8 Psychic Predictions That Actually Came True

Often the butt of jokes, psychics are almost always dismissed as either being quacks or crooks, under the assumption that if someone could actually predict the future, then why don't they predict the lottery numbers or events on which they could capitalize? But perhaps it's not always that simple. The following stories chronicle 8 predictions made by those who claimed to be psychic and others who didn't, all of which ended up coming true. Some even had presidents so convinced, they set up government agencies around their claims. Judge for yourself just how accurate each prediction was.

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8 Jeane Dixon Predicts John F. Kennedy Assassination

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One of the best known astrologers of the 20th century, Jeane Dixon ran a syndicated newspaper astrology column and had a best-selling biography. But her legacy will undoubtedly always be her predictions regarding the assassination of a democratic leader. Dixon wrote in the May 13, 1956 issue of Parade Magazine, that the 1960 presidential election would be "dominated by labor and won by a Democrat," who would eventually, "be assassinated or die in office." As we all know, JFK won the 1960 presidential election and was assassinated in 1963.

President Richard Nixon followed Dixon's career and predictions, and is reported to have met with her in the Oval Office at least once in 1971. When she made predictions of terrorist attacks against the United States in 1972, Nixon set up a cabinet committee on counter-terrorism. Dixon was also one of many astrologers who acted as an advisor to First Lady, Nancy Reagan.

7 Edgar Cayce Predicts The Start & End Of The Great Depression

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Edgar Cayce's predictions have been well studied and documented over the years. Perhaps one of his most famed was his prediction about the onset and subsequent end of the Great Depression. In 1924, he made the prediction that the Stock Market would crash in 1929, and spent the next few years teaching people how to make preparations for it. Most of them didn't listen, though, and lost everything when the market did, in fact, crash in 1924.

Cayce predicted the Great Depression would lift in the spring of 1933, which it did.

6 Psychic Twins Predict Boston Marathon Bombing

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Known as The Psychic Twins, Linda and Terry Jamison have made many national and international predictions in the past decade - most of which they claim have come true, but most are open to much interpretation. The prediction that they made about an attack on Boston, however, was much closer to accurate. The Twins claimed to be "seeing terror attacks... one being plotted in Boston" on four different radio shows, from dates ranging as far back as January 2012, through May 2012. They said they kept hearing a sound "like a cannon." One year later, the Boston Marathon was attacked with bombs made from pressure cookers, causing explosions that sounded much like a cannon being fired off.

5 Jeffry Palmer Supposedly Predicts Catastrophic Global Weather Events

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A popular story of psychic tales that came true, that likes to float around the internet and in email bins from time to time, is that of Jeffry Palmer, Ph.D. and well-known metaphysics and paranormal author and expert. Legend has it that he accurately predicted, both the 2004 tsunami in Indonesia and Hurricane Katrina with "alarming accuracy." If that's true, that would be extremely impressive. But, in what seems to be a "don't believe everything you read" twist, very little information is available on Jeffry Palmer and the sources of where and when he made these so-called predictions, have yet to be found. So, while this story still continues to make its rounds on the internet, it's good to remember that only facts can make a statement true, not how often it is repeated.

4 Mark Twain Predicts His & His Brother's Death

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Samuel Clemens, better known as Mark Twain, isn't exactly famous for his psychic abilities, but that doesn't make them any less notable. Especially since he predicted both the death of his brother and his own death, with extreme accuracy.

Twain dreamt of his brother's funeral while he was still alive. But his brother died just three weeks later in a tragic boating accident, and when Twain entered the funeral parlor, it is said that he remarked that the funeral and his brother's body were laid out exactly as portrayed in the dream. Also, Twain was born in 1835, during the visibility of Halley's Comet. He predicted that he would die when the comet was visible again. In 1910, Halley's Comet moved back into visibility and, yes, Twain died.

3 Nostradamus Predicts Three Anti-Christs And 9/11

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Arguably the most famous of all prophets is Nostradamus, whom many have claimed has predicted everything from the rise of Napolean, Hitler, and the events of 9/11 in his writings. The writing in which many think is about Hitler states, "Out of the deepest part of the west of Europe, From poor people a young child shall be born, Who with his tongue shall seduce many people, His fame shall increase in the Eastern Kingdom." It goes on to name him as "Hister," just one letter off from the name of Hitler. His writings of 9/11 make mention of "two birds" in the sky and a "great fire at 45 degrees," which many interpret as New York City, which sits near 45 degrees latitude.

The third Anti-Christ Nostradamus predicts is said to arise from "Greater Arabia" and will be a "strong master of Mohammed" wearing a "blue turban." It also states "never more horror" under his rule.

The problem with Nostradamus' predictions, critics claim, is that they are so widely open to interpretation, rather than dealing in specifics.

2 The Psychic Twins Predict Attack On World Trade Center

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The previously mentioned Twin Psychics made a name for themselves, after supposedly predicting the attacks of the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001. While this prediction is not 100 percent accurate, it is still alarmingly close.

As guests on the Art Bell radio show on November 2, 1999, the Twins predicted that "We are seeing terrorist attacks on federal government – excuse me, federal buildings. Particularly South Carolina or Georgia, by July 2002. And also the New York Trade Center – the World Trade Center in 2002, with something, with a terrorist attack."

The date was off by a few months, and nothing did happen in South Carolina or Georgia, but on September 11, 2001, as we all know, terrorists took down the World Trade Center buildings in New York City, which cost the lives of thousands of innocent civilians.

1 Tana Hoy Predicts Oklahoma City Bombing

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Perhaps the most accurate and specific of all psychic predictions comes from Tana Hoy, who was doing a live radio program in Fayetteville, NC, when he predicted that he foresaw a deadly terrorist attack getting ready to occur on a building in Oklahoma City. He even stated that he had reported this prediction to the FBI, four months prior.

Thirty minutes after his statement, a massive bomb took out much of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building, at the hands of domestic terrorist Timothy Mcveigh.

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