5Neanderthals Were Great Parents

According to the research team from PALEO (Centre for Human Palaeoecology and Evolutionary Origins) and the Department of Archaeology at York, the idea that the lives of Neanderthal children was difficult, short, and dangerous, is no longer accurate. The team was led by Dr Penny Spikins, and the goal

was to learn more about the lives of Neanderthal children. What they discovered shocked them, and the scientific community.

Investigation into Neanderthal burial sites revealed that children played a significant role in the Neanderthal society. Archaeologists came to this conclusion after noting that many Neanderthal children burial sites had more elaborate graves, and it appeared as if their burial sites were given more attention than older Neanderthals.

If that wasn't convincing enough that Neanderthals cared for their young, researchers have concluded that since Neanderthal communities were small, they all would have had a strong bond within their social group. In fact, they may have had a closer relationships within their group than humans. As a result of this tight knit community, evidence suggests that Neanderthals cared for their sick children for months, possibly even years.

So for all the new parents out there, drop that parenting book. If you want to really learn how to care for your child, look to the example set forth by the Neanderthals!

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