25 of the Creepiest Places on Planet Earth

Humans have conceived some fairly interesting ideas over the years. We’ve built some amazing things that after years of neglect have become rather haunting. Not to be outdone, Mother Nature has contributed to this list as well. Here are 25 of the creepiest places on planet Earth.

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25 Kabayan Mummy Caves

Located in the Philippines, these man made caves are filled with some of the most well-preserved mummies ever found.

24 Candido Godoi

Once a refuge for Nazi scientist Joseph Mengele, Candido Godoi is known as twin capital of the world. They’re an unusual number of them here. Mengele was oddly fascinated with twins, but scientists think inbreeding is more likely the cause and not some perceived Nazi scientific experimentation.

23 Poveglia Island, Venice, Italy

It’s been a ward for plague victims and an insane asylum and has been abandoned for years and years. Even better, apparently it’s for sale.

22 British Sea Forts

These odd sentinels were constructed by the British Navy. Now abandoned, these World War II forts silently watch over the North Sea.

21 Varosha

This abandoned seaside resort is a casualty of the Turkish/Cyprus conflict. Turkish occupation prevents the natives from accessing Varosha so it sits quietly empty awaiting re-occupation.

20 Jatinga

In northern India you’ll find the small village of Jinta. Every year in the fall, thousands of birds arrive, circle overhead and between the hours of 7 and 10 pm, in a singular area, they dive to their deaths. No one knows why.

19 Gunkanjima

Battleship Island is located in the south Pacific and it used to be a mining facility.  Now abandoned, the island has fallen into disrepair and has become overgrown with vegetation.

18 Prague’s Old Jewish Cemetery

In order to save space, the city of Prague built a Jewish cemetery on top of another – 11 times. This creepy place has been filled to capacity so often and it looks like something from a nightmare now.

17 Detroit's Abandoned Buildings

Detroit is now filled with dozens of sad, ruined, empty buildings filled with the remnants and artifacts of a more promising time in America.

16 Matsuo Ghost Mine

This Japanese sulphur mine was abandoned in the 1970s. The area it’s located in is so mist shrouded people often can’t find the place and routinely become lost once there.

15 Paris Catacombs

Constructed to alleviate the problem of overflowing cemeteries which were contaminating the water supply, these catacombs are filled with the bones of thousands of Parisians.

14 The Body Farm

The University of Tennessee in Knoxville has a research facility in the woodlands where they bury corpses so they can be studied in various states of composition for crime scenes and murder investigations.

13 The Winchester House

This place was constructed by Sarah Winchester, heir to the Winchester fortune. She believed she was haunted by those killed by Winchester rifles. She also believed the only way to stop the hauntings was to construct a house and never, ever quit building it. The end result is a creepy, maze-like residence.

12 Pripyat

Abandoned during the Chernobyl disaster, this was once a city of 50,000 residents. Recently people have been allowed back into the abandoned city but it remains a snapshot from 25 years ago.

11 Fengdu

The Chinese once believed that this 2,000-year-old ghost town is the place where souls cross over after death. Fengdu is filled with strange statues, graves, and odd fake torture devices.

10 The Overtoun Bridge

Located in Scotland, this bridge has witnessed over 600 people commit suicide by plunging over the edge, but that’s not the creepy part. Every year roughly a dozen dogs do the same thing, and no one can figure out why.

9 San Zhi UFO Houses

The locals call these the “death pods” and most are too afraid to go near them. It was once a luxury resort but was shut down by the government after a series of strange circumstances and a lot of fatal accidents.

8 Takakonuma Greenland Park

So many people died on the rides here that the park was closed down.  The nearby wilderness has reclaimed this place creating a spooky mash-up of man made creation and nature.

7 The Sedlec Ossuary

This chapel is filled with the bones of humans who sought to be buried in the ossuary. The priests were forced to find new and creative uses for the massive influx of human remains.

6 Leap Castle

This Irish Castle is supposed to be the most haunted castle in the world. It was constructed over an old torture pit and is the site of several horrendous murders and the famous “bloody chapel.”

5 Beelitz Military Hospital

This abandon hospital is famous as a place that a young Adolf Hitler once recovered from his injuries. It remains a creepy reminder of the past.

4 Actun Tunichil Muknal

This cave in Belize contains the bones of thousands of sacrificed chickens and a few humans to. It’s called the Cave of the Stone Sepulcher and it was once used by Mayans for sacrificial rituals.

3 Hellingly Hospital

Via foroseies.com

Abandoned English insane asylum, do you need to know anything else?

2 Isla de las Munecas

It’s creepy and it’s called the Island of the Dolls. Legends claim that a young girl once drowned off the coast and the island’s lone inhabitant, Don Julian, found her doll in the water. Later he discovered another, then another, and another. The dolls kept coming and he hung them in tribute. Later he’d go on to die in the same place the girl had.

1 Aokigahara Forest

Via lethals-yokai.tumblr.com

It’s called the ‘suicide’ forest and it’s located on Mount Fuji. Since the 1950s, Japanese residents have come here to die. The place is littered with bodies and remnants from the once-living.

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