 1979 and was accepted as true. A few years later, the evidence it was based on was dismissed.

Till date, many still believe there was more than one shooter, that witnesses were silenced and evidence was destroyed. Among them are Kevin Costner, Tommy Lee Jones, Fidel Castro, Bruce Willis and John Kerry. Former wrestler Jesse Ventura even wrote a book about it.

1 ISIS Beheadings

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Author Naomi Wolf came under fire in October, when she questioned the authenticity of the videos showing the gruesome murder of Americans and British aid workers. Like many other doubters, she claimed the incidents were staged by the government to use fear propaganda as a way to restrict liberties. She even posted (now deleted) that the victims and their parents were all acting.

She isn't alone in this way of thinking, as many are amazed at the seemingly rapid rise of ISIS. While there isn't any conclusive proof about this, the fact that the U.S. government and the CIA have been involved in many covert coup attempts kind of makes you wonder.


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