20 Embarrassing Things Kim Kardashian Wants Her Fans To Forget

Good ol’ Kim Kardashian. For over a decade now we have been hearing about you, seeing you, and reading your name in the headlines of tabloids and gossip magazines galore. Well, we know that Kim has had quite a life in Hollywood, and she is not finished yet. So let’s take a look at 20 Embarrassing Things That Kim Kardashian Wants Her Fans to Forget. Hey, all celebrities have red-faced moments. Call us crazy, but it seems as though Kim’s list of embarrassing moments could just go on and on forever. As long as she continues to be her own unfiltered self, we can expect to see this list grow as time goes on.

In the meantime, let’s take a look at some highlights from the past. Kim is never one to shy away from the latest beauty and fashion trends, and sometimes that can really take a turn for the worst. Remember her “vampire facial” and her many wardrobe malfunctions? What about when she overdoes it with her makeup regime? These are just some of the embarrassing things she has dealt with. There are also her failures in the music and fragrance industry, as well as that book that she and her sisters penned, Kardashian Konfidential(yeah, it was a real thing.)

There is also what others are saying about Kim. We have some interesting tidbits from Paris Hilton and Saturday Night Live, a show that always does a great job of parodying Hollywood figures. Sit back and relish in the fact that someone you probably dislike, has had as many prominent moments that she wishes she could take back!


20 When She Was Parodied on SNL


The sketch comedy show Saturday Night Live is great at poking fun at a variety of celebrities. The comedians on the show have definitely had a good time embarrassing Kim Kardashian and her family. They have parodied Kim several times. I suppose when you are a part of one of the most recognizable families of all time, it’s only natural to expect that you are also going to get a lot of parody time on SNL.

Granted, it also does not hurt that the cast has the ability to cover things ranging from her embarrassing and forgettable short-lived marriage to Kris Humphries, to things like her prepaid credit card endorsement scam. She is often portrayed on Saturday Night Live by actress Nasim Pedrad.

While some people may feel bad for celebrities when they get parodied, you also need to understand that when you join the ranks of the stars, you've got to deal with some scrutiny. We bet that Kim doesn’t even really mind. After all, any attention is good attention, right? Okay, maybe not, but if you’re a Kardashian, there are probably issues happening that morning (like running out of a hair product!) that are probably more concerning to them than what's being said about them on SNL.

19 Her Bad Sunburn


Kim is known for being very vocal and showy on social media. Her Instagram and Twitter accounts are always buzzing, either with followers and fans or Kim herself. While she posts a lot of photos of herself while looking her best, she is also pretty open about showing when she messes up. One great example of this was her excruciatingly bad sunburn. She went tanning while wearing huge bug-eyed sunglasses and the result was a lobster-red Kim with heavy duty tan lines around her eyes. Kim took to social media (because of course she did) to talk about what happened on the fateful day, saying

“I am so sunburned and need help! I'm in Mexico and I was sunbathing when I fell asleep with my huge Prada butterfly sunglasses on and now look at me! I'm going to have to hide from cameras for days. My whole body is burned but my face looks the worst because of the glasses. I will never wear sunglasses when sunbathing again! Everyone here is making fun of me! Look at Reggie's teammate and friend Bobby starting with the jokes."

Ouch! Props to her for warning her Twitter followers about the dangers of sunglasses and tanning.

18 How Low Can You Go?

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We know that Kim does not always make the wisest choices, particularly when it comes to fashion. Sure, she has a great figure, but she doesn’t always know how to dress it. So this next embarrassing moment is just one of the many fashion mishaps that she has had throughout the years.

Kim K made headlines when she was signing copies of Selfish. What’s that book, you ask? It’s a book of her most popular selfies as of then. You can’t make this stuff up…

Though as you can imagine, when you are signing autographs, it involves a lot of leaning forward, and Kim’s bra (and reportedly more!) wanted to come out to play. Whoops! She showed off a bit more than would be comfortable or socially acceptable, but since it’s Kim Kardashian, people were probably just thinking “whatever.” A little peek-a-boo from her lacy bra isn’t that bad.

This all happened around the time that Kim K and Kanye were trying for their 2nd child, and perhaps they were looking for some extra money so why not make a selfie book? Kim opened up to E! News, saying “We are trying. We try every single day. You can't try harder than we try…It's getting exhausting. He always says, 'Trying for baby No. 2 isn't as fun as trying to baby No. 1.'"

17 When She Sued Old Navy

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She thought the clothing company used a model that looked like her. So she sued Old Navy for $20 million in a lawsuit that touched on a nerve. Kim was appalled when she saw an Old Navy ad that showed another woman (Melissa Molinaro) who looked just like her! Because you know, how dare someone else out there have bigger ‘assets’ and longer brunette hair? But of course the ego that is the Kardashians', and Kim's in particular, automatically assumed that the woman was meant to be a knock-off Kim Kardashian. As if there was not already enough evident that Kim is really just always thinking about herself and her own overall image!

She filed for misappropriation, but the lawsuit did not get very far in court. It was settled back in 2012. I don’t know if she realized that by doing this, all she was doing was drawing a huge spotlight to Old Navy and to Melissa. At the very least, talk about a huge compliment for the other girl who not only looks like one of the most (objectively) beautiful people in the world, but managed to threated Kim Kardashina enough she is willing to take you to court!

Lawyer fees are no joke, so let’s hope Melissa was able to get her legal fees properly compensated. I am sure that is the last thing she thought would happen to her when she landed the Old Navy gig.

16 Her Vampire Facial


Last year, there was this new beauty craze that was hitting the high-profile market, and some celebrities were trying it out. It was the “blood facial,” also known as the “vampire facial,” in which your own blood is used to cleanse and exfoliate your skin.

Call us crazy, but that seems like it’d be more unappealing and unsettling to look at than releaxing!

Kim’s experience was dictated on the episode Kim and Kourtney Take Miami. The process includes using 9 acupuncture-sized needles in order to make your face bleed and cry….and people pay money for this! Allegedly this procedure is meant to make your skin smoother and all around clearer by stimulating collagen and elastin fibers.

To make things even more embarrassing, Kim K is a respectable name on the up-and-up, especially when it comes to looking gorgeous. So when she had her facial features pricked and snapped a selfie of her blood-covered face, you can imagine this became a trend that other women were also trying out. Talk about being downright scary! The vampire facial has fallen into anonymity and disuse now, but at the moment it was freaky! We’ll say “no thanks.”

A makeup salon estimated that around the time of the craze, they would receive anywhere from 90-100 requests per month for this type of facial.

15 Naming Her Children


First of all, Kim Kardashian married someone who actually has a bigger ego than herself. We don’t know what she sees in Kanye West, but the couple is married and happy and good for them. We wish them all the best. Yet we wish even more luck to their children, because they have been given monikers that will haunt them for the rest of their lives.

Their first child is named North West because who wouldn’t want to be named after an ordinal direction? Kim has admitted in the past that she asked all of her friends for their opinion prior to deciding that North was a perfectly acceptable name to give to a child. To make things all the more embarrassing, their other child is Saint West, a reference to how Kim and Kanye both think they are the greatest gifts to the world.

As an added bonus, a Twitter user tweeted out “watch Kanye name his kid 'saint' or some stupid ****.” The tweet, clearly made prior to baby #2’s name announcement, has since garnered over 100,000 retweets.

You can rest easy that at least Kim K has come out in the past to say that she definitely won’t be naming any future babies South, because that would just be stupid, right?!

14 Her False MasterCard Endorsement

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Why on earth would the Kardashians endorse their own prepaid credit card? It just sounds like a lose-lose situation to us. Unfortunately, for a brief time, the Kardashian Kard was a real thing, and consumers could purchase one for themselves. Though you may not be shocked that back in 2010, BusinessInsider stated that this might literally be the worst credit card in the world. It only cost between $60 and $100 to activate. This is an unprecedented fee required just to start using your card.

As you can imagine, Kim and her fam were slammed for the scam, especially since it was marketed towards the youth market. Analyst Zilvinas Bareisis attacked the the card stating “I am baffled, this card doesn’t seem to make any sense at all, it appears to be targeted at teenagers, yet with ridiculous fees. If there is such a thing as a luxury prepaid market, then it’s not going to be teens.”

And with surcharges of up to $99.95 and countless small fees (such as ATM Inquires costing $1.50), it really makes you wonder what the heck were they thinking. SNL covered the scam in a compelling parody, just another Kardashian fail to make fun of! I guess the Kardashians did not exactly make their claim to fame because of their business sense!


13 Her Quickie Marriage


When Kim Kardashian married Kris Humphries, we aren’t even sure if there was anyone who thought that marriage would last. As can often happen in celebrity romances, they did not always instil a great deal of confidence in us a casual observers. This is a great example as to why it only took 72 days for the couple to call it quits. Apparently, Kim’s sister Khloe had warned Kim about marrying Humphries, but you know sisters, they never listen to each other!

I am sure that was an incredibly expensive life decision for Kim to make though. While a lot of people chirped Kim for ending a relationship so soon, Kim opened up to TMZ around the time about how distraught she was and how she was going to take a step back from her business ventures.

Maybe in that time of solace, Kim realized that marriage is a heck of a lot of work. After all, the next person she got married to was Kanye!

Kim later stated that she should have listened to Khloe and thought through her decision to marry Humphries. Oh well, all’s said and done now. Want real proof that the two aren’t amicable anymore? Kim unfollowed Kris on Twitter only days after their divorce was filed!

12 When Playboy Leaked Photos

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We all know that Kim has posed for Playboy magazine before. In fact, there was even a Keeping Up with the Kardashians episode in which Kim’s mom was jealous of her daughter’s sexy photo shoot. Well, Kim was seeing red when the magazine leaked some pictures of her without her permission and knowledge. Seven photos were unearthed from the Playboy archives and Kim felt super embarrassed about them. Because when you do a photo shoot for a racy magazine, you expect those pictures to be kept under wraps. Right. This scenario definitely did not help Kim distance herself from that notorious Ray J sex tape.

You may be interested to find out though, it was only a few years ago that Kim was having a breakdown over the potential of appearing naked in W Magazine. The magazine, to her credit, was a tad racy. "'Oh my God, I'm more naked than I was in Playboy!' she wept. 'I'm so mad right now. She promised I would be covered with artwork. You can see nipple. The whole concept was sold to me that nothing would be seen. This really pisses me off… this is serious p*rn!'"

Given some of Kim’s other magazine choices since then (such as Paper’s infamous photoshoot) and it should be pretty clear that Kim has gained a lot of confidence in herself and her body over the years.

11 Her Toilet Paper Endorsement


Yeah, we didn’t know about this one, but when we read about it, we really wanted to laugh out loud. It turns out that Kim had a celebrity endorsement deal with the toilet paper brand Charmin, and she even cut the ribbon at the red-carpet opening of a restroom in New York. Though, on a positive note, this was the 5th year that Charmin had agreed to open up an extra special services building to help aid the extra rush of Christmas shoppers.

Perhaps Kim was feeling as though her career was faltering and she wanted to pick it up with something. And toilet paper is something that everyone needs, so maybe she was just trying to reach the masses! In all honesty, this is just kind of weird. As an added bonus, this all took place in 2010 which means not only was it pre-baby, but the rumors at the time were that she was heavily going after Halle Berry’s ex, Gabriel Aubrey. Perhaps he just couldn’t resist a sweet deal on TP?

10 Any Time She Overdoes Her Makeup

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Just as Kim frequently makes mistakes with her fashion choices, she also gets a little too excited about her makeup from time to time. Granted, when you probably have an entire stylist team available at the drop of a hat, you’d probably be wearing a lot of makeup too! It also doesn’t hurt that she probably figures that she’s going to be photographed absolutely every time she walks out of her house.

Considering how popular they are in society, it’s perhaps not a huge shock that all of the Kardashians use loads of products and spend way too many hours primping in front of the mirror. While there are some times when we can see them pull it off, there are others where it is far too evident. For example, Kim has stepped out on the town, the red carpet, and celebrity events while showing off too much bronzer, concealer, or caked-on splotches of foundation.

Kim is a beautiful person, but there is nothing beautiful about looking at someone and realizing that they probably have around 10 pounds of makeup caked on! Sometimes she over-contours and other times we can see distinct lines from her cover-up. It’s just bad. At least it can be a reminder to other women that even some of the most beautiful people in the world can have a tendency to overdo it.

9 Her Brief Music Career


In 2011, Kim Kardashian took a break from reality TV. Well, not really, but she tried out a new endeavor: singing. She released a single, “Jam (Turn It Up)” on iTunes. It was a huge flop, which is a shame because Kim received producing help and backup vocals from The-Dream. Also, half of the proceeds from digital downloads and sales of “Jam” would be donated to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, so we kind of wish that more people had liked it. But it was pretty bad. There were almost no positive reviews of the song and Kim even stated later that she regretted making the music video and recording the vapid song.

If you’re curious and want to see her in a music video, but not hear her sing (because why would you?) you may be interested to hear she appears in the video for the song “Thnks fr the Mmrs” for the band Fallout Boy, and also the song “Bound 2” where she plays Kanye West's love interest. Given how much of a role music plays in Kanye’s life, I can only imagine there are a lot of awkward conversations at the dinner table when Kim’s song comes on.

8 When She Went on H8r

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For those of you who don’t know, H8r was a show that aired briefly on the CW and was hosted by Mario Lopez. The entire premise was celebs meeting their biggest haters face-to-face. For Kim Kardashian, that was a woman named Deena. Deena was angry at Kim for monetizing her butt and pretending to be black by dating African American men and showing off a curvaceous figure. Among her rants included “Kim K…let’s just say I hate that ***** We don’t get praise for this. All of a sudden we got stamped ‘Kim K’ and all these white bitches got asses. It’s ******* up the game for me. OK? I used to have a corner on this market.”

Sounds like some deep-seated personal issues to us. Anyway, Kim and Deena ended up having a pretty good conversation about race and body shape and ended up sorting out their differences over some yoga and therapeutic painting. If somebody wrote those words about me, the last thing I would want to do is meet that person. So there really is a lot of credit that goes to Kim for being able to confront her haters, and do so in a mature way.

7 When Paris Hilton Dissed Kim’s Butt


Before we touch on what Paris said about Kim’s booty, we just thought we’d point out that Paris said that she was responsible for making Kim famous. That in itself is pretty embarrassing, but it gets worse. Paris was talking with a radio interviewer and the topic turned to Kim Kardashian (of course). Paris started talking about Kim’s figure and said that she would never want to have a Kim K booty. According to Paris: “It’s gross! It reminds me of cottage cheese inside a big trash bag.” Sorry, but that’s hilarious! As you can imagine, Paris later apologized for her remark. The two were even seen at the same night club, but thankfully no tension appeared to be evident and the night went on smoothly. I suppose when you are as prominent a celebrity as Kim K, you’re probably used to people throwing shade your way!

It probably also doesn’t hurt that Kim has (at least subjectively) an outstanding booty, and anyone that is going to attack it, much less call it a trash bag, is probably exhibiting some serious jealousy. Considering Paris’ stick-thin figure, I am sure she would not be hating if her booty also got a bump up!

6 When She Wrote a Book


In today’s world, it just seems that anyone can pen a book if they have enough money. As you saw above with the embarrassing Selfie book, sometimes writing is not even a component that is completely necessary. Because forget about talent and an actual passion for writing, I’m a celebrity damnit!

Kim and her sisters worked together on Kardashian Konfidential, a “tell-all book about ‘America’s First Family.’” Is anything in the Kardashian family confidential? Though you would find out fun little tidbits like the fact that Kim K had aspirations to appear on the reality show The Real World but never got around to making an audition tape. Also included were tons of handwritten notes, letters and cards that had been given to the girls over the years. Kim also attacks her previous quickie marriage with Kris Humpfries, stating “when no one in your family likes a person, there’s got to be something to it” and while it is not implicitly referring to Kris, I think fans fan connect the dots.

That being said, did you really need more proof that the Kardashians live their lives like they are walking billboards promoting needless consumption? If this book wasn’t just a ploy for more money, then we will eat our hat. We don’t know about you, but we really aren’t interested in when the Kardashian sisters lost their virginity or what they perceive their biggest flaw to be.

5 Her Dancing Skills


The hit TV show Dancing with the Stars has been on for years, and each season there is always a celeb or two that we know is going to end up embarrassing themselves. For the show’s 7th season in 2011, it was Kim Kardashian. Kim was paired with professional dancer, Mark Ballas. Though honestly, if you’re trying to make it on a reality show, learning how to dance is definitely one of the hardest ones out there (after all, I don’t think you can just twerk!)

Granted, she did last 3 weeks on the show (outlasting Jeffrey Ross and Ted McGinley), but she showed little improvement during her time in the competition. The 7th season was eventually won by Brooke Burke who was dancing with Derek Hough, with former NFL Player Warren Sapp coming in 2nd place.

I am sure Kardashian was disappointed, especially when you consider the show would have been a good opportunity to plug her single “Jam (Turn It Up).” It looks like her dancing skills were floppy in that music video as well. Not to worry, because Kim has many projects and stunts up her sleeve! Let’s just hope if she ever decides to take a step back into the music industry, that she’ll have her talented husband by her side for guidance!

4 When She Flashed us on TV


We saw Paris, we saw France, we saw Kim K’s underpants! While serving as a guest judge on Project Runway back in 2011 (don’t get me started on why that was a thing) Kim was wearing a much-too short mini dress. It looks like the judges should have been giving her some fashion advice! Kim was accompanied as a judge on the show by host Heidi Klum, Michael Kors and Nina Garcia for the episode. Talk about your powerhouse names in the fashion industry that you don’t want to embarrass yourself in front of! At the very least, as we said earlier, Kim is known for choosing clothes that are either too showy or ill-fitting for her body, but at least this time it wasn’t her chest that was on full display.

Kim’s skirt showed off far too much of her panties for anyone’s liking, especially when sitting on those director chairs. Either way, we weren’t surprised by her wardrobe malfunction, but it was embarrassing nevertheless. At least she was wearing underwear beneath her dress! Still, a picture is worth a thousand words, and there are many Internet photos of Kim flashing us her undies on Project Runway.

3 When She was Attacked by Flour


Forget about being photo-bombed, Kim was flour-bombed! In the spring of 2012, Kim was promoting her new line of fragrances. While strutting the red carpet, a woman threw a bag of flour at Kim while shouting “fur hag!” Ouch. While Kim was unharmed, she was completely covered in the white stuff and she had to scuttle backstage to clean herself up.

The flour-throwing woman was taken away by the police, and the fire department was called in order to properly identify what the white substance was. Call me crazy, but this is a much more interesting story if the lady threw a bag of cocaine at Kim! To her credit, Kim managed to make light of the whole situation, describing it like this: “That probably is the craziest, unexpected, weird thing that ever happened to me... Like I said to my makeup artist, I wanted more powder and that's a whole lot of translucent powder right there."

She knows that there are haters out there, so she was able to laugh off, what we are sure, could have been a really embarrassing situation!

This is not the last time Kim has been attacked, PETA has also gone after the star in the past for her usage of fur in her elaborate outfits.

2 Disaster Movie


Disaster Movie was a 2008 film that was supposed to be a parody of other Hollywood disaster films. But they really should have just listened to the title, because oh my God, was this ever a disaster.

I mean granted, we knew it was supposed to be stupid, but it was literally stupid. It received a rating of only 1.8 out 10 by Rotten Tomatoes and Kim was nominated for a Razzie award for “Worst Supporting Actress.” In the film, she played one of the main characters’ girlfriends, and spent time donning a trashy cheerleading uniform and a ditzy attitude. The film had a budget of $20 million and only made $34 million at the box office. As you can imagine, this was far from the coolest thing that Kim K could use on her acting resume to land her future acting roles. Though I don’t think fans would be too heart-broken if they didn’t have to start seeing the Kardashian’s appearing in their favourite television shows or movies, so you should probably be pretty glad this bombed!

Kim’s last "acting credit" was when she played herself in an episode of the animated series, American Dad.

1 Her Sex Tape


Ah, yes. Finally the #1 most embarrassing thing that Kim Kardashian would like you to forget about is that notorious sex tape that she made with Ray J over a decade ago. Many people still argue that Kim is famous only because of the money and recognition she got from that leaked sex tape, but she has actually gone on to do some good things.

She also took to Instagram to attack people who still go after Kardashian for the decision, saying

“I don't do drugs, I hardly drink, I've never committed a crime—and yet I'm a bad role model for being proud of my body? It always seems to come back around to my sex tape…Yes, a sex tape that was made 13 years ago. 13 YEARS AGO. Literally that lonnng ago. And people still want to talk about it?!?! I lived through the embarrassment and fear, and decided to say who cares, do better, move on. I shouldn't have to constantly be on the defense, listing off my accomplishments just to prove that I am more than something that happened 13 years ago. Let's move on, already. I have."

She is a confident woman who is comfortable in her skin and is using her gifts (whatever they are) to do good. Let’s end with that!


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