20 Must See Instagram Photos of the Infamous "Cocaine Cowgirls"

By now I’m sure you’ve heard of two women now dubbed “The Cocaine Cowgirls” or those Canadian girls appearing on the next season of Banged up Abroad. Melina Roberge and Isabelle Lagacé are only 23 and 28 years old, but they were caught with the 63-year-old  man Andre Tamine. The three are now facing life in prison after they were caught trying to smuggle more than 200 lbs. of cocaine with a street value of $30 million into Australia on August 28, 2016.

The drug bust was the biggest one Australia has seen, regarding cruise ship or airline passengers. It isn’t known if the women’s social media activity tipped off authorities in any way, but it is reported that Sydney is a big port for cruise ships, therefore, authorities are constantly aware of the risk to passengers.

The dynamic duo hardly flew under the radar prior to their arrest, posting photos in exotic locales, wearing bikinis, sipping from a coconut, in cocktail dresses, riding on an ATV, and enjoying tropical destinations, all of which I’ve compiled for you below.

Melina opened their trip with a post to Instagram with the caption: “I always said I wanted to do a once in a life time trip ... Morocco i'm on my way.” I guess she didn’t know that rhymes with: uh-oh someone gave the fuzz a tip, Australia I’m here to stay! Apparently, neither woman learned anything from Orange is the New Black.

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20 Posing In Bermuda

Via Instagram

Let's kick off the list with a beautiful photo of Roberge posing among the rocks by the ocean in Bermuda. Her caption on the Instagram pic amusingly says "Perspective," to which one commenter responded "Perspective - prison is not amazing."

Roberge's sister also commented on the photo, saying "My sister's a model." By that we don't think she meant a model citizen... Another Instagram user responded "did u not wonder how your sis could afford a $20,000 world cruise ticket?"

...Good question.

19 Chilling in Times Square

Via Instagram

Roberge opened her Instagram posting frenzy with a shot from New York City’s Times Square along with the caption, “Enjoy every single moment ... Even when a random guy is photobombing your picture !!” If that’s her idea of a challenge, prison is going to be quite the wake-up call.

18 Ironic Mirror Selfie

Via Instagram

Lagacé posted this mirror selfie in a black sheath dress with a navel-deep plunge along with the caption Boobs? #bitchwhere #stillsexyaf and sent the post to @felonycase, which ironically is the brand name of her cellphone case. Don't worry, the irony has been highlighted repeatedly in the posts comments.

17 Pillow Fights

Via Instagram

This post gained her 983 likes, and was captioned: “Chilling in the pj day.” Her winged eyeliner and eyebrows are very Laura Prepon-esque, circa Orange is The New Black. From now on Roberge’s pillow fights may have the surprise element of soap bars. You can get why people want to see what she wears to bed.

16 In Fancy Dresses

Via Instagram

This post of Lagacé in a red floor length dress with a sexy slit to the hip gave us an ample view of her gorgeous gams. It was taken in the foyer of the Sea Princess Luxury cruise ship where she spent more than 2 months visiting 33 countries between Great Britain and Australia. The trip is rumoured to have cost more than $14,000.

15 For Fancy Dinners

Via Instagram

Roberge was also ready for dinner in a flowing white top and classic black shorts that showed off her gorgeous legs and many foot tattoos. Her newest tattoo came on the cruise's Indonesian stop. It was a tribal band around her ankle said to offer luck to travellers. I’d probably ask for a refund.

14 On Beautiful Beaches

Via Instagram

Isabelle donned a brightly coloured bikini, showing off her buns in Bermuda, while her ship was docked in Horseshoe Bay Beach. It’s rumoured that the number of lavish posts to their social media accounts may have been what tipped off authorities. It's nice she's so comfortable going #nofilter.

13 In Teeny Bikinis

Via Instagram

Melina gained herself 1,841 likes for this sexy pose amongst some rocks in her teeny brown bikini. Although the location of this post is technically undisclosed, it looks an awful lot like the view from Isabelle’s Horseshoe Bay Beach. Roberge seems pretty comfortable in such a small space... So at least she’s still got that going for her. This one was captioned: “Gone to a place very peaceful • leave a message after the tone” Again. The irony is too much.

12 In the Streets of Columbia

Via Instagram

Isabelle channelled her inner Daisy Duke and donned a Yankees baseball cap for her jaunt through Cartagena, Columbia. Something tells us if we asked her about the starting lineup, that she may have other things on her mind! A post from Columbia too, eh? We wonder where they picked up the coke?

11 As Ambassadors Of Good Will

Via Instagram

Another post from Legacé’s stop in Columbia. She captioned this one: “I respect animals more than people, we're the one messing up with the world, not them.”

Way to be self-aware, Isabelle! Maybe that’s why she had no moral qualms about smuggling $30 million worth of coke into a foreign country.

10 Hanging With The Locals

Via Instagram

Melina posted this shot of herself in a white lace cropped top, with a golden tan shopping at a fruit stand in Columbia along with a wishful post:

“Traveling is one thing ... But traveling with an open mind, ready to taste everything, see everything, learn everything and get yourself out of your comfort zone .. Is probably the best therapy and lesson ever. I used to be afraid to get out of my little town and now I feel like I don't want to see that little town anymore cause it's beautiful out there and it's sooo worth it”

Wish granted.

9 Soaking In The Sun

Via Instagram

Melina posted this shot from what appears to be the ship’s sundeck in a white bandeau bikini giving us an ample view of her assets. “Sun's out sunburns out” This won’t be the first time she gets burned on this trip. At least she probably won't have to worry about awkward tan lines in jail.

8 Waving Goodbye To Freedom

Via Instagram

Isabella posted a rare photo of both women off the coast of Ecuador. Although we can’t see either woman’s face, you can tell by the clothing items that have shown up repeatedly in both women’s feeds that it’s clear to be Legacé and Roberge. It’s as if they knew to wave goodbye to their freedom.

7 Hanging With The Trees

Via Instagram

Legacé posted this snap in Manta, Ecuador in high waisted cotton grey shorts and matching cropped top. She’ll be sporting a much less fashion forward version of this while serving her time. We can only hope orange is her color.

6 Sipping On Coconuts

Via Instagram

Here Isabelle sports a teeny neon orange bikini, drinking from a fresh coconut. The caption reads “collect moments, not things #Tahiti” I guess this was a good lesson to learn before her only possessions become Government Issue.

5 Cleansing Their Bodies

Via Instagram

Roberge posted a slightly less well-lit photo from almost the exact same spot as the photo above, leading us to believe it is also from the pair's Tahiti stop. The post was captioned “Coconut water detox.” A black strappy bikini top shows off some coconuts of her own. I can almost say for certain the detox has ended.

4 Cruising On ATVs 

Via Instagram

Legacé took a moment during her stop in Pisco, Peru to pose on the back of an ATV in tights and a cropped T-shirt with the caption “Today was a good day.” I certainly hope it was good enough to spend the rest of your life in prison.

3 Riding Off Into The Sunset

Via Instagram

Melina was also at the ATV track in Pisco, Peru. She donned black skinny jeans and matching cropped top for her ride through the sand. Her post got over 400 likes.

2 Partners in Crime

Via Instagram

Roberge posted this a rare duo-selfie to her Instagram with the caption “First time in Papeete and not the last one.” She’s facing life in prison... I don’t think they offer day trips to Papeete for good behaviour.

1 Days in The Sun

Via Instagram

Roberge took a moment to snap a picture during a hike in Manta, Ecuador which she posted with the caption: “In my top 5 for sure.” Hopefully, the rest of her bucket list involved wearing lots of khaki. From now on, a sweaty day in the sun is going to look much different. Her white crop top and black short shorts gained over 750 likes.

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