4 Celebrities Who Allegedly Communicated From The Dead

Oh celebrities these days, they’ll do just about anything to stay relevant in the media and apparently not even death can stop them. Psychic mediums, whether you believe in them or not, have had some huge breaks on television lately. Self-proclaimed clairvoyants like John Edward and Tyler Henry have been featured on a number of T.V. shows connecting people with their passed on loved ones. If that concept isn’t captivating enough, they’ve even upped the ante by claiming to communicate with some of Hollywood’s finest deceased celebs.

Hollywood deaths are always a media frenzy, especially when those deaths are controversial and/or mysterious. It’s times like these when high-profile mediums like Edward and Henry can step in and answer questions from beyond the grave. This creepy “gift” of theirs has attracted the attention of stars like Jamie Pressly, the Kardashian family, Nicole Polizzi and Oprah. With clients like that, I suppose they’ve been bound to come across a late celeb or two and with cameras rolling of course.

Celebrities can’t just go six feet under until the end of time, that would be too average, right? Whether it’s coming through with life-changing advice, insight into their death or a just quick “hello,” these four celebrities didn’t even let death keep them out of the lime light.

4 Robert Kardashian


Back in 2011 when Kim Kardashian was experiencing troubles in her marriage to Kris Humphries, she naturally wanted support and advice from her family, her father included. The only problem? He had died eight years prior of cancer. Kim reached out to John Edward for help in communicating with her father.

3 Brittany Murphy

The death of Brittany Murphy in 2009 shocked everyone. The actress best known for her roles in films like Clueless and 8 Mile seemed like a healthy and successful 32-year-old. Her death was initially very mysterious and before a coroner’s report had been released rumours swirled as to what could have killed her. The media reported causes like an addiction to prescription drugs, a severe eating disorder and even the possibility of murder. The official report stated that pneumonia and anaemia were to blame for her death. Although this seemed to be a legitimate cause, the events leading up to and following her death kept her family, friends and fans with unanswered questions. For instance, if she was so ill why didn’t she seek any medical attention? And why is it that five months later, her husband ended up dying of the exact same causes?

Tyler Henry, a psychic to the celebrities met with actress and model Jaime Pressly on his E! series Hollywood Medium. Without exactly knowing who he’s channeling, Henry states he’s communicating with a younger woman who feels she died too soon. He says to Pressly, “She's blaming an outside influence and saying she was in a very manipulative situation.” Henry connects a few dots and determines it’s a Brittany who he’s communicating with. This is the moment Pressly jumps in, “Brittany Murphy…Oh my God.”

2 Marilyn Monroe

Gloria Vanderbilt is an actress, artist and socialite who became iconic in pop culture during the 1930s. She also happens to be the mother of journalist Anderson Cooper. As a prominent public figure in the 20th century, one would expect she may have rubbed elbows with a few legendary celebrities of that time. However, no one expected what psychic John Edward revealed after sitting down with her for a reading.

On her son’s talk show Anderson, Gloria spoke to Edward hoping to hear from some loved ones. During the reading, Edward almost hesitates to bring up Marilyn Monroe in disbelief that he is actually connecting to the late star or that there is any connection to be made. Gloria confirms that there is a connection and in fact the two were good friends. Still skeptical, Edward asks the spirit to confirm what is being said and then begins describing a private photo of Marilyn and Gloria. Gloria acknowledges this sentimental photo as something she has. “It’s her way of letting you know it’s me, and I’m okay,” Edward says.

1 Robin Williams

When Robin Williams committed suicide back in 2014 no one could help but wonder what the hell went wrong. How could the guy who’d been making everyone laugh for decades have been in such a deep depression? His death lead people to campaign all over social media for awareness of mental illness. While the suicide of Robin may ultimately have lead to the conclusion of mental illness, who’s to say that’s all there is to the story?

Comedienne Margaret Cho saw Robin as one of her greatest mentors and knew him personally. In a reading with Tyler Henry on Hollywood Medium she was surprised to know Henry had been channeling Robin for weeks leading up to their meeting. After giving Cho some encouraging words from Robin, Henry touches on the actor’s death. “He doesn’t so much reference to a big, chemical imbalance, as much as, ‘I feel like I have another health issue that I just don’t want to have to suffer through.’”

Coordinating with Robin’s message is his wife’s revelation to the media. According to Robin’s autopsy he was suffering from dementia which is ultimately what triggered his suicide, not depression. "If Robin was lucky, he would’ve had maybe three years left. And they would’ve been hard years,” his wife stated in an interview. Instead of suffering through what life he had left, Robin’s message reveals he chose to die on his own terms. Inspiring? A Tragedy? Who knows, but apparently Robin wanted to set the record straight from the other side.

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4 Celebrities Who Allegedly Communicated From The Dead