8 Shocking Weight Loss Methods

Weight loss is a huge industry. There are always new fad diets coming out, complete with success stories, websites, books, and apps. Shows like The Biggest Loser have capitalized on people's fascination with losing weight, and they aim to educate people on how to do it the healthy way (diet and exercise). But that doesn't mean everyone listens.

If you have ever been on a diet, you know that you have to cut out a lot of the best foods, like carbs, and sugary desserts. You have to burn more calories than you consume, which means exhausting, sweaty workouts multiple times a week. This is all supposed to be part of a balanced lifestyle, which means a lot of willpower and the ability to say no to your favourite foods the majority of the time. But if health is your priority, then it is all worth it. Despite, knowing logically what it takes to achieve weight loss goals, there are always people who are going to spend more energy looking for shortcuts than actually putting in the work.

Extreme methods of losing weight might work at first, but in the end they are not good for your body. Here are 8 of the craziest weight loss methods out there, and why you should probably just stick to a good old fashioned balanced diet, and regular exercise regimen.

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8 Urine Injections

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Generally, urine is meant to leave the body. Unless you are trying to lose weight. Then you might want to give injecting it back into your body a try. One woman, Sheryl Peloni, lost a significant amount of weight by injecting herself with the urine of pregnant women once a day. So, it isn't just any urine that will help you lose weight. The urine of pregnant women contains a hormone called human chorionic gonadotrophin, which has been shown to make the body metabolize faster by tricking it into believing it's pregnant. Peloni is a firm believer that the injections are what helped her lose the weight, despite the fact that she was also on a strict 500-calorie a day diet.

7 A Nasal Drip

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A new way to jump start your weight loss goals involves inducing a state of ketosis, which is your body's process of switching to burning fat for energy. This is something that naturally happens when you haven't consumed enough carbohydrates and glucose to keep your body going. The diet, called the KE Diet, was developed by Dr. Oliver Di Pietro, and it promises to help you shed 20 pounds in as little as 10 days. All you have to do is have a tiny feeding tube inserted through your nose into your stomach. The tube will deliver a low-calorie, protein and fat-rich solution directly into your stomach in a constant drip. You will have to walk around with the nutrient-rich bag of fluid for 10 days, but since you will only be getting 800 calories a day (if you follow the rules and don't eat), you are guaranteed to lose weight.

6 Hypnosis

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The LAP-Band is a legitimate way to help obese people lose weight. But placing the band around someone's stomach requires invasive surgery that some people don't have the time, or money for. 35-year-old Marion Corns decided to try a different method, and has had positive results. Instead of actually getting the surgery, she had a hypnotist make her just believe she had the surgery. That's right, after five sessions with the hypnotherapist, Corns felt the same sensation of a full stomach after eating smaller portions, that people who undergo LAP-Band surgery felt. As far as extreme diets go, this one seems pretty safe.

5  Tongue Patch

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One way to stop yourself from devouring an entire pizza in one sitting is by making it incredibly painful to do so. That's what plastic surgeon, Nikolas Chugay's weight loss method aims to do. He sews a postal stamp-sized piece of polyethylene mesh onto the patient's tongue, and for a month it is hard for them to eat anything solid. A liquid diet will obviously lead to a lot less calories being consumed, because there are just a lot of fattening foods that will not be edible once liquified. At least 60 people have opted for this method, resulting in an average weight loss of 20 pounds in one month. But what happens once the patch is removed and you can suddenly eat anything you want again?

4 A Bite Counter Gadget

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If you are a calorie counter, then a new gadget developed by scientists to count the number of bites you are taking might appeal to you. Worn like a watch, the device is designed to count wrist rolling movements and tell you how many "bites" you have taken. This might be useful if you are a mindless snacker, but ultimately there are many ways to get around the device counting accurately. For example, what if you shove 10 chips into your mouth, at one instead of just one? The snacking pedometer can't count that. It also has no idea if it is grapes or M&M's you are popping into your mouth one by one, so how much help is that, really?

3 The Tapeworm Diet

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In an example of a horribly unsafe way to lose weight, an Iowa woman recently told her doctor that she bought a tape worm on the internet, and ingested it. She thought having a parasite in her body would be a good way to drop a few pounds, and she didn't think about the fact that a worm does not distinguish between the fat you want to get rid of, and the nutrients your body actually needs to function. Tapeworms have been known to cause anemia, malnutrition, and in some cases, death, so they generally aren't something you want in your body.

2 Ear Stapling

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The theory behind ear stapling is that there are certain pressure points in your body that will suppress appetite, and there is one in the cartilage of your ear. An ear stapling practitioner (yes, that exists) will use a surgical grade staple and basically pierce your cartilage, and you won't get as hungry as you used to. The staple will stay in your ear for anywhere from six weeks to three months, until your body gets used to it. Then it will have to be moved to maintain its effectiveness. The reasoning behind the practice has links to acupuncture, and Eastern medicine. But like most weight loss short cuts, it is most effective if you maintain a balanced diet, and exercise regimen as well.

1 The Baby Food Diet

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Similar to a liquid diet, substituting a meal or two a day for a jar of baby food will probably lead to weight loss, just because you won't be consuming the same number of calories you would if you were eating normally. There were rumors that celebs like Jennifer Aniston, Gwyneth Paltrow and Lady Gaga all tried the baby food diet, which is basically just pureed fruits and vegetables. But baby food is meant for tiny humans, not full-grown adults. It may contain lots of vitamins, but it also lacks sufficient amounts of fiber. If you want to try replacing meals with pureed vegetables, go for it. But buy them fresh, and do it yourself. No need to eat actual baby food.

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