30 Celebrities Lindsay Lohan Is Rumored To Have Slept With

The online world was shocked in the spring of 2014 when Lindsay Lohan’s list of “sexual conquests” was leaked online naming dozens of celebrities.

The actress reportedly wrote down a list of names of people that she has had sex with. This list included quite a few recognizable actors, singers, and wealthy entrepreneurs.

Lindsay Lohan hasn't exactly had the best reputation in the media these last few years. Between run-ins with the cops, arrests, drug charges, DUI's, and skipping out on community service, can we really be surprised that Lindsay's list of hookups is this long?

I think not.

By this point, you probably need to pass through Lindsay's pants as GO and collect $200 before getting your claim to fame in Hollywood!

Lindsay wrote the list back in January at the Beverly Hills Hotel, while chatting with friends, trying to impress them. Lohan apparently tossed the list aside and didn't give it another thought until it was leaked online for the world to see.

However, the actress herself claims that she wrote the list while she was in the Betty Ford Clinic for alcohol addiction and someone had stolen and leaked it.

Some people still think that the list is fake, or that Lindsay is lying about some of the names. And while some of the men on the list have denied sleeping with the actress, the majority of them are guilty as charged!

There are more and more names that have been rising to the surface. Lindsay has certainly made her way around Hollywood. But hey, you have to give it to the girl - there are some extremely attractive men on this list. There are others that Lindsay didn't even bother to put on the list, like her teenage fling with Aaron Carter. Hey, maybe she doesn't consider him to be a celebrity anymore.

Checkout who made the list of sexual conquests, plus a few that she didn't include on the list!


30 Ashton Kutcher

Ashton Kutcher and Lindsay costarred together in the 2006 film, Bobby. The National Inquirer published a story in 2013 that suggested that Ashton and Lindsay had hooked up prior to him dating Demi Moore. Ashton is now married to his costar on That '70s Show, Mila Kunis.

29 Wilmer Valderrama


Wilmer and Lindsay actually dated for quite a while back in 2004. This was at the peak of Lohan’s career and Wilmer was a star on the popular series That '70s Show. Hmm... wasn't there another cast member of that show? Oh right, Ashton Kutcher.

Wilmer and Lindsay had to keep their relationship hush hush because at the beginning she wasn’t even 18 yet! Wilmer and Lindsay waited until her she was of legal age and then moved her into his house. Were they the OG Tyga and Kylie??

28 Ryan Phillippe

Ryan Phillippe and Lindsay were said to have hooked up back in ’07 when he was in the midst of his divorce with actress Reese Witherspoon. A year later, Phillippe appeared on The Howard Stern Show and admitted that Lindsay “wanted” him. The word is still out on whether Lindsay ever actually got what she "wanted".

27 Stavros Nicharos


Does this name sound familiar? That’s because this Greek shipping tycoon multi-billionaire, Stavros Niarchos III once dated Lindsay’s former BFF Paris Hilton. Lohan and Nicharos had a short fling together and word has it that the two got pretty hot and heavy. Could there have been some jealousy involved in this myserteous encounter?

26 Danny Cipriani

Via The Guardian

Cipriani is a pretty well-known English rugby player who Lindsay had met at a party back in 2010. The pair had a few dates and public outings together during the summer of 2010. They hit the ground running, going on a spree of dates within a few days of each other, but in the end nothing much came of the fling, with Cipriani becoming just another name on Lohan's list.

25 Maggio Cipriani


No, unfortunately, Lohan did not hook up with hot English brothers/relatives. Maggio Cipriani is heir to the Cipriani restaurant empire. Apparently, Lohan and Cipriani met at a gala that Lindsay had attended at one of his restaurants. Lindsay has even taken some other men on her conquest list to the Cipriani restaurants. I wonder if that was before or after her and Maggio's fling?

24 Benicio Del Toro

Now, this one's a little on the strange side, even for Lindsay. When Lohan was the ripe age of 19, barely a legal adult, she met and “canoodled” with the famous director and actor, 38-year-old Benecio Del Toro, at his ex’s birthday party back in 2006. Creepy. Granted, these days the two of them could pass for roughly the same age.


23 Aaron Voros


Listed on Lindsay’s infamous list as Aaron (Rangers), Aaron Voros of the New York Rangers supposedly met each other after a hockey game in 2009. The two were rumored to have hooked up. A year later, claims were brought up that LiLo had thrown a drink at him and tried to get him kicked out of the club that they were at. Still some hard feelings, Lindsay?

22 Orlando Bloom

Lindsay put Orlando’s name down on her list as, “Orli” Bloom. The two are only connected through police reports. Both Lindsay and Orlando were robbed by the infamous gang of thieves The Bling Ring. At the time, Orlando was newly dating Miranda Kerr. This one's still a mystery to us...

21 Josh Mond


Josh Mond is an indie producer, director and screenwriter who is pretty well known in the film industry. His most notable films include Martha Marcy May Marlene and Simon Killer and has been active since 2006. He is not known to have ever worked on a film with Lohan. I wonder how those two got together?

20 Petey Wright


Wright is a well-known fashion model. Lohan posed with him during a photo shoot for Muse Magazine in 2009 at Hollywood's Chateau Marmont Hotel. It was a pretty racy shoot in which the two were naked and rolling around on a bed. Sources on set said the two couldn't keep their hands off each other. Foreplay, anyone? We're pretty sure the shoot continued well after the cameras were turned off.

19 Joaquin Phoenix


Here's another case of a shockingly large age difference. Joaquin appeared on Lindsay’s list as “J.Pheonix,” but you know, no one said it was a requirement to know how to spell someone’s name before sleeping with them! The pair was rumored to have dated back in ’06 but was spotted again together at a club in 2010. So who knows, maybe it was more than a one time thing?

18 Lukas Haas

Via Paper Mag

Reportedly, Lindsay hung out with Leo DiCaprio and his BFF, Lukas Haas, at a club and later went to an after-party at the actor’s mansion. Rumors began circling that Lindsay was dating Leo, nobody asked about his friend! Lindsay had been asked by the paparazzi if she was dating Leonardo, but Lindsay said that  they couldn't have been more wrong! I guess that's what she meant.

17 Paul Charles Valmorbida


Paul Charles, or "P.C." for short, is a photographer and entrepreneur, that Lindsay had met in 2011 at a retrospective for painter Richard Hambleton. Lohan had actually been associated with P.C.’s brother, Andy. I guess we were wrong about this one too!

16 Evan Peters

Evan Peters is a star on FX’s hit series American Horror Story. Prior to the release of Lindsay’s list, the public were hardly aware that these two had ever crossed paths! While this wasn't a full blown relationship, the two apparently spent a couple of nights in the sack together which is more than enough for Peters to qualify for our list. Let's hope he isn't as quick in bed as his is in the latest X-Men movies.

15 Jamie Dornan

Via Elle

Damn, Lindsay got a hold of Mr. Christian Grey before he was Christian Grey! Way to go, Lindsay. The two were rumored to have had a bit of a fling together, were spotted holding hands in public a few times, but ultimately things didn’t work out. I guess she just wasn't his shade of grey.

14 Brody Jenner

Step-brother to the infamous Kardashian family and sibling to Kendall and Kylie Jenner, Brody Jenner is said to have dated the actress for a short while. I don't know but it seems Jenner is living up to his reputation for sleeping with half of Hollywood. His list of high profile romances includes Kristin Cavallari, Nicole Richie, Lauren Conrad and Avril Lavigne.

13 Shaun White


Professional snowboarder, Olympian, and fellow redhead Shaun White was seen clubbing with Lohan in 2006. The two were spotted clubbing together in New York at Bungalow 8. We realize that being spotted clubbing doesn't necessarily mean that the two hooked up, but with Lohan's track record we wouldn't be surprised if they "hit the slopes" afterward.

12 Zac Efron

With their Disney backgrounds in common, you would have thought Zac and Lindsay would have been more closely linked throughout the years. Around 2008, rumors began to swirl that the two were romantically involved but it doesn't seem like anything significant came of it. Efron has battled his own alcohol and drug problems in recent years, so it's probably for the best that this didn't work out.

11 Jamie Burke

Via NBC New York

Burke is a singer and model who was known for dating Kate Moss for some time. Burke and Lohan were spotted kissing back in 2006 and are thought to have dated for a bit. We're sure Lindsay had fun living the rockstar life with Jamie, but clearly this pairing wasn't the right fit for either of them.

10 Colin Farrell

Via Star Changes

The list of older men continues. Lindsay and Colin go way back circa 2004. They were seen partying together a number of times. Close friends and sources have confirmed in the past that the pair were hooking up.

With recent news of the apparent intimate relationship that Colin Farrell had with Elizabeth Taylor right before she died, it makes this hookup just a little more strange...

9 Justin Timberlake


Man, she’s even got an OG N’SYNC member on her list, Linds has got them all covered! JT and Lindsay were allegedly spotted together at a club in New York in 2009. Timberlake was dating his current wife Jessica Biel at the time, and judging by the fact that they're still together, we're having a hard time believing anything seriously naughty happened between Timberlake and LiLo.

8 Aaron Carter

Via Cosmopolitan

It’s Aaron’s party and Lindsay’s invited! Lohan and Carter dated from the beginning of 2002 until the middle of 2003. Although Aaron wasn't included on the infamous list, the two were America's favorite teen Disney couple. Let's face it, they had sex. Aaron Carter is also pretty well known for dating former Disney star, Hilary Duff, but just as quickly as his music career died out, so did the rumors about his love life.

7 Heath Ledger

Via Ellen Von Unwerth

The man of our dreams from 10 Things I Hate About You joins in on this list as well. Apparently, according to Lindsay’s mother Dina, Heath had been dating her daughter in secret from the public at the time of his death in 2009. If this is true, Lindsay is one lucky lady. But it also puts her life troubles into a little more perspective. Imagine the shock she must have felt after Ledger's passing...

6 Max George

Max George, member of The Wanted, AKA the B-List Harry Styles, said himself that he and Lindsay had a "little snog". There was a period of time in 2012 through 2013 where Lindsay was a major fan of The Wanted, and was even rumored to have been accused of assaulting another woman in a club over Max George!

5 Guy Berryman


Berryman is the bass guitarist for the band Coldplay. Rumors of him and Lindsay hooking up started after Lollapalooza 2011 where Lindsay was said to have “followed him around all weekend.” Fans and onlookers said she was turned away when she tried to get backstage too. She denies this, of course, but for the sake of under-appreciated bassists everywhere, we hope that there's at least some truth to this rumor.

4 Adam Levine

Lohan and Levine supposedly had a brief thing at one point. Adam has denied that the two have ever had any romantic involvement, but Lindsay has included Levine on her infamous conquest list. We don't blame him for not wanting to be associated with the disgraced actress, but if they did hook up shame on Adam for not manning up!

3 Samantha Ronson

Who can forget Lindsay’s lesbian phase? Lindsay caused quite a stir when she announced that she was dating DJ Samantha Ronson. This is the only woman that has made it to Lindsay's list. The relationship lasted for quite some time, but the pair broke up, ultimately citing a toxic relationship between the two of them.

2 Tom Cruise

In 2014, reports started circling around Hollywood that Cruise and Lindsay were head over heels for one another and in the beginning stages of a relationship. The pair had been spending some time in London at the same time, and were reportedly exploring getting to know one another. Some people seem to think that Lindsay's rumored fling with Tom was only an attempt to use him to revive her career and maybe lead her into some legit acting roles.

1 Egor Tarabasov

Via Lindsay Lohan Instagram

Tarabasov has the potential to be the last notch on Lindsay's belt. Egor Tarabasov is a Russian heir to a business empire in Yetsin Land. The pair were introduced in London by a mutual friend. After eight months of dating, the couple announced their engagement in April of 2016. Lindsay said yes to Egor with a beautiful 5-carat emerald engagement ring. Let's hope that Egor is the last entry in Lindsay's seemingly endless list of romantic escapades!

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