8 Bands and Musicians You May Not Like After Reading This

There are celebrities we love to love, and celebrities we love to hate (like Justin Bieber after his recent antics), and there are celebrities who seem to always be doing strange things, but we expect

There are celebrities we love to love, and celebrities we love to hate (like Justin Bieber after his recent antics), and there are celebrities who seem to always be doing strange things, but we expect that from them (Ozzy Osbourne perhaps?) What about the celebrities that we love...who we maybe should not? Everyone makes mistakes, and we are quick to forgive those we love, but these facts about some of our best loved stars might test your love. Here we will tell you about a few celebrities who have done things from weird to raunchy. Which stars had run-ins with the law? Which ones have unsavoury spending habits, or are bad role models for the impressionable youth? The answers may truly come as a surprise.

8 The Rolling Stones:

A band like the Stones are so well established and so famous, you would've thought yourself familiar with all of their scandals. Some of the antics of these rock 'n rollers, have you saying “Come on”, but the one that might surprise you the most is that they have been known for aggressive tax planning to minimize taxes. Instead of staying in Britain and paying high taxes on their millions of dollars, the Stones (Sir Mick Jagger, Charlie Watts, and Keith Richards) have been enjoying extremely low tax rates by banking in nations such as Holland (where taxes are not charged on royalties), as well as holding assets in other off-shore jurisdictions.

7 Drake:

Former Degrassi star, Drake, although turned bad boy, is still a little bit of a newbie to the rap world, and a sweetheart to many fan girls, however he has a dark side. Drizzy Drake, and his now girlfriend, Rhianna are said to frequent strip joints on their date nights. Drake, however, in 2013 allegedly brought his love of strippers to the next level when he tossed a reported $50,000 US onto the floor of a strip club in North Carolina when out with some friends. Drake must've wanted those girls to have bright futures-hopefully they were working on commission. Here's hoping that in the future Drake will put his money to better use.

6 Demi Lovato:

Everyone heard the news of Demi Lovato's recent stint in Rehab, but do you remember the shocking catalyst to her downfall? In 2010, while on the Jonas Brother's World Tour, the Disney Sweetheart turned rock and roll diva was caught partying with a small group from the tour. Demi's parents and managers were obviously quite disappointed in her, and Demi turned on the person she thought had snitched on her. Demi attacked a young back up dancer she had on tour with her. It is very hard to imagine Demi's Disney Channel character from Sonny With A Chance being anything but sweet. In 2010, Demi was checked into rehab for bulimia and has also admitted to drug use. Demi used these experiences to become a role model, and speak out against drug use and eating disorders. Her latest scandal may be an insurmountable obstacle for her to overcome. Recently, topless photos that appear to be of Demi with her boyfriend, Wilmer Valrerrama, have surfaced on the internet. It is enough to make you stop blasting her hit “Heart Attack” on your car stereo.

5 The Jonas Brothers:

The Jonas Brothers are yet another Family Channel band that are all grown up now, and bringing their personal scandals to light. The Band broke up just last year, and Joe Jonas (the middle brother) has admitted to a few unsavoury things. They were an amazing profit earning machine for Family Channel-Starring in Camp Rock 1 and 2, appearing on episodes of Hannah Montana, and having eventually their own spin-off show, Jonas. Fans loved them for their cute looks and groovy tunes, and moms loved them for their innocence and Christian ideals. Joe Jonas in Rolling Stones Magazine admitted that he believes in God, but is not a religious person. He also admitted to using drugs. What stings most about the interview from December 2013, is that Joe described his fans as being like zombies attacking him.

4 Lady Gaga:

Lady Gaga is iconic, and plays the mother role to her Little Monsters, but she is just as wild as her fashion choices. She admits to having taken cocaine and ecstasy, although she urges her fans to not use drugs. She isn't practising what she preaches. Lady Gaga has also been called out by PETA for her wearing of furs, skins, leather, and yes, meat. While she does wear real fur, she says that she does it so that people may appreciate the beauty of the animals and the artistry and work the designers put into these luxe garments. Lady Gaga recently collaborated with R. Kelly on her song Do What U Want, and claims to be good friends with him. R. Kelly has been accused on several occasions of having sexual relations with underage girls, as young as fifteen, and also has had several instances of other run-ins with the law. Hopefully Lady Gaga will leave the controversy and gossip to be about her tongue-in-cheek music videos and zany fashion choices. Little Monsters should proceed with caution.

3 Jay-Z:

Jay-Z won the girlfriend lottery when he first hooked up with Beyoncé Knowles, but he has had moments of cockiness that make him less than okay in some people's books. Jay-Z is a rap king, and like other rap icons, he has been known to rack up expensive bills at clubs and events. Several reports say he spends a whopping $250,000 US on champagne when he feels like celebrating. Recently Jay-Z was called to explain himself for his wearing of a Five Percent Nation medallion, which some consider a racist act against Caucasians.

2 Kesha:

Kesha (formerly Ke$ha) is definitely her own person and since her rehab stint to overcome an eating disorder, we know that underneath the antics is a real person, with a real heart, who faces the pressures any young girl could face. Kesha in the past though has said some things that might make you cringe. Although her rehab stint was for her eating disorder, and not alcoholism, it has been said that artists like Kesha , who mention the names of alcohol in their songs, are increasing the likelihood of under-age teens to drink. She mentions partying and crazy antics in her songs, that she claims are a part of her real life. In an interview in 2010 Kesha claimed she wore a necklace made out of her placenta, made by her mother. Even stranger was the psychic powers she said the necklace gave her. In the same interview she fesses up to some of her past instances of partying 'till she threw up. TMZ reported that Kesha had been banned by rehab from accepting human teeth, which she asked her fans for in order to make some art.

1 U2:

U2 is well known for their charity work, as well as the success of their albums. Currently they are tied with another well-loved band, Coldplay, for the most number one singles in their category in the United States. They have 11 number one's in the Adult Alternative category. They spend a ton of money and make a ton of money on their concert tours. In 2007 Bono, lead singer of U2 had an especially excessive expense to tally onto the cost of those concert tours. Bono, upon realizing that he had forgotten one of his favorite hats at home, dished out £1,000, an equivalent to $1, 678 US dollars to have his hat flown to Italy first class. This seems excessive since, as a philanthropist, Bono could have put that money towards a charity endeavor, especially the added expense of the hat flying first class. Air travel as we know, also uses a lot of fuel, and is bad for the environment. Bono could have bought many new hats for that price. 

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8 Bands and Musicians You May Not Like After Reading This