20 Dirty Secrets About Keeping Up With The Kardashians

The Kardashian clan have been making headlines regularly since the debut of Keeping up with the Kardashians in 2007. The nation has literally watched Kylie and Kendall grow up on TV, and thanks to their “Momager” Kris, the girls are now pursuing the construction of their own empire. The Kardashian-Jenner conglomerate has captured the attention of positive, negative, and brutal opinions of the family's extracurricular activities. How did the Kardashian Family become famous in the first place? Was it because of Robert Kardashian Sr.’s status on the O.J. Simpson trial? Or maybe it was the leaking of Kim and Ray-J’s sex tape that started the Kardashian firestorm?

Because it is already in their genetic coding, Kim, Khloe, and Kourtney know how to turn a buck into a couple million of them. That's the good old-fashioned Kardashian way; scandals and secrets keep their name in tabloid circulation and keeps the money rolling in. Nevertheless, the truth concerning some secrets have surfaced. For these secrets they did not want revealed, no price was high enough to shut some sources up.

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20 Sweatshop Silence

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It’s no secret these fashion forward divas have multiple clothing lines being made around the clock in different locations. One of the most common locations for clothing companies is Asia. Some foreign countries do not have the same standards in the working environment as the U.S. does so fashion moguls monopolize on these low standards to keep their millions. The Kardashians are known for manufacturing their brand in Asia and apparently in a sweatshop. The place in which their clothing was being made had only been paying their workers eight cents a garment; meanwhile these millionaires are making a mint!

Their secret was exposed by a human rights advocacy group in 2011 that revealed the truth about their business operations. They claimed they didn’t know but that’s a blatant lie. All business owners are on top of their manufacturers for when products will be shipped and their costs. They knew. They just kept hush-hush about it.

19 Scott Disick’s Dad Robbed A Bank

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We all have those skeletons in the closet we want to keep locked away because the threat of them being revealed could potentially challenge your future or make your public persona not quite as appealing. Scott Disick is the ex-husband of Kourtney and father to their two children. He’s known for being hot-headed, a bit narcissistic, but dopey funny all rolled into one. Scott also allegedly has a drinking and cocaine problem. According to reports, he gets quite belligerent and outlandish when he is under the influence.

Most would assume it runs in the family seeing as how he has quite the rebel for a father. Scott’s father, Jeffrey Disick, had robbed a bank close to the Disick family home in Eastport, N.Y. He was turned into the police and pled guilty to the charges. He was charged with petty larceny and because of his cooperation he was able to walk away with paying restitution and doing some community service in lieu of going to jail. Not to mention name dropping doesn't hurt when you are offered a deal like that.

18 Lamar-Khloe Marriage Disaster – Kardashians To Blame?

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During the Khloe and Lamar days, tensions ran high between the Kardashian clan and Khloe’s new beau. Lamar was known for his amazing basketball career, being a first-class womanizer, and his substance abuse. He allegedly revealed his cheating secret to Khloe’s brother, Rob, while he was crashing at Khloe and Lamar's home.

Rob and Lamar got into a heated fight and Rob decided it was best for him to just move out. To this day, Lamar swears the Kardashian Family are the ones who outed him to the press in hopes of destroying his relationship with Khloe. Sources also said Khloe had Lamar tailed by a private investigator even though it was never aired on Keeping up with the Kardashians. Lamar and Khloe ended up divorcing due to “irreconcilable differences” but still remain in contact with each other as friends.

17 Khloe Not A Kardashian?

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Among the collection of Kardashian secrets, this is probably one of the most jaw-dropping secrets. There’s speculation that Khloe may not be a Kardashian at all, but was raised by Robert Kardashian Sr. as one of his own. Kris’s hairdresser, Alex Roldan, was in their lives pretty steadily at the time Khloe was conceived. Kris, according to close acquaintances, told Robert Kardashian on numerous occasions that Khloe is not his child. Roldan tried speaking out apparently but, shortly after discovering those rumors might hold some truth, Robert Kardashian had Roldan sign a $30-million non-disclosure agreement.

Since then, he refused to comment on his and Kris’s relationship...Odd, right? What's even more eerie is O.J. Simpson may be Khloe's father! Apparently, Simpson confessed to a prison guard concerning his alleged affair with Kris and Khloe may be his biological daughter. Since this allegation is pretty new, only time will tell if it's true.

16 Kim’s Marriage to Humphries – Alleged Sham To Boost Ratings

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Kim was married and had it annulled faster than you can say “I do” to NBA player Kris Humphries. A whole seventy-two days of marital bliss and the wedding breakdown Kim had over her father not walking her down the aisle, all for her to say “Yeah, I’m done, it’s been real.” Humphries felt played by Kim and toyed with all in the name of good television.

According to rumors, Kim wanted to film her goodbye to Humphries and air it on Keeping up with the Kardashians. Momager said absolutely not. After Humphries caught word of what Kim wanted to do, he has firmly believed their marriage was nothing more than a sham and a ploy to boost ratings and viewers. Since then, Humphries has said he wants nothing to do with the show ever again and to keep his name out of it.

15 Kim’s Sex-Tape with Ray-J Allegedly Leaked in 2007

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Probably one of the biggest controversies of the 2000’s. When Kim’s sex tape with Ray-J was discovered and given to Vivid to sell, she slapped the company with a lawsuit. The producer of Girls Gone Wild sat in as a “mediator” and they settled the lawsuit. Kim, since the agreement, has made $5 million from the sex tape sales and kept quiet from there. The most scandalous and puzzling piece in this whole fiasco is how did it get leaked in the first place? Who else may have known about it?

You guessed it...good ol’ mom! There’s speculation that Kris is hiding her red hands and denying any involvement with the leak. Sources believe using Kim as a cash cow was artistically orchestrated by Kris to get cameras leaning their way, and it worked - six months later Keeping up with the Kardashians aired…

14 Kris – Allegedly Bribed Writer For A Better Review

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The Kardashian women have mastered the fashion industry, reality television, and developed a faithful following in all corners of the world. Kris has now decided she’s capable of running her own talk show because clearly people like hearing her talk…yeah, that’s not going to happen. Ratings on the show have generated negative opinions from critics and a small following. The six month test she had been given by the network was a total bust and her show was canceled before the first episode.

Kris, being the master of pulling puppet strings, tried to bribe her way to a better review. She sent a columnist at the New York Post who had written a harsh review a $325 Tiffany pen. With the pen was a note stating that maybe she could "write a better review next time.” The columnist was incredibly insulted and replied she couldn't be bought.

13 Kim’s Plastic Surgery – “I Swear I Just Had Botox”

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Right off the bat, we all know this is a lie. If someone was to Google “the faces of Kim”, you would see the drastic differences between then and now. Allegedly, Kim had liposuction in her thighs and had fat implanted into her butt. Weird, right? Also, according to her ex, Damon Thomas, he admitted to financing Kim’s perky boob job and liposuction.

Kim still sticks to her story and speaks through her unnaturally plump lips of not being surgically enhanced, and SWEARS she’s only had Botox done. If that was the case, how come she wanted to get a little plastic surgery pick me up after the birth of her first child, North?

12 Kardashian Girls Are Allegedly Spoiled Slobs

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The housekeepers, according to sources, came clean on the girls’ everyday mannerisms. They’ve allegedly claimed all the girls as being total slobs who never clean up after themselves, but expect their closets or pantries to look impeccable at all times so they are "camera ready". For Kim, it’s her closet which is the holy grail of the Kardashian household. She will have three to five (sometimes more) outfit changes before going out, throws everything around and expects all items to be organized to her liking or she will pull it all out and make them start again. For Kourtney it’s the kids. The kids run from room to room making a mess. The housekeepers are expected to clean up the room after they have been in there and clean up all their toys, then go to the next room they were in and clean while the kids make a mess again in the room they had just straightened up. Khloe is particular about the pantries in the kitchen. The snacks need to be appealing to look at on camera or, like Kim with her closet, Khloe will pull it all out and make them start over again.

11 The Kardashian Girls As Kids

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All little kids dream of having a career, getting married, having kids, or solely concentrating on their career - distraction free. As kids, Khloe and Kourtney shared the tenacity and ambition to have it all like their Momager. Kourtney wanted to go to college, get a degree, and be serious about her future. Rumor has it, Kourtney would have Kim pretend to be her assistant when they would play dress-up as children.

Kim never had high expectations for herself in building a career like Kourtney. She was never the school type or showed interest in expanding her education. Instead, she always dreamed of being a homemaker and just have kids and be the stay-at-home wife. Khloe is a go-getter and definitely one-of-a-kind. She’s career-oriented but knows how to kick up her heels when needed.

10 Rob Kardashian vs. The Rest of Them

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In the early years of the show, Rob Kardashian was a regular on the show. However, like most who have gotten fed up with the Kardashian exploitation, he abandoned his post as the only brother to lead his own life. He believes the show has ruined his family and did not attend Kim’s wedding so he can stay out of the camera's crosshairs. The rift between Kim and Rob only grew bigger when he was accused of leaking harmful stories to the media about her, and she says his weight gain creates a bad image for the family name. He feels the only people who are concerned about his well-being are his girlfriend, Blac Chyna, and Khloe, who checks in on him.

Blac Chyna is his new girlfriend as of this year and allegedly friends with Amber Rose, Kanye’s ex (this whole fiasco is quite messy and intertwined). The family is less than pleased with their relationship and blame her for creating a bigger wedge between him and the family by associating with exess of Kardashian family members.

9 Kourtney and Scott’s Heated Fights Are Allegedly Staged

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According to the cast and crew who film the Kardashians, the majority of Kourtney and Scott’s fights were scripted. After a screaming match, the scene is cut and the battling couple are laughing about it. Nevertheless, a few of their arguments are too rage-driven to be passed off as fake. Now that Scott’s addictions have surfaced, saying all fights were staged seems like a lie covering up another lie to avoid telling the truth. It’s a confusing tangled web, but intriguing all at the same time.

Many times throughout the years of KUWTK domination, the tabloids have blown up rumors of divorce, cheating, money issues, etc. On a few talk shows the Kardashians have appeared on, they were asked which rumors were fake or real. The truth can’t really be known based on their word because they are most likely going to say the things that will present the best image of their dysfunctional family.

8 Kim’s Name Appeared In The O.J. Simpson Trial

Via www.vanityfair.com

Going back to the O.J. Simpson trial, where does Kim tie into that whole mess? Well, as we all know Robert Kardashian Sr. was the star of the family for his infamous spot on the O.J. Simpson defense team. O.J. Simpson, according to records, allegedly showed up to the Kardashian home without anyone knowing. He was found by Robert Kardashian in Kim’s room holding a gun threatening to kill himself in that room. Robert was able to talk him down and convince him not to. He said since it was his daughter’s room, he didn’t want the memory of O.J.'s  lifeless body ruining his image when he put Kim to bed at night. Robert told O.J. to leave his home immediately. He did so, before O.J. was picked up in his White Bronco and charges with murder.

7 Kris Allegedly Abused Khloe And Kim When They Were Kids

via heightline.com

Robert Kardashian Sr.’s journal was discovered and released to a magazine by his widowed wife, Ellen Pearson Kardashian. Within the pages, a deep secret of Kris’s relationship with her girls when they were younger was released by Pearson. According to Robert's entries, Kris was allegedly abusive and always looking for a way to exploit her kids for a buck. Khloe was reminded about her weight on a constant basis, and Kim was emotionally and physically tortured by Kris. These allegations were denied by Kris. However, the battle has continued  over whether she was an unstable mother in the past.

6 Spoiled And Mistreatment

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When KUWTK first began, the camera crew took up residency in the Kardashian home since they filmed practically 24/7. They claimed the Kardashians to be hospitable and caring. Like all good things, it didn’t last. As the years passed and the show became more popular, the crew became pylons in the eyes of the family.

Reports claim they were being used as personal assistants to go and run errands, and spoken down to. Much like the crew, housekeepers and assistants were allegedly treated the same. They claimed Kourtney to have OCD, Kim was a slob (but nicer than Kourtney), and Khloe was the only tolerable one. She was fun loving and always joking around, making people laugh.

5 Robert Kardashian Sr.’s Will Challenged 

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After the death of Robert Kardashian Sr., Kourtney challenged the will he had made. She claims she doesn’t believe certain items were actually left to his wife, Ellen. She had the will contested and paid someone to analyze the handwriting. She wanted to ensure the document had not been a forgery and was actually her father’s wishes.

According to sources, Kourtney thought it was written by her stepmother in an attempt to gain valuable assets that could, quite possibly, out the deepest secrets of the Kardashian family. Much to Kourtney’s dismay, after the analysis, it was confirmed that Robert Kardashian had written his will. Ellen was entitled to the items in the dispute that he had left in her name.

4 Kris Allegedly Cheats Repeatedly…On Everyone!

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Let’s see, Alex Roldan, Todd Waterman, possibly O.J. Simpson, and probably others Kris had as lovers during her marriages to Robert Kardashian and then Bruce Jenner. Her longest alleged affair occurred with Todd Waterman. She reportedly flaunted her lover in front of Robert’s face, and supposedly, Bruce Jenner had reached his breaking point with her.

Kris has many skeletons in her closet, most of which are still alive and well but she hides from the public. It seems like Kris enjoys her privacy but has no remorse for using her children to boost ratings, getting paid millions for their projects because she’s their “Momager”.

3 Kanye Bought House to Stay Out of the Kardashian Home

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2 North’s Luxurious Lifestyle

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A mother-to-be wants or needs a lot for a baby. The list is literally a mile and a half long and overwhelming to even look at. Friends and family  settle on sale items and easy things instead of investing in a really expensive item that’s only needed for the first three months.

Not Kanye and Kim! Before North was even born, they provided the most lavish nursery for their daughter that money can buy. Custom-made everything, imports from Paris, all the things the baby won’t even remember or probably need. It was reported that Kim and Kanye bankrolled $1.2 million on North’s nursery!

As North grew, Kim began to brag about her baby’s “swag” on social media. She didn’t expect the disapproving backlash from the public when North was spotted wearing a fur coat with a price tag of $3,500! According to the tabloids, North is becoming quite the spoiled hot-headed toddler if she doesn't get her way.

1 Their Reality Show Is Allegedly Fake

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As most of America knows (and the world for that matter), KUWTK is fake. The blowouts, tantrums, dilemmas, and “dramatic” life events are all staged to make for good “reality” television and to boost ratings. The persona most of these women present on screen are nothing like their real personality. Kim allegedly acts like the modern-thinking career woman on the show, Kourtney is more OCD than made out to be, and Khloe, well, actually she’s the only one who stays relatively closest to her roots of being quirky and fun.

Kris, according to reliable sources, is allegedly the biggest fake artist of them all. She doesn’t want “what’s best for her daughters;” she wants to know the most profitable way to exploit their assets.

Sources: www.okmagazine.com, www.intouchweekly.com

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