20 Shocking Scandals That Brought Down Renowned Politicians

Is politics ever a fair game? No. We all know that politicians love to just tell us what we want to hear and then go and do their own thing. But what about when it comes to morality and values pertaining to relationships? Politicians are not immune to scandals, especially those involving shocking subjects, like sexual assault, drugs, and extramarital affairs. To prove our point, we have got 20 Shocking Scandals That Brought Down Renowned Politicians.

Some of these you may remember, if you dig deep enough. Others have eluded our memories, but one thing is certain: these politicians messed up. From getting caught up in crack-cocaine rings, to sexting and snogging with government aides and staffers, to having sex with women while supposedly being “happily married,” these guys show us that even if you talk the talk, it does not mean you are walking the walk.

Hopefully these descriptions will remind us all to stay faithful to our loved ones. Because toeing the line really is not worth it, regardless of whether or not you have money, fame, and political power. On a positive note, some of these politicians have been able to somewhat show their faces in public again without being harshly scolded.

20 Rob Ford

19 Vance McCallister


18 Josh Duggar


17 Justin Moed


16 Mark Sanford


15 Dick Cheney

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14 Gary Hart


13 Bill Clinton

12 David Vitter


11 Larry Craig


10 Jim McGreevey


9 Gary Condit


8 Anthony Weiner

7 Elliot Spitzer

6 John Edwards

5 Marion Barry

4 Ted Kennedy

3 Arnold Schwarzenegger

2 John F. Kennedy


1 Moshe Katsav

Here’s the story: Moshe Katsav was the President of Israel. He was also accused of assaulting women and then he was sentenced to seven years in prison for rape. Yet Katsav had adamantly insisted that he was innocent, even though several women stated that he had sexually harassed them. The case depended solely on the testimonies of those in court, leaving many to say that Katsav was innocent and didn’t deserve his sentence. This whole fiasco came to light in 2006 by Katsav himself. He went to police claiming that one of the women was trying to exhort money from him.


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20 Shocking Scandals That Brought Down Renowned Politicians