8 Shocking Times Hollywood's Leading Men Bared it All

By now we're used to seeing female actors baring some skin on screen; whatever it says about gender inequality, the fact is that female nude scenes are far more common than revealing male nudity in the big Hollywood blockbusters. Indeed, the featured page of one notorious website dedicated to revealing celebrity nudity in movies (you all know which one we're referring to!) is constantly filled with images exclusively of female stars.

So, audiences are often shocked when their favourite male actors go fully nude in major motion pictures. It doesn't happen often, but when it does the movie can be almost guaranteed some widespread free publicity. Many have hypothesised the popularity of this month's biggest blockbuster (featured on our list below) is at least in part down to the hype caused by one particularly famous face baring his male appendage. The scenes described in the following list are just a few in which male actors leave nothing to the imagination: Unfortunately, we're not allowed to show you the uncensored nudes, so you'll have to see the movies for yourself to the get the full picture. Meanwhile, we'll give you just enough to allow you to use your imagination...

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8 Viggo Mortensen - Eastern Promises

Via thephosphene.wordpress.com

When Viggo Mortensen isn’t doing epic blockbuster movies about hobbits, dragons, and orcs, he makes a conscious effort to star in relatively low-budget but artistically inspired independent films such as A History of Violence with long-time collaborator David Cronenberg. Cronenberg, as a director, is known for being a bit kooky. Ok, a lot kooky. He's the cult filmmaker behind gory sci-fis such as The Fly and The Naked Lunch. With his reputation, it’s no surprise he asked Mortensen to bare it all in the 2007 film Eastern Promises. Of course, Mortensen agreed.

In the scene, Mortensen is forced by Russian mobsters in a bathhouse to underdress. But he doesn’t quietly submit to their will. While in the buff, he fights the mobsters one by one.

7 Ewen McGregor - Trainspotting

Via movpins.com

Before Ewan McGregor became a lightsaber-wielding Jedi in the Star Wars prequels, he took some considerable risks as an actor. Like in 1996, when he starred in Danny Boyle’s Trainspotting. The film, set in Scotland, tells the story of a group of drug addicts and their fight to kick or succumb to the powerful addiction. It’s not for the faint of heart.

Beyond the scenes of candid drug use, there are others that are just plain gross (think of filthy public restrooms and absolutely no dignity). Actually, McGregor’s nude scenes are probably the least shocking things in this film. McGregor's character leaves nothing to the imagination when he goes full frontal while having relations with an underage girl.

6 Kevin Bacon - Wild Things

Via huffingtonpost.com

Do you know about Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon? It’s a game based on the concept that any Hollywood star or movie you think of can somehow be traced back to Kevin Bacon in six steps or less. Bacon has been in so many movies the concept largely holds true, so it's unsurprising that at some point along the way Bacon bared his... meat. He was put on the cult radar for a scene in the 1998 movie Wild Things starring Neve Campbell, Matt Dillon, and Denise Richards.

Like most male nude scenes, this one is brief. Towards the end of the movie, when Dillon and Bacon think they have outsmarted everyone, Bacon steps out of a shower and grabs a towel to dry himself off. In the brief moment as he reaches for the towel, you see Bacon for everything that he is — that’s right, everything.

5 Jude Law - Dom Hemingway 

Via cameraobscuracinema.wordpress.com

In his newest film, Dom Hemingway, Jude Law plays a safe-cracking criminal on the search for money owed to him for keeping his lips sealed in prison. The film follows Hemingway as he reconnects with his criminal past and tries to rebuild a relationship with his daughter despite his outlandish behaviour. It’s safe to say Hemingway as a character would never refuse to bare it all, so Law wasn't going to refuse to do the same. Law goes fully nude in one scene where the audience sees him from behind. He's also fully nude during a monologue at the beginning of the film where the audience learns what’s really going on as the camera slowly zooms out to a wide shot.

4 Michael Pitt - Dreamers

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3 Jason Segel - Forgetting Sarah Marshall 

Via movpins.com

No prosthetics for Jason Segel. Most people probably know the actor from the hit sitcom How I Met Your Mother, and most recently the poorly received movie Sex Tape, co-starring Cameron Diaz. He starred in the 2008 romantic comedy Forgetting Sarah Marshall about a man who flees to Hawaii to escape the sorrow of a nasty breakup. At the beginning of the film, Segel is introduced to audiences in full-frontal nudity. The scene shows his girlfriend (played by Kristen Bell) break up with him while Segel stands in a towel. He is so shocked, the towel drops, and for a brief moment, the audience gets a full-frontal picture of Segel.

2 Michael Fassbender - Shame

Via moviepilot.com

After colloborating with acclaimed director Steve McQueen and before starring in the Oscar-winning film 12 Years a Slave (also directed by McQueen), Michael Fassbender starred in the sexually-charged film about sex addiction, Shame. It’s appropriately titled; Fassbender’s character is wrought with guilt and helplessness as he succumbs to his addiction and sexual lust, going so far as to have sex with men to satisfy his desire. But Fassbender doesn’t show his most private parts throughout his sexual exploits. The scene that got everyone talking was in the beginning of the film when Fassbender walks out of the shower and walks into his bedroom. It’s a short scene lasting no longer than a few seconds. But a few seconds is all it takes to see Fassbender in the buff.

1 Ben Affleck - Gone Girl

Via fatmovieguy.com

This movie scene involving Ben Affleck has been getting a huge amount of attention lately. Affleck himself has been on the radar of cinephiles and comic book fans the world over for his upcoming role in the new Batman and Superman movie to be released next year. But before that, he's starring in Gone Girl, directed by David Fincher. The film is doing well in the box-office and it's getting generally positive reviews. The movie's success probably has little to do with Affleck showing his nude body - it's widely critically acclaimed - but the hyper over Ben's nudity certainly hasn't harmed the movie's success. Affleck keeps a sense of a humour about his nude scene in Gone Girl. In an interview with MTV News, Affleck jokes, “The penis is in there! It costs extra. It's IMAX penis! You've gotta pay fifteen bucks to see it in 3-D. It looks better in 3-D.” Maybe it does, Affleck, maybe it does.

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