The 7 Most Shocking Real-Life Celebrity Kisses

There have been many famous kisses caught on camera. Some are purposeful and planned, others are not. Most famously, or infamously is probably the kiss between Madonna and Britney Spears that appeared on televisions worldwide. At first seen as inappropriate and in bad taste, now it seems as though girls sharing kisses is not frowned upon as much. Did that kiss open doors for lesbian activists? Or just to a public hungry for sexual images?

The ones on this list are more recent than the Spears/Madonna kiss, and involve both boys and girls wanting to have fun. It seems as though celebs either want their private life to remain so, and sometimes fail at this, or they simply do not care who knows what they are up to. Judging from these photos, and the public's reaction, most celebrities should know that whatever they do will be viewed by millions across the globe- for better or for worse.

Whatever the case, many people, women in particular have been using kissing as a means of affection between friends. Kissing has been used in other cultures in much the same way, and not always entails some kind of sexual meaning. The following kisses definitely reflect this more modern mentality, although some, like number 7 on the list, do have that straight forward meaning.


7 Kristen Stewart & Rupert Sanders


The affair between Kristen Stewart and Rupert Sanders began in 2012 when the two were caught kissing. At the time, Kirsten was dating Robert Pattinson, and Saunders was married with two kids. Saunders was the director of "Snow White and the Huntsman," in which Stewart played Snow White. Saunders' wife, Liberty Ross, played Snow White's mother.

Although Kirsten apparently felt like the affair was a mistake, Saunders did not feel the same way. Regardless, his wife left him afterwards, leaving Rupert alone. Kirsten and Robert tried to make things work out, but it didn't last. Many believe that Kirsten and Robert's relationship was largely a showmance anyway, but Saunders and his wife were of course in a serious relationship.

6 Kate Moss and Rita Ora


Things heated up at Rimmel’s 180th anniversary celebration at the London Film Museum when Rita and Kate shared a kiss. Rita Ora has also been caught kissing model Cara Delevingne (the two call each other "wifeys" and so this never came as much of a surprise).

The singer posted the pic to Instagram along with many other pictures of her kissing various female models. But when Ora kissed stunning model Kate Moss, it set the internet on fire with responses; perhaps because Kate Moss is at the top of the ladder when it comes to desirable celebs to kiss. The kiss has been dubbed the hottest of the year by many, and has been viewed by hundreds of thousands of people.

5 Miley Cyrus and Katy Perry


This concert kiss apparently came as a shock for Katy Perry (and almost everyone else) who was not expecting Cyrus to go for the full blown frenchie. Fans delighted as the two locked lips, taking photos and videos as it happened. Following the kiss, the two had a mock fight on Twitter after Miley told Sunrise, "God knows where that tongue has been."

The two pop stars exchanged good natured jabs at each other, with Perry threatening to spank Cyrus. Katy and Miley have been good friends for years, and the good natured jibes suggests the kiss hasn't made things awkward.

4 Adam Lambert - AMAs


Lambert's performance at the AMAs was controversial for many reasons. Other than the kiss he shared with his keyboard player, his act included simulated oral sex with a dancer, thrusting into the air, and walking people on a leash like dogs. But it was the kiss that made many viewers, especially parents, upset.

It's worth noting that when two women are caught kissing it's not much of a huge deal, but when two men are then the audience has a fit.  This may be due to the unfortunate fact that women are often more sexualised, so many find it hard to reconcile guy-on-guy kissing with sexiness.

Lambert has said that the kiss was not planned; regardless, it really shouldn't have been such a big deal to begin with. The fact that it was says more about society's skewed attitude than it does about the kiss.

3 Jessica Simpson and two other girls


Jessica Simpson had just gone to a baby shower and was out for a night with her girlfriends. The 33 year old celeb was having a great time chatting and taking pictures - like this one, in which she and two of her friends are kissing.

The star took a few pictures from that night, including one where she was snuggled up to her friend Odette Annable. This picture was with Jessica, Odette and singer Stephanie Pearson. Simpson captioned the photo, "Girls night out... with our guys watching." It seems that when Jessica Simpson has a girls night out, things get pretty wild.

2 Taylor Swift & Karlie Kloss


Taylor and her best friend Karlie Kloss do a lot of things together. The two are extremely close and have even been dodging rumours of romance. A British website, for instance, said that the two were a real couple and were even living together. After these recent pictures - above - surfaced, more speculation occurred. Swift and Kloss are standing next to each other at a concert when it appears as though Karlie turns and kisses Swift.

The pictures are admittedly blurry; it's hard to see exactly what is going on. Taylor has denied the rumour, calling it "hilarious." Turns out that the two were most likely just whispering together.

1 Paris Hilton & Miley Cyrus

This last kiss may be more than just that. Miley Cyrus has been known to be a partier, often hitting up multiple clubs in one night. But recently the actor/singer met up with pal Paris Hilton at the nightclub E11Even. The two were reportedly making out in the club in front of Miley's boyfriend, Patrick Schwarzenegger.

The night lasted until 5:30 for the threesome before they all left together. What happened afterwards will be left to your imaginations. Miley and Patrick are still together following the eventful night, so it must have been mutually agreed upon - he doesn't seem to have had a problem with the kiss, at least.

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