6 Spine-Chilling Stories Of People Seeing Heaven

With the recent release of Heaven is for Real, where a little boy claims to have had an out of body experience where he met Jesus and relatives that had passed over, it brings up the question again as

With the recent release of Heaven is for Real, where a little boy claims to have had an out of body experience where he met Jesus and relatives that had passed over, it brings up the question again as to whether there really is life after death, and if so, is there a Heaven? Throughout the years, there have been many claims of people rising out of their bodies during some trauma or operation. Some also say that they see a bright white light and it’s believed that should you walk into the light, then you pass over. So when people travel into this light, is this entering or seeing Heaven?

With many different religions in our world, all believing different things and with various gods, it also brings into question which religion, if any, is correct? And if Heaven exists, does Hell? Whether you put it down to some kind of hallucination or dream, some of the knowledge these people have when they return from their journey, has been reported to be true information. Below are 6 stories of people reporting they've seen heaven.

6 Message of No Fear

People who suffer with serious health conditions can spend their lives in and out of hospital, spending everyday battling to stay alive. They could be forgiven for thinking more about death than someone who is generally healthy.

Benjamin Breedlove spent his life battling a heart condition that caused a high risk of sudden death. During school one day, he collapsed and his heart stopped for 3 minutes. Ben recovered and decided to make a video called “This Is My Life” where he told his story, through cards, about his experience.

One of the cards read that even though he wasn't breathing, he heard people around him saying, “he’s not breathing, his heart has stopped and he has no pulse.” Ben spoke of a white light and a feeling of peace. He said that he was in a place that he didn't want to leave. However, Ben woke up again on the floor. A week after making his video and posting it online, Ben suffered fatal heart failure. At the end of the video, Ben had said, “Do you believe in Angels or God, I do?” Death can be something that people fear, especially if you are already in a vulnerable condition, so maybe events like Ben’s story are a way of sending some reassurance that Death is nothing to be feared.

5 Learning a life lesson

Anita Moorjani had non-Hodgkins lymphoma diagnosed in 2002. By 2006, the cancer had riddled her body. When she went into a coma, the doctors warned her family that she would probably not make it past the next 36 hours. Moorjani left her body, whilst in the coma, she explains that she saw her husband by her bedside. She was also able to hear conversations between her doctors and her husband, which were taking place in a different room and remembers being surrounded by loved ones in heaven.

As she drifted between this life and the next, Anita speaks of finding a true understanding of her life. She had spent years of her life feeling flawed, and feels that the years she spent beating herself up had built up and aided the cancer. After her visit to Heaven, she returned to her body and soon after, Anita’s organs began to work again and within weeks the cancer was gone. Some people believe that we are put on this Earth to learn lessons and once those lessons have been learnt, then we can move over to the next world. In Anita’s case, it seems that she learnt a life lesson from her visit and returned to amend how she saw herself.

4 Soul in flight

Ernest Hemingway was and remains, even after his death, a famous author. Hemingway had a brief out of body experience during World War I. Although he wasn’t a soldier due to his poor vision, he did volunteer with the Red Cross. During a stint working as an ambulance driver in Schio, shrapnel seriously wounded Hemingway. It was only years later he told anyone exactly what had happened the night he was injured.

Hemingway describes a big Austrian trench mortar bomb exploding a few feet away from him. The explosion knocked Hemingway unconscious, leaving over 200 pieces in his leg. Hemingway says he was dead, he felt his soul coming right out of his body, flying around and then coming back into his body and suddenly, he wasn't dead anymore. This experience deeply affected Hemingway and his encounter made it into his book, A Farewell to Arms. Although Hemingway doesn't talk of heaven or loved ones, his experience was one of the more common experiences. He didn't openly talk about his experience until much later in his life but he gave a hint in a letter written to a friend soon after it happened saying, “Dying is a very simple thing. I've looked at death and really I know.”

3 Animal Heaven

When we lose an animal, it is assumed that they have crossed the Rainbow Bridge into Animal Heaven. Of course, even if our animals have out of body experiences, they certainly can’t tell us about them.

Lynn was having open-heart surgery at age 13, when she floated up to the ceiling and watched as the surgery continued. From the operating theater, she floated into the waiting room where she saw her parents waiting anxiously. From here, she felt herself being pulled into a tunnel where she remembers thinking “so this is death”. Lynn describes the tunnel being dark with flashes of brilliant colored lights. She says she saw a bright light at the end of the tunnel, where 2 of her family dogs emerged. They jumped up and kissed her, however, Lynn describes them as weightless, with dry tongues. Lynn talks about walking with her dogs towards the light and looking in. She says it was full of people, all glowing with an inner light, just like her dogs. The light told her that it was not her time yet and to go back. As she put her hand up to touch the light, she felt she was touching the face of God. Before returning, Lynn says she met several of her relatives, one of whom warned her that her father would leave her mother. This was later revealed to be true, including some other information that she had received on her visit.

2 Someone’s missing from Heaven

It is believed that when we are young, we are more open to seeing spirits. When Jeremy Werdt had emergency spleen surgery, he came out of surgery with words of seeing Jesus and deceased relatives.

Most people would take comfort to hear that their loved ones were happy and safe in Heaven. However, what happens if you’re given the list of relatives seen and there is someone missing? When Jeremy told his family that Grandma Spencer wasn't there, they were shocked and upset. After several days of Jeremy talking about relatives, even ones he had never even met, his family asked him again about his Grandma Spencer. Jeremy confirmed that ‘no’ she was not in Heaven. So for this Christian family, it brings questions into whether Grandma Spencer is in Heaven, or if she was purely on an errand for God the day of her Grandson’s visit. One thing’s for sure, this unique, usually comforting, experience could cause a divide within a family. Everyone would have their own conclusions about why a relative may not be there and some may not be favourable.

1 Map of Heaven

There are quite a few people around the world who claim to have seen Heaven, however, rarely people who have had multiple visits.

A South African man claims that he has visited Heaven four times and is drawing a map! This may seem extreme, considering the majority of the world will not get to pop to Heaven for a visit, map in hand. Sibusiso Mthembu is a self-proclaimed prophet who says that during his visits, he has discovered that there are 11 Heavens, each with different names and he has visited all of them.

His journey into Heaven started in a different way to most, Mthembu claims that he was visited by an Angel who told him that he was needed in Heaven. The Angel then baptized him and left. When the Angel returned he took Mthembu to Heaven with him, an event that he says, has occurred 4 times. During his visits he claims to have met Moses and Abel, among others, and whilst there, he says he heard conversations between them and witnessed them singing. The main Heaven is Salem, where God's temple is located.  According to Mthembu, when we first die and our spirits are reincarnated, we go to Marshnode City. The way he describes Heaven gives the impression that it's similar to our universe with multiple planets or Earth, with multiple countries. However, what happens once we reach this city?

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6 Spine-Chilling Stories Of People Seeing Heaven