Bad Neighbors: 15 Celebrities Who Are The Absolute Worst

It probably sounds kind of fun to you to live next to a celebrity. First of all, if you lived near a celebrity you are probably pretty rich, so that means you can quit your job at Taco Bell at least, and second, you would get to hang out with your celebrity neighbor or at least see him or her from time to time. How cool would that be? You, hanging out in your fancy crib, styling with your really cool celebrity neighbor. What could be better?

Well, a lot of things, actually. The thing is, a lot of times when someone is rich and famous they get a false sense of self and they tend to be a tad inconsiderate. What you might think would be a really fun situation could quickly turn ugly. Do you think it sounds fun to live next to someone who is loud, obnoxious, lives by their own set of rules, and thinks they are better than you? If so, you might very well be ready to have a celebrity for a neighbor.

Are all celebrities like this? Of course not; most people that are famous are just like you and I, except that they are talented, rich, and ridiculously good looking, while you and I are only two out of those three. But when you live next to a celebrity who is a total jerk, you are going to know it, and you are going to feel it. Here are 15 celebrities with whom you would not want to be neighbors.

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15 Chris Brown - Scary Graffiti 

Well, some of these should go without saying. I mean really, who in the world would want to live next to Chris Brown? The guy is pretty much a jerk in every way possible. But it turns out he was even worse when it came to his neighbors. First of all, he had a whole bunch of huge graffiti monsters painted on the front of his house that neighbors said were scaring their kids.  Not to mention that the whole thing is pretty darn tacky. But it was worse that he often had constant  parties at his place with hundreds of people that went on all night long. Brown started getting $300 fines for the graffiti and lots of complaints about his partying. Finally Chris decided to move. I am sure his neighbors were thrilled.

14 Justin Bieber - Egging

Well again, this one is kind of a no-brainer. Could you imagine being outside on your porch and seeing this little dub come driving by in his car every morning? Just thinking about it makes me kind of mad. At one point things got so wild at his place that his neighbors called the cops six times in one weekend to complain about the noise from his constant partying. And this is what really makes him awful- it's like he is 12. He actually egged a neighbor’s house at one point. Can you imagine getting your house egged by a millionaire superstar? Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell, were his neighbors at one point and said that living next to Bieber was like “living in Lebanon.” Nice.

13 Taylor Swift - Claims Ownership Of Backyard Sea

Okay, so this one is probably a surprise. Sweet Taylor Swift? Say it ain't so! What could she possibly do wrong to make a neighbor mad? Well, she  recently bought a $17 million beachside mansion in Rhode Island. Which is cool and all, but her neighbors say she is a spoiled brat who acts like she owns the whole beach. According to them, her bodyguards are all over the path down to the beach and hassle her neighbor about using it. Not only that, but she does not let the neighborhood kids hang out near a sea wall by her house anymore, even though they have been doing it for years. Come on Taylor, we expect some other people on this list to be bad neighbors, but you? Not cool.

12 Amanda Bynes - She Likes To Stare And Start Fires

While some of these people are obviously totally spoiled and complete jerks, others are just kind of crazy. One of these is Amanda Bynes. I am sure that the former neighbors of this star never would have imagined that she would have totally lost her mind right in front of them. It started when Amanda Bynes’ neighbors said she would just stare blankly at them from her windows and would wander around muttering and talking to herself, which obviously creeped them out just a little. They were also bothered by the fact that her place always smelled like weed.  But they really did not like it when she set a fire in the driveway of her neighbor's house. Amanda was sent to a mental institution and her parents moved her stuff out of her house.

11 Foxy Brown - Watch Out From Above!

So yeah, here is a pro tip for you: whatever you do, don't move in next to Foxy Brown. Way back in 2007, Brown got mad at her neighbor then threw her Blackberry at her (remember Blackberries?). Which led to neighbor Arlene Raymond filing a restraining order against her.  Then a few years back Brown and Raymond were getting into it about a loud car stereo when Brown took down her pants and mooned Raymond. She reportedly said, "B----, what are you looking at? What the f--- are you looking at?"  before lifting her skirt. I am telling you I have seen Foxy Brown and I think I would rather she throw her phone at me then show me her butt. One of those things might hurt a lot, but the other one could kill you.

10 Robert Downey Jr. - Passed Out In Neighbor's House

You know some of these things happened oh so long ago, but when it comes to neighbors you can never be too careful. If someone did something crazy 20 years ago, how are you to know he won't do it again? Case in point is Robert Downey Jr. Nowadays he is a pillar of society and an inspiration to many, but back in the day he was a bit of a freak, so much so that at one point his neighbors found him passed out in their house back in 1996. They called the cops of course, but when they were taking him away in handcuffs he made funny faces at their daughter. Robert, seriously, so not cool. It is one thing to break into your neighbor's house all drunk and drugged and then pass out, but making funny faces at their daughter when being led away by the police? So wrong.

9 James Franco - Bad For Not Being Present!!!

James Franco is a bad neighbor! Don't believe me? Then check out this email from one of his neighbors complaining about him: "At first, my partner and I were pleased to have Mr. Franco living next door. His work in 'Milk' and his academic pursuits made us happy he was on our street. That is no longer the case. If, in fact, Mr. Franco has purchased the house next door, it does not appear to be inhabited by the actor; it does appear to be inhabited by several people who are working for him. In addition, over the course of the last weeks the individuals living on the property appears to be running a MAJOR production company." So wait, they thought it was cool to live next to him because he was good in "Milk"? Those people sound so shallow.

8  8. Anthony Michael Hall - Tears Up Plants In Condominium

Most of us know Anthony Michael Hall from the awesome movie 16 Candles but apparently some people know him for being a super-bad neighbor. This neighbor who complained sure does: "Hall tore up plants in a common area of their condominium, according to law enforcement sources. The neighbor heard the noise, came out of his unit and asked Hall what he was doing. Hall allegedly responded with an obscenity and threatened to 'eat him to a pulp.' A short time later, Hall knocked on the man's front door and when the neighbor opened the door, the actor told him to come outside to fight. The man slammed the door and called the police."

Tearing up plants? Come on man- that is so wrong!

7 Hulk Hogan - Farm Animals Are Causing A Stink

Some of you may not know this but the Hulkster is quite an animal lover. You know who does know that, though? His neighbors. Hulk Hogan had a ton of animals at his Bel Air, Florida, home. So many that his homeowner’s association complained to town officials about the “dogs, rabbits, ferrets, chickens, and roosters” that according to them was causing a “loud and frequent noise and an unsanitary stench” at the Hogan pad.  An "unsanitary stench" though? I mean, if he made the stench more sanitary would it be okay? The thing is, though, all you guys are living next to Hulk Hogan. Did you not think that things were going to go kind of bad around that? Let me repeat, you are living next to Hulk Hogan. You should have just moved right away the minute you saw the moving trucks pull up.

6 Jude Law - Throws Oranges

According to The Frisky Jude Law has a pad that is really close to the NYU freshman dormitory, Hayden Hall, and he has a balcony that can be seen by the students. It turns out that when Law would go out on his balcony, freshmen would often yell to him from their bedroom windows. One freshman told The New York Post that she saw him out on his balcony doing yoga and she screamed at him. According to her, he went into his apartment, grabbed two oranges, and threw them at the her. He missed with both oranges so he went back into his apartment and grabbed two more, threw them at her again and they smashed against her window. “Now we don’t like Jude Law anymore,” said one of his former fans. Right? He throws oranges!

5 David Fisher - Choked His Neighbor

via movielala.com

David Fisher is an actor that is best known as the character Trent Kort from NCIS. But it is safe to say that his neighbor best knows him as "That guy who choked me out." The two were arguing about hanging wet towels, of all things, when Fisher started choking his neighbor. He was arrested for felony battery but the charges were dropped after Fisher said that he was acting in self-defense and that the other guy was making fun of his dead mother. He also said that he was not a violent person. Honestly David, I don't know; the fact that you choked a guy out kind of makes you violent in my book, but hey what do I know? I am just glad you and I don't share a laundry room.

4 Charlie Sheen - For Obvious Reasons...

So I am sure that you can think of a variety of reasons that you might not want to live next to Charlie Sheen, but making you the inspiration for a character that was a stalker and then putting that character on TV is probably not one of them. Ursula Auburn said the character Rose on Two and Half Men, was based on her so she sued. It was reported that, per court documents, Two and a Half Men's depiction of Rose as a "crazy female with no life except for stalking Harper every day of her life" caused Auburn "humiliation, emotional distress, embarrassment, chagrin, mortification, and immeasurable grief." Auburn, said there were all sorts of plot lines that were based on her and that they made fun of her.  The case was eventually settled. There's no word on whether Auburn moved.

3 Axl Rose - Hit Neighbor With Wine Bottle

All right, so who would go bang on Axl Rose's door and tell him to turn the music down. I mean, it's Axl Rose for crying out loud, why would he do that? Way back in 1990 he was supposedly cranking his music way too loud, so one of his neighbors in an L.A. condo told him to turn it down.  For some reason that did not work out that well. When she knocked on his door and tried to harsh on his mellow he grabbed her keys her out of her hand and threw them out of a sliding glass door. Then he decided to double down. He grabbed a wine bottle that she was holding, dumped it out, and hit her over the head with it.

2 Natasha Lyonne - Threatened To Molest Dog

Good ol' Natasha. She makes this list because she really worked for it. We have all had our share of bad neighbors, but how many of us had ones that banged on our doors, forced their way in and then ripped the mirrors off of our walls? Well, that probably has not happened to you unless you lived next to Lyonne. She was charged with criminal mischief, harassment, and trespass after her little routine. Worst of all was that she told the neighbor “I’m going to sexually molest your dog.” There is no word on whether or not the neighbor replied "Is that a promise or a threat?" but hey Natasha, either way, breaking into peoples' places and threatening to molest their dogs is kind of something that is looked down on by most people in our society.

1 Kim Kardashian And Kanye West

Kim and Kanye bought a mansion in Bel Air recently and word is that their neighbors were not happy about it at all. Was it because of something they did? No, not really, it is more just because they are Kim and Kanye. Can you imagine living next to these two? I really doubt that they are the kind of people you could go over to and knock on their door if you locked yourself out. With Kim and Kanye it is always all about them, all the time, and I don't know about you, but I would rather have Anthony Michael Hall ripping up plants and challenging me to a fight then deal with Kim and Kanye. Why? Well, because when Anthony wakes up in the morning, he will probably feel bad. Kim and Kanye? They never do.

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