9 Celebrity Marriages No One Saw Coming

Celebrities never cease to amaze us with some of the weird and unexpected stunts that they keep pulling off. Some of them "break the Internet" with their nude escapades, others fight the media, and others are in for trouble with the law. Then of course there's the drug scandals, weird expenditure, sexual promiscuity, date hopping, and many other scandalous exposés.

Sometimes the weird things they do are not necessarily bad. For example, some celebrities have done unexpected things such as donating huge sums of money to charity, adopting children, fighting against pollution, saving lives, caring about disabled people and the list continues. With some celebs we can almost predict the weird and wacky things they do based simply on their behavior and history. However, some of these celebrities shocked us by tying the knot with the most unexpected partners. Here are eight celebrity marriages that nobody saw coming.

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9 Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon

Even though they are not together anymore, this marriage caught everybody by surprise. The fact that both Nick and Mariah are divas in their own way was reason enough that nobody saw them tying the knot in the very least. The weirdest thing about them is the age difference - that we cannot ignore. With only two months of dating and a ten-year age gap between them, we accept that this marriage came right out of left field. Most people saw Nick as a goofy, immature young man who had a long way to go before tying the knot with anyone. Mariah is perceived as self-absorbed and on a pedestal for life. The fact that Mariah went for him despite being ten years older than him is still mind-boggling.

8 Matt Damon and Luciana Barroso

The Bourne Ultimatum star Matt Damon amazed the world when he got married to a plain Jane Doe. We call her Jane Doe because she was largely unheard of in Hollywood before becoming Matt's dream woman. When celebrities date one another and entertain us with their gimmicks, it's great for us, but they must see the trend. Therefore it's no big surprise when they decide to marry normal folk. In 2003, Matt met with Luciana at a bar in Miami where she was working. They have been married since 2005 and they have four daughters together. Even if this is a celebrity marriage we never saw coming, it's still kind of refreshing to see a movie star hooking up with people who are a little more down to earth.

7 Kim Kardashian and Kanye West

In 2014 Kanye and Kim have had by far the most buzz surrounding their marriage than any of the other couples on this list. Their relationship seemed to pop out of thin air, and there have been rumors of Kim and Kanye having a weird marriage. Nobody could have imagined that the untamed Kanye West was ready to be tied down in holy matrimony. Kim Kardashian, who is currently the mother of all socialites in the world, could have picked any man to be her soul mate, and she chose Kanye. That came as a shock to the whole world at large. The fact that they seemed to be glued at the hip just days before the wedding, but since then they never seem to be together, still seems fishy and mind-boggling.

6 Patrick Dempsey and Jillian Fink

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Grey's Anatomy star Patrick Dempsey, otherwise known as Dr. McDreamy, has more than a billion fans (rough estimate). During his eligible bachelor days, he attracted his fair share of celebrity dates including Rochelle Parker. He married Rochelle in 1987 and they got divorced in 1994. He was then in the spotlight for many years until he tied the knot in the 1999 to the most unexpected partner. Patrick married his personal hair stylist Jillian Fink, who is his wife to date. The surprising thing about Dr. McDreamy is that everybody imagined him ending up with a super model or an award-winning actress, given that his luxurious man hair is probably more famous than his wife.

5 Sandra Bullock and Jesse James

Something about Sandra drives her to tie the knot with the most surprising people. She continually shocks us by dating the most unusual men. Her absurd list contains the likes of Ryan Gosling and Matthew McConaughey. However, what really shocked us the most was when she ended up tying the knot with Jesse James. For such an amazing, sweet, warm, smart, successful and funny woman, Jesse James immediately seemed like a huge mismatch. Not only is he a total jerk, his tattoos, scruffy appearance, and mean escapades do not match with Sandra's warm appearance. The divorce came as a no shocker since the marriage was a weird occurrence to begin with.

4 Cynthia Nixon and Christine Marinoni

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3 Reese Witherspoon and Jim Toth

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2 Natalie Portman and Benjamin Millepied

One thing that can be applauded about Natalie Portman is her ability to keep her private life private. We are never able to tell what she is up to or what she might do next. She keeps her private life hush hush, and when she releases news, it leaves the fans with their jaws on the floor. This is exactly what she did in 2010 when she announced her out of nowhere engagement to the French dancer Benjamin Millepied.

As if that was not shocking enough, the news also came accompanied with other updates on her first pregnancy. After that, the couple went underground and everybody assumed that they got married in secrecy. However, the couple did not get married until August 2012 when they shared the news of their new status. Everybody was shocked and confused given that we all thought the two were already hitched long before.

1 Zoe Saldana and Marco Perego

Speaking of shocking secret marriages, we did not even know that Zoe and Marco were married until she got him to do the ALS ice bucket challenge for her. Apparently, the two were spotted wearing gold wedding bands in September 2013 but they were not talking about it with the inquisitive media people. However, Saldana was forced to come out owing to her visible baby bump and she admitted to getting married earlier during summer. The confirmation came later when she got him to do the ALS ice bucket challenge for her, also confirming the news of an expected baby.

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