9 Celebrity Selfies That Proved Too Naughty For Social Media

Ever since the social media selfie became part of the zeitgeist, people have been getting their narcissistic selves in trouble. While some noteworthy individuals have made a career for themselves than

Ever since the social media selfie became part of the zeitgeist, people have been getting their narcissistic selves in trouble. While some noteworthy individuals have made a career for themselves thanks to their super selfies, the most famous selfies, of course, come from the already-famous. With the selfie, the photo becomes all about one person, which is perfect for the self-regarding propensity in all of us. And, well, celebrities do love to talk about themselves and show off their bodies - tendencies which can cause controversy.

With more and more pressure directed towards young female A-listers, in particular, it's no surprise that many of the most scandalous selfies come from this attention-hungry crowd. It's a major dilemma; show too much skin and be labeled licentious, don't show enough and be labelled a prude.

The motivations for the following nine selfies vary from apparently shameless self-promotion to aimless shock value to, perhaps, political statements; but they were all deemed to risqué for social media.

9 Miley Cyrus Nude Selfies


Miley Cyrus has been responsible for her fair share of questionable and controversial behaviours. The star admitted to enjoying being naked more than wearing clothes, which is evident in her Instagram photos. The one above was posted with a stream of others which showed Cyrus almost fully naked. The singer has also performed in shows wearing very little, causing many of the Disney star's fans to lose faith in the star. Still, with every fan that leaves, two more seem to follow her.

The bizarre teeth in the photo were used to promote a company she partnered with, Billy Bob Teeth.

8 Justin Bieber Caught in Bed


When pictures of Justin Bieber surfaced showing him in bed with a girl in Brazil, many fans were upset. The pictures were allegedly taken by the girl after Justin sneaked out of a brothel. Twitter blew up in response to the photos, making it one of the wildest celeb controversies of the year. The girl who took the photos, including selfies of herself with Justin, also posted pics of her blowing a kiss to the star.

7 Cheryl Cole's Tattoo


This photo of Cheryl Cole's backside received thousands of views and comments. Apparently Cole visited a tattoo shop to have her ink 'reworked',  but it wasn't until this pic was shared that fans knew the full extent of the tattoo.

6 Kris Jenner  As SuperWoman


This selfie of Kris Jenner caused a lot of talk. The celeb posted this picture of herself in a Wonder Woman costume without noticing she had one nipple exposed. Thousands of fans weighed in on the photo; some were disgusted, others shocked, and still others felt the need to post about how much they just didn't care.

5  5. Geraldo Rivera Nude Selfie


One of these things is not like the others! This selfie was posted by Fox host Geraldo Rivera, 70 years old. The photo upset many, and made many others a little queasy. The photo was no accident and was even captioned:  '70 is the new 50'. Rivera also stated that the photo might embarrass his family.

4 Rihanna With Roll Up Cigarettes


Many know Rihanna as a celeb who loves to push boundaries. She consistently does controversial things, and seems unafraid of repercussions. This becomes very obvious when looking at some of her tweets, like the one above. The singer and fashion icon posted this photo of herself with two very large suspiciously-shaped cigarettes. With the photo she posted: "Where am I??? At Heauxm!!!!!" and under another she captioned: "I'm just a girl... #Amsterdam."

3 Rihanna With Endangered Species


This selfie contains a lot less bear skin than many of the singer's Instagram posts, but it did land two people in jail. The photo posted by Rihanna was captioned, "Look who was talkin dirty to me!" and features RiRi with a Slow Loris, an endangered primate from Southeast Asia. It is a protected species, and is therefore illegal to own.

2 Nicki Minaj With Nipple Pasties


When these photos of pop star Nicki Minaj circulated, many fans were shocked. Minaj posted these pics of herself wearing nothing but star-shaped nipple pasties - in her favorite pattern, leopard print. Are they too much, or no big deal?

It's no surprise that Minaj likes to push the boundaries of acceptable fashion choices, but many saw this fashion choice as a bit too much. Is Minaj working with feminist goals, or against them?

1 Selena Gomez: Mosque Photos


Selena Gomez stirred up some controversy when she went to an Abu Dhabi mosque recently. The main problem came from the above photo, in which Gomez is apparently intentionally showing her ankles.

Many criticized this photo as being blatantly disrespectful to the holy place, which is probably why she later deleted the picture. Those who see nothing wrong with the photo say that she was a tourist and that either way, showing ankle is no big deal. Others believed it to be culturally insensitive.

Selena visited the mosque with friends to celebrate before the New Year, and took other photos along the way.

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9 Celebrity Selfies That Proved Too Naughty For Social Media