5 Surprising Salaries For Oscar-Nominated Actors

The alpha and omega of Awards shows, The Academy Awards, will be airing in less than a month. With the granddaddy of golden statuettes being handed out on Sunday, March 2nd in Hollywood California, we are guaranteed a plethora of stars from the rich and powerful to the first-timers. Many of these nominees command net-worth of incredibly large proportions but as we hear time and again, sometimes it's not about the paycheck…But the work. We've compiled a list of the nominees’ earnings in 2013. For some, this was their only project of the year; for others, the third or fourth. What is representative in this list is their combined salary for everything they appeared in for the year of 2013 and the 86th Annual Academy Awards.

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5 Leonardo DiCaprio: Best Actor (The Wolf Of Wall Street) $10 million

The 2013 adaptation of The Great Gatsby, from director Baz Luhrmann, topped $250 million at the box office making it Luhrmann's most successful movie ever - for this one, DiCaprio netted $20 million. His salary per movie maxed out at $59,000,000  for Inception (due in large part to a share of the box office gross) and all this has contributed to making DiCaprio one of the most bankable stars in the World. Leo never misses a chance to work with legendary director, Martin Scorsese, though, and their work together with The Wolf of Wall Street has proven to be career-defining . While $10 million for his leading role in the the film isn't to be sniffed at, it's still a full 100% less than his previous gig with Luhrmann. But it may prove worth it: Award night may well see DiCaprio take home the statuette he's been wanting for so long. He's been nominated three times before but has yet to win...

4 Sandra Bullock: Best Actress (Gravity) $70 million

After taking some time out of the spotlight, Bullock was back in 2013 with The Heat and Gravity. Garnering a Best Actress nomination as a castaway Astronaut in the incredibly tense and visually stunning film, Gravity, Bullock's name is carrying more weight (pardon the pun!) than ever. What's surprising about Bullock's $70 million salary for Gravity apart from the stunningly large number? Well, Angelina Jolie was in contention for the role and reportedly turned it down after she refused to accept less than a $20 million pay out - deemed as too high by the producers. Bullock, who won the coveted Best Actress Oscar the year after Jolie failed to nab the award, played her cards right on this one; she managed to negotiate a salary reported to be between $15 and $20 million, plus a 15% cut of the film's takings. A deal which turned out to be shockingly lucrative. Jolie must be kicking herself...

3 Jennifer Lawrence: Best Supporting Actress (American Hustle) $6 million

The new Hollywood 'it' girl who not only has the talent but the beauty to match. She earned an Oscar for Best Actress for Silver Linings Playbook and starred in one of the top grossing movies of the year with The Hunger Games. Relative unknown Lawrence was paid under $1 million for the first Hunger Games movies but Lionsgate was happy to pay more to secure her for the second installment: Catching Fire. The typical take-home for one of the most bankable stars in Hollywood today can easily be around the $20 million mark, and despite landing $10 million for her recent turn in the latest Hunger Games Lawrence showed her artistic integrity when she took a pay cut with American Hustle. The entire budget for the movie was a very modest $40 million, despite laying claim to names like Lawrence, Amy Adams, Christian Bale and Bradley Cooper. All the stars would've had to take a step down, earning an estimated less than $6 million each on average. Re-teaming with her Silver Linings director and co-star, Lawrence unleashed a viciously chaotic character in American Hustle. She is a front-runner again at this year's award show. Look for her in the new mega-budgeted X-Men: Days Of Future Past later on this year.

2 Matthew McConaughey: Best Actor (Dallas Buyers Club) $200,000

If you were told ten years ago that the rom-com darling from Sahara, The Wedding Planner and How To Lose A Guy In Ten Days would be an Oscar-nominated actor, you probably would have been skeptical. This is McConaughey re-born; after taking some time off from acting, the Southern charmer has recently been itching to star in independent and risky projects. Though he has a net worth of around $38 million, and can command huge salaries (he was offered $15 million to star in Universal's Magnum P.I., which he rejected) McConaughey was another actor who took considerable pay-cuts just for the chance to star in a well-made and risqué project. Dallas Buyers Club had a budget of $5 million but McConaughey was so invested in the role that he accepted an upfront payout of less than $200,000 for the film. He’s had other projects beefing out his bank account, however; he's currently starring in HBO's new hit series True Detective and he fronted the indie-southern drama, Mud, earlier this year. Not to mention his incredible cameo in The Wolf Of Wall Street which has many bumping their chests and humming furiously. This career turnaround will not leave the actor starving; expect to see him in Christopher Nolan's new film, Interstellar later this year.

1 Jonah Hill: Best Supporting Actor (The Wolf Of Wall Street) $60,000

Hill's net-worth is estimated at around $18 million. His career has been accelerating in recent years and in 2013 he starred in two note-worthy films, The Wolf Of Wall Street, for which he's Oscar-nominated, and This Is The End, a meta-comedy starring Hill and an ensemble of his real-life buddies. For Wolf, Hill has gone on record saying he took the SAG-ACTRA minimum payout of $60,000. He stated that he did so just for the chance to work with director, Martin Scorsese. Though that would be more than an annual salary for most Americans, this is a considerable pay-cut for such a commanding star. Additionally, Hill worked on This Is The End for a smaller amount as well. The film, directed by his friend, Seth Rogen, was completed very quickly and with many actors appearing in the film as a favour to Rogen.

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