30 Celebrities Lindsay Lohan Is Rumored To Have Slept With

The online world was shocked in the spring of 2014 when Lindsay Lohan’s list of “sexual conquests” was leaked online naming dozens of celebrities.

The actress reportedly wrote down a list of names of people that she has had sex with. This list included quite a few recognizable actors, singers, and wealthy entrepreneurs.

Lindsay Lohan hasn't exactly had the best reputation in the media these last few years. Between run-ins with the cops, arrests, drug charges, DUI's, and skipping out on community service, can we really be surprised that Lindsay's list of hookups is this long?

I think not.

By this point, you probably need to pass through Lindsay's pants as GO and collect $200 before getting your claim to fame in Hollywood!

Lindsay wrote the list back in January at the Beverly Hills Hotel, while chatting with friends, trying to impress them. Lohan apparently tossed the list aside and didn't give it another thought until it was leaked online for the world to see.

However, the actress herself claims that she wrote the list while she was in the Betty Ford Clinic for alcohol addiction and someone had stolen and leaked it.

Some people still think that the list is fake, or that Lindsay is lying about some of the names. And while some of the men on the list have denied sleeping with the actress, the majority of them are guilty as charged!

There are more and more names that have been rising to the surface. Lindsay has certainly made her way around Hollywood. But hey, you have to give it to the girl - there are some extremely attractive men on this list. There are others that Lindsay didn't even bother to put on the list, like her teenage fling with Aaron Carter. Hey, maybe she doesn't consider him to be a celebrity anymore.

Checkout who made the list of sexual conquests, plus a few that she didn't include on the list!

30 Ashton Kutcher

29 Wilmer Valderrama


Wilmer and Lindsay actually dated for quite a while back in 2004. This was at the peak of Lohan’s career and Wilmer was a star on the popular series That '70s Show. Hmm... wasn't there another cast member of that show? Oh right, Ashton Kutcher.

28 Ryan Phillippe

27 Stavros Nicharos


26 Danny Cipriani

Via The Guardian

25 Maggio Cipriani

24 Benicio Del Toro

23 Aaron Voros

22 Orlando Bloom

21 Josh Mond

20 Petey Wright


19 Joaquin Phoenix

18 Lukas Haas

Via Paper Mag

17 Paul Charles Valmorbida


16 Evan Peters

15 Jamie Dornan

Via Elle

14 Brody Jenner

13 Shaun White

12 Zac Efron

11 Jamie Burke

Via NBC New York

10 Colin Farrell

Via Star Changes

The list of older men continues. Lindsay and Colin go way back circa 2004. They were seen partying together a number of times. Close friends and sources have confirmed in the past that the pair were hooking up.

9 Justin Timberlake

8 Aaron Carter

Via Cosmopolitan

7 Heath Ledger

Via Ellen Von Unwerth

6 Max George

5 Guy Berryman


4 Adam Levine

3 Samantha Ronson

2 Tom Cruise

1 Egor Tarabasov

Via Lindsay Lohan Instagram

Tarabasov has the potential to be the last notch on Lindsay's belt. Egor Tarabasov is a Russian heir to a business empire in Yetsin Land. The pair were introduced in London by a mutual friend. After eight months of dating, the couple announced their engagement in April of 2016. Lindsay said yes to Egor with a beautiful 5-carat emerald engagement ring. Let's hope that Egor is the last entry in Lindsay's seemingly endless list of romantic escapades!

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30 Celebrities Lindsay Lohan Is Rumored To Have Slept With