20 of the Scariest Celebrity Urban Legends Ever

scary celebrity urban legends

Where celebrities go, urban legends, rumors, and tons of lies and gossip follows. Some of these stories you may have already heard about, while others may come as quite a shock. These are scary in a variety of ways. From the seemingly insane to the just plain creepy, they may just send a shiver up your spine.

Oh yes, urban legends have been around for ages, and sometimes it is fun to see what they are all about. No celebrity is immune, including animals! Whether it concerns a sitcom, a movie, or a comedy act, the items on this list involve a wide range of the rich and famous. Some of them may seem to have a grain of truth, while others just seem impossible or too creepy to be true.

We hope you enjoy these strange urban legends. Hopefully they will not keep you up at night, wondering what really goes on behind closed doors in Hollywood. One thing we can be sure is true: people just love, love, love to create hideous lies about celebs. And that pastime is never going to go away no matter how hard we try!

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20 The Hanging Munchkin

Via phactual.com

This urban legend relates to the famous and wonderful movie, The Wizard of Oz. Judy Garland, who played the young and meek Dorothy, stated that the little people who starred as munchkins in the film were not treated very well. That helped to fuel this urban legend that a munchkin had hanged himself on the set of the movie. If you look at the scene where Dorothy is walking through the forest with the Scarecrow and Tin Man, you may spot a dark shadowy figure. Many have claimed that it is the suicidal munchkin, but in actuality it is simply a big bird raising its wings in shadow.

19 The Taco Bell Chihuahua

Via media3.popsugar-assets.com

Many claimed that after Taco Bell pulled the lovable and adorable Chihuahua from its commercial ads, it was because the pipsqueak-sized doggy had died in a terrible accident. Some said that the little taco-loving pup was run over by a train, while others stooped lower and said the dog had been killed on set in a freakish accident. The reality is that the dog was alive and well; Taco Bell was just trying something new. The Chihuahua was even featured in Legally Blonde 2! It looks as though the little dog was just moving on to bigger and better things!

18 Three Men and a Baby … and a Ghost

Via youtube.com

In the movie Three Men and a Baby, it is said that a deleted scene shows a ghost in the background. Indeed, if you watch the deleted scene from the film, you can see a distinct shadowy figure. It is a cardboard cutout of one of the actors, Ted Danson. For some reason, someone left the cardboard cutout on the set, and it appeared in the deleted scene. So many people had fun talking about this urban legend, that it was almost a shame that the director put those comments to rest. Hey, we might be scared to find a life-sized Ted Danson cutout in our home, too.

17 Marilyn Manson = The Wonder Years’ Paul

Via hypster.guru

Wait, the nerdy character Paul on the hit show The Wonder Years was actually…Marilyn Manson?! Loads of people have claimed that this urban legend is true, and it is quite scary to think about it! An innocent-looking kid like poor little Paul turned out to be a scary rock star? Well, not really. As it turns out, this urban legend was debunked, although the real Paul (or should we say Josh Saviano) has had fun with it. He even pretended to be Marilyn Manson for some strangers once! Josh currently works in law while Marilyn Manson continues to scare small children.

16 Bill Cosby vs. Little Rascals

Via gannett-cdn.com

This urban legend becomes even creepier due to the fact that Bill Cosby is in hot water for sexual harassment allegations. It is said that the actor/comedian/alleged date rapist had bought the rights of The Little Rascals with the intent of destroying the films. Supporters of the urban legend state that Cosby was offended by one of the Little Rascals, Buckwheat, who represented a misconception of African Americans. Yet this is a false claim, and the urban legend is (mostly) false. Yes, Cosby did take some action against the Little Rascals films, but as part of a campaign to stop airing them in the 1960s.

15 Curb Your Enthusiasm Involved a Murderer!

Via cdn.hitfix.com

This is a strange urban legend, but actually it's kind of cool once you find out it's false! First thing's first: the urban legend was that some random dude was convicted of murder and had appeared on Curb Your Enthusiasm. Well, yes and no. Yes, that guy was accused of murder, but he was innocent we tell ya! In fact, it was proven thanks to the help of Curb Your Enthusiasm, which was shooting an episode in Dodgers Stadium. The footage showed the suspect chilling out with his daughter on the night of the murder. Ha! He was innocent, and the show was also free of any spilled blood.

14 Paul McCartney Death Legends

Via i.huffpost.com

This is an ongoing urban legend that just continues to evolve. Even though we know that Paul McCartney is alive and well, people out there still keep insisting that he is dead and is just being replaced by a creepy look-alike. One of the older versions of this urban legend goes back to the Abbey Road album cover (yup, he has supposedly been dead that long!) The reason why Paul is walking barefoot on that album cover is because he is dead (barefoot=dead?) Well, Paul is one of the last living Beatles, although people will continue saying he has passed away.

13 Donald Trump Paid A Stranger's Mortgage

Via liberationnews.org

This is frightening: Donald Trump as a generous human being. The man who is known for bad-mouthing anyone from politicians to celebrities to Mexican immigrants, is involved in an interesting and strange urban legend. It is said that there was a random stranger who helped The Trump when he suffered a car accident. Mr. Trump then must have felt indebted to the man who helped him and actually paid off his mortgage bills. The truth? We are not sure! This urban legend has never been denied nor verified. Quite honestly, it is just scary to think of Donald Trump doing something nice for anyone.

12 Angelina’s Vial of Blood

Via assets-s3.usmagazine.com

We really can’t put it past Angelina Jolie to do something New Age-y like this: urban legend has it that when she was married to Billy Bob Thornton, Jolie wore a vial of his blood around her neck, and he had a matching one that was filled with her blood. Talk about gross! Brad Pitt has actually helped to shed some light on this urban legend. Apparently, Jolie and Thornton did wear matching pendants, and they contained just a dab of each other’s blood. It was part of some sort of romantic charm, but it certainly was not a whole vial of blood.

11 Ralphie is an Adult Film Star

Via vignette4.wikia.nocookie.net

Ugh! We just do not want to think of little Ralphie from A Christmas Story being exposed in such a way. Urban legend aficionados were loud and rampant that Ralphie, or actor Peter Billingsley, later went on to star in something a bit racier: adult films. Well, it turns out that the truth later came out. Billingsley was indeed NOT starring in such films and had never appeared in any. People had it almost right though. Apparently Billingsley’s co-star, Scotty Schwartz (also known as the kid who got his tongue stuck to a frozen pole in A Christmas Story) had starred in some X-rated films.

10 Led Zeppelin’s Odes to Satan

Via wallpaper222.com

Go on and try listening to “Stairway to Heaven” by the famed rock band Led Zeppelin. There is an urban legend that claims the song is full of messages to the devil when played backwards. So, is this true or false? Singer Robert Plant has said that this urban legend is totally, completely false, and was actually quite upset to hear about it. It agonized him to know that people were stating such myths about his band. Sorry about that, Led Zeppelin! This band is just one example of the many musical groups that have suffered claims due to the process of backward masking (or playing a song backwards.)

9 Today’s Kids Could Watch a Sylvester Stallone's Adult Film Penalty-Free

Via upload.wikimedia.org

Urban legend says that Sylvester Stallone had starred in adult films before becoming a star in his own right as Rocky. Well…yes and no. Before the Rocky films, Stallone had appeared in an adult film back in the 70s. He then went on to become the all-powerful Rocky, and sales of the risqué flick skyrocketed. Even creepier? Kids today could watch that video easily, because it is only rated PG by today’s standards. We just cried a little bit. Innocence clearly does not exist anymore. We guess this urban legend could be mostly true.

8 Walt Disney is Chilling Under Disney World

Via starmap.com

It is said that Walt Disney is actually still at Disney World, he is just cryogenically frozen is all. Walt died back in 1966 (Disney World opened in 1951) and an urban legend spread that he wanted to be there later to see what great leaps and advancements animation had made. So he was cryogenically frozen in the hopes of coming back to life. His body is said to be chilling out, maybe under the Magic Kingdom. Well, other celebs have been cryogenically frozen, but Walt Disney is not one of them! He still continues to live on in his old-school cartoons and theme park though!

7 KISS’s Blood is in a Comic Book

Via feelnumb.com

Creeeepy! The famous rock band KISS is said to have used their very own blood to print a comic book. One: why did KISS need to be in a comic book? And two: why would they need their blood to be in it? So what is the low-down on this weird (and scary) urban legend? It is actually true! The band members had some of their blood taken and it was used in some of the ink which was used to print a comic book by Marvel in which KISS made an appearance. If you can get your hands on this bloody strange comic, you could make bank! It is worth thousands of dollars now!

6 Gene Simmons’ Tongue is from a Cow

What what? We know that Gene Simmons, who was part of the rock band KISS, had a famously large and lengthy tongue. Yet one urban legend claims that the reason for his excessively long licker is that it actually belonged to a cow! He had it grafted to his own to make his tongue long and it became his signature move to stick it out while performing. Wow. While the previous KISS urban legend was actually true, this freaky scary one is not. Gene Simmons has denied that the cow tongue rumor is true. No word yet on whether he enjoys a tasty cow tongue casserole though.

5 Ozzy Osbourne Eats Bats

Via celebritybase.info

Well, it is partly true! We could actually see ourselves believing a lot of crazy urban legends about this British rocker. After all, Ozzy Osbourne is one scary and weird dude. He is old now, but we still would not put it past him to do something nuts. As for the whole eating bats thing, Ozzy did actually bite the head off of an actual bat, and that poor animal was alive while he did it! The rocker had to get some rabies shots afterwards, but somehow still maintained a huge following after the scary incident. His diet is bat-free now though.

4 The Golden Bond Girl Died From Suffocation

Via gracerellie.files.wordpress.com

If you watch the film Goldfinger, in the James Bond movie series, then you will see the golden bond girl, who was played by Shirley Eaton. It was said that the actress had died of suffocation due to the golden metallic paint that covered her entire body. Well, this urban legend is false with a big fat “F.” Eaton did not die, she did not even get sick or hurt. She is now an alive and well senior citizen, and she still looks pretty darn good, too! This is just one more celebrity death hoax that we can now lay to rest.

3 Death by Pop Rocks + Soda

Via img0.etsystatic.com

Do you remember the little pudgy kid from the Life cereal commercials? His name was Mikey and he was quite popular back in the day, eating that cereal. This crazy yet kind of frightening urban legend claims that “Mikey” (also known by his real name, John Gilchrist) ate some pop rocks and then had a soft drink, which caused his stomach to blow up. Death by junk food? Not so for the commercial child star. He now works in sales and is alive and kicking! So much for that, although we are sure he must hate eating Life cereal now.

2 Richard Gere Sexually Abuses Gerbils

Where the Hello Kitty did this urban legend come from? We are not quite sure, but it sure it gross, scary, and alarming. We are not sure what we would do first: call PETA, a psychiatrist, or a doctor. People claim that Gere went to the hospital once to have a gerbil removed from his…nether regions, much to the disgust and terror of those working in the emergency room. Others backed up the claim and said that this was Sylvester Stallone’s payback for the fight he had with Gere during the filming of The Lords of Flatbush (Stallone reportedly started the rumor.) Well, there is no proof that the gerbil thing is true.

1 Tom Green is a 21st-Century Nazi

Via captivatethem.ca

Down and dirty comedian Tom Green is said to be an admirer of Adolf Hitler and has even dressed up to look and act like the Nazi leader. An urban legend states that Green dressed up in Nazi garb and filmed an occurrence when he invaded a bar mitzvah. The good news is that this urban legend is strictly that: a legend. Green was actually very upset about the rumor and was saddened that people would associate his shocking comedic routines with such a disgusting and horrifying incident. Sorry about that, Tom! We are definitely happy to hear that this is completely false.

Sources: radaronline.com

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