24 Celebrities Who Tragically Took Their Own Lives

Sadly, there is a long list of celebrities, artists, directors, athletes, and prominent public figures that have tragically taken their own lives. Whether is it the stresses of fame, financial strains, undetected mental disorder, or relationship issues, these 24 people went too soon and will be missed by family, friends, and fans.

Those in the public eye have a lot more pressure, and unfortunately the pressure got to be too much for these people to handle. A lot of us go through difficult times when we feel depressed, but we don't have to deal with our every move being monitored under a microscope.

Celebrity suicides shock the rest of the public because to us they are iconic figures who are rich and successful and therefore must be happy. Many of them have had struggles with depression or other mental disorders that were left untreated or ignored until it was too late.

24 Robin Williams - Age 63

23 Dave Mirra - Age 41

Former Real World/Road Rules Challenge host, and BMX legend Dave Mirra committed suicide by shooting himself in the head in his truck in North Carolina. Hours prior, the host had posted a loving picture of his wife, Lauren. He has left behind two children with her.

22 Sawyer Sweeten - Age 19


21 Gia Allemand - Age 29


This Bachelor contestant and Maxim model disastrously tried to take her life by hanging herself with a vacuum cord in the summer of 2013. Gia was found and rushed to the hospital, but she was later declared brain dead and removed from life support two days following.

20 Jovan Belcher - Age 25


This pro-footballer was all over the news when he shot his longtime girlfriend, Kassandra Perkins, nine times in front of his mother. The Kansas City Chief’s linebacker then drove to the Chief’s practice facility where he shot himself in front of his coach and manager. Witnesses say right before his death Belcher said, “I wasn’t able to get enough help.”

19 Lex McAllister - Age 31


18 Marilyn Monroe - Age 36

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17 Mindy McCready - Age 37

via Country Boss

McCready was a well-known country singer in the 2000s. The singer took her own life in 2013 at her home in Arkansas by shooting herself in the head with a gun. It is rumored that Mindy had previously attempted suicide twice prior to this.

16 Simone Battle - Age 25


15 Kurt Cobain - Age 27

via Rolling Stone

14 Shakir Stewart - Age 34

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13 Wendy O. Williams - Age 48


Williams was the lead singer of the punk band the Plasmatics. The band had a cult following in the '90s and was the definition of grunge. Williams' use of sledgehammers bashing guitars, violence, sexuality and nudity ultimately led to Williams' nickname, "The Queen of Shock."

Wendy fatally shot herself in the head in 1998 in the woods by her home in Connecticut. The punk rocker apparently tried to kill herself once before, lodging a knife in her chest.

12 Alexander McQueen - Age 40

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11 Lucy Gordon - Age 28


10 Lee Thompson Young - Age 29


9 Johnny Lewis - Age 26

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8 Chris Lightly - Age 44

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7 Dana Plato - Age 34


She was most recognized for playing Kimberly Drummond on the popular sitcom Diff'rent Strokes, but after her time on the hit series, Dana struggled through years of poverty and drug abuse. Dana overdosed on painkillers and muscle relaxers in the spring of 1999.

6 Chris Benoit - Age 30

via WWE

Benoit was a well-known WWE wrestler. In 2007, he gruesomely murdered his wife and seven-year-old son by strangulation and then hung himself.

5 L’Wren Scott - Age 49

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4 Junior Seau - Age 43

via NY Times

3 Aaron Swartz - Age 26


Internet “hactivist”, computer programmer, and entrepreneur Aaron Swartz committed suicide back in 2013 after being charged with wire and computer fraud and potentially facing 50 years in jail. Swartz hanged himself in his NYC apartment.

2 Terry Kath - Age 31


Co-singer of the classic rock band Chicago, Kath died from what appeared to be an accidental self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head that went off while he was playing around with a semiautomatic 9mm pistol.

1 Mary Kay Bergman - Age 38


You may not initially recognize this name, but Mary Kay Bergman was the woman genius behind the popular animated series South Park. She played the voice of Ms. Cartman and Wendy on the show. Bergman was also the voice of Timmy Turner in Nickelodeon's Fairly Odd Parents. Prior to this, she had been the official voice of Snow White on Disney.

Bergman was married for nearly a decade and seemingly happy. It wasn't until after her suicide from shooting herself in the head that people close to her found out she suffered from acute and chronic depression for many, many years. Even after achieving so much in her career and personal life, Mary Kay took her own life and was found later by her husband. She left two suicide notes that have not been released to the public.

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24 Celebrities Who Tragically Took Their Own Lives