7Rodney Fox, 1963

Rodney Fox Shark Experience Museum
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Rodney Fox suffered a punctured diaphragm, pierced scapula and ripped lung. His ribcage and upper stomach were exposed, and rescuers, after pulling him from the water, had to keep his wetsuit on to prevent his organs from spilling out. Four hours of extensive surgery and 450 stitches later, Rodney Fox lived

to tell his tale of being attacked by a great white and is regarded as a miracle survivor of one of the worst shark attacks in history.

Fox was defending his Australian spearfishing title when he wrangled with the great white. The shark grabbed him by his torso, but Fox gouged the beast in the eyes and it released him. On the second strike, Fox was able to pull his arm from the shark’s mouth. However, the shark came back again, this time dragging Fox along the ocean floor before finally releasing him.

Since the attack, Rodney Fox has become one of the foremost authorities on the great white shark. He is credited with designing the first underwater shark observation cage and has been involved in numerous expeditions, documentaries and feature films about the great white, working with scientific researchers from 16 different countries. In 2007, Fox was inducted into the International Scuba Hall of Fame.

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