7The universe is Beige

Well, “Cosmic Latte” to be more “scientifically” precise. Really.

According to astronomers from Johns Hopkins University, a survey of the color of all the light in the entire universe – including more than 200,000 galaxies – adds up to off-white, or a slightly beige color. If you’ve got photoshop or

any other design software, you can check out “Cosmic Latte” right on your computer screen, right now. The hexadecimal RGB code for the entire universe is #FFF8E7.

Hmm. We expected the color of the entire universe to be a little less… dull. What about all the beautiful supernovas we’ve seen photographs of? How about shooting stars and Earth-like blue dots? Nope. According to science, stardust is the color of a coffee stain. Thanks, Science.

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