20 Famous Men Who Love Talking About Their Ding-a-Ling

I love it when celebrities are unfiltered and attention seeking. The famous people who just say whatever they want and have no boundaries when it comes to interviews and other public opinions are by far the most entertaining. The celebrities who say that no topic is off limits are my kind of people.

This is especially true when it comes to subjects that can be deemed "inappropriate." I just love seeing people who are famous addressing taboo topics especially those that revolve around sexuality because it is just always intriguing listening to anyone talk about sex, let alone a celebrity that you are a fan of. It gets especially weird when it comes to some of famous male stars. Sure, men seem to get more of a free pass when it comes to discussing anything remotely sexual, but it rarely makes headlines because it is just so typical. However, it does make headlines when these famous dudes talk about their penises.

Sometimes these comments are too hilarious not to laugh. Other times, it's just super uncomfortable to read about. And then there is so much in between, but believe it or not it does happen and it has happened a lot.

These twenty celebs are not at all shy when it comes to talking about their own "members."

20 Enrique Iglesias - Needs Extra Small Condoms

19 Howard Stern - Has One Of The Smallest In The World

18 Shia LaBeouf - Not Extremely Well Endowed

17 Colin Farrell - Too Big For A Nude Scene

16 John Mayer - Worried About How Dark It Is

15 Pete Wentz - Doesn't Find It Attractive

14 The Game - Too Big For Instagram

13 Kanye West - Too Large For A Photo

12 Chris Brown - Massive When Flaccid 

11 Donald Trump - Guarantees No Problems

10 Arnold Schwarzenegger - Same Size As Everyone Else

9 Ben Affleck - Looks Better In 3-D

8 Justin Bieber - Not As Bad As He Thought

7 Shaq - Showed It Off On Live TV

6 Rob Kardashian - It Doesn't Look Well With Weight Gain

5 Tommy Lee - The Stuff of Legends

4 Channing Tatum - Recovered From Burn

3 Brody Jenner - Has A Durable One

2 Jerry O'Connell - It Depends On The Weather

1 Ryan Reynolds - It Looks Great Thanks To Makeup

No matter your sexual preference, you cannot deny that Ryan Reynolds is pretty much a perfect specimen when it comes to humans. The man is incredibly good looking: hair, face, and body on point. So what about one of the most crucial body parts? Well, if you were one of the few people who didn't see his movie Deadpool, you definitely missed out because not only is it a good movie, but you also get to see his penis. And Ryan was asked about it a lot in interviews and managed to be pretty humble about it and gave a shout out to his makeup artist when he said, "He's a genius and he made my penis look perfect. I'm very grateful." Talk about modesty.

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20 Famous Men Who Love Talking About Their Ding-a-Ling