6Leatherface - The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 1974


"The Film You Are About to See is True."

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre  is about a group of friends who become victims to a deranged family of cannibals. The son of the family, Leatherface, murders his victims with a chainsaw and then makes a mask out of their skin. The film

was groundbreaking, especially in its depiction of violence, which was influenced by the disturbing images of the Vietnam War. Also, the plot of the story is completely fictional, however, the film opens with the line "The film you are about to see is true." The director, Tobe Hooper felt that the U.S government had lied to the public, specifically the Watergate scandal, and this was a reflection of that betrayal. Wisconsin murderer, Ed Gein is one of the most notorious killers of all time and has been an influence on several fictional serial killers. Directors have used different aspects of his crimes and life. Leatherface and Ed Gein shared similarities in their crimes and both wore the skin of their victims. Ed Gein confessed to committing two murders and spending a lot of his time grave robbing. When investigators searched Ed Gein's home, they found human skin covering furniture, bowls made from human skulls and a wastebasket made out of human skin. Leatherface remains one of the scariest and most iconic fictional serial killers.

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