20 Shocking Facts You Didn't Know About Adolf Hitler

If you are wondering if there were any redeeming qualities in Adolf Hitler, don’t look to us. Here we have the 20 Crazy Facts You Didn’t Know About Adolf Hitler. And while these tidbits are interesting, they aren’t necessarily positive. Hitler was a serious jerk, to say the least. It makes sense that these little known factoids about him are bizarre, disgusting, and downright unattractive. Yet we still hope you enjoy learning a bit more about this man who made the world hell for a number of years.

From his eating habits to his gastrointestinal health, to his affinity for the arts and his hatred for anything fun, Hitler was certainly an interesting character. Creepy, but intriguing. The world will never stop researching this eerie persona from 19th-century history, and these 20 facts are just a small sampling of how intense and convoluted Hitler’s life and personality really were.

Historians have even been looking into the final years of Hitler’s life, and there is speculation that he was suffering from a disease before his death, which was ultimately a suicide. There are also studies of his Nazi followers and what would guarantee them high standing in Hitler’s book. Read on to discover more about this hated man.

20 He Had a Crush on a Jew

19 He Was Gassy

18 He Injected Himself with Bull Semen

17 He Was a Perv

16 Hitler Had a Nephew in the U.S. Navy

15 He Almost Died 42 Times

14 He Only Had One Testicle

13 He Didn’t Eat Meat

12 He Was a High School Dropout

11 He Almost Became a Priest

10 He Wanted to Drown Moscow

9 He Was a Chocoholic

8 He Created Blow-Up Dolls

7 He Was Freaky in Bed

6 He Couldn’t Drive

5 He Was a Circus Lover

4 He (Probably) Had Parkinson’s

3 He Liked to Smell Bad

2 He Loved Opera

1 He Was Not a Sports Fan

That actually makes sense to us, considering that Hitler was so not a team player. He would hate to collaborate with others and work toward a common goal. The only reason he probably liked the Nazis was because they were working together for his goal. Even so, Hitler himself did help with organizing the Olympic Games in Berlin, but as far as sports were concerned, he thought they were a total snooze-fest. Even games were usually off-limits for Hitler. He was also distressed by the black runner Jesse Owens, saying that people “from the jungle were primitive” and “their physiques were stronger than those of civilized whites and hence should be excluded” from sports.


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20 Shocking Facts You Didn't Know About Adolf Hitler