20 Celebrities You Didn’t Know Were Charged With Abusing Their Spouses

Violence is a no-no, it does not matter who you are or where you are. There is simply no need for it. Well, we can tell that again to these celebs, who ended up getting hit hard with domestic violence charges against their significant others. Well, actually, not all of these celebs were slammed with charges, because some of them got off the hook quite easily. It just goes to show us that the rich and famous may also be prone to the vices we face on a daily basis. But they can get out of it much easier than we can!

This list shows us 20 celebrities you didn’t know were charged with abusing their spouses. It will probably come as a shock to you, but upon reading, you may find some hints as to why these celebs were more apt to react violently to an upsetting situation or marital disagreement. We just hope that other people (famous or not) will take a cue and refrain from doing as these people did.

There was no reason for these people to resort to violence or battery. It was just high tempers and frayed nerves. Good riddance! Hopefully there is no need for a second list in the future.

20 Carmen Electra

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You may not think so, but actress Carmen Electra was quite a tough fighter. Too bad she showed off those fighting skills the wrong way: against her husband at the time, Dennis Rodman. Electra reportedly got into a scuffle with Rodman after an argument between the two broke out in 1999. She was arrested by police and suffered from a torn-up lip, while Rodman sported a ripped shirt and scratched arm. Rodman was also arrested in the spat, but the battery charges for both Electra and Rodman were dropped in the end. Both celebs said that the argument got out of hand when they were calling each other names.

19 Bobby Brown

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We all already know just how tumultuous the relationship between Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston was. In fact, it seems a bit mean to put it on this list, considering that the effects of the up-and-down, wild-and-crazy lifestyle of Brown have been disastrous. With the drugs, the domestic abuse, and the upsetting and crazed feelings, this is definitely an instance of a relationship gone awry. Brown and Houston were both charged with acting violently towards one another. Unfortunately, this situation never fully got repaired. It is a sad reality that not only Brown’s family had to face, but the public had to as well.

18 Elin Nordegren

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Remember when Tiger Woods was admitted into rehab for his sex addiction? He had been married to Elin Nordegren, a dazzling blonde who seemed to take the realization that the pro golfer has multiple mistresses very gracefully. Yet, it turns out that Nordegren was capable of her own misdemeanors. She reportedly went a little crazy and was charged with domestic abuse against Woods, and her actions were connected to her frustration over his mistresses and the new revelations that seemed to keep coming. Hopefully she did not use a golf club on him. The good news is that Woods seems to have gotten help for his sex addiction, but not his golf swing.

17 Chyna

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Here is a scary one; it involves another female wrestler in World Wrestling Entertainment. Chyna has quite a terrible history, which spans loads of problems ranging from substance abuse, domestic violence, and issues with her family and other wrestlers in the WWF and WWE. In short, she just does not know how to play nice! Chyna was involved in charges of domestic abuse for beating her then boyfriend Sean Waltman, who was also a wrestler. The couple was an on-again, off-again couple, and they also made a sex tape together. (…) Chyna even ended up starring in a reality show for celebrities trying to get sober again.

16 Lisa Robin Kelly

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Known for starring on the hit television series, That 70s Show, Lisa Robin Kelly got into some hot water for her domestic violence case. Just take a look at her mug shot, and it is pretty clear that she got herself messed up. However, the Los Angeles County District Attorney seemed to go easy on her, and did not file charges on her case. Yet, Kelly was arrested by police on a felony charge of corporal injury involving her spouse, even though Kelly claimed her innocence right at the onset. No drugs, no alcohol, no deal. She was still arrested, and the mug shot definitely looks a bit…scary.

15 Taryn Nicole Terrell

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The case involving Taryn Nicole Terrell is a prime example of how a female can do some serious damage to her guy. First of all, we must say that Terrell can really pound out a knocking, after all, she is a female wrestler. So when she was arrested for domestic violence after visiting the Playboy Mansion (of course), it did not come as much of a surprise or shock, but it was despicable. She was later acquitted of the charge, but was hit hard with a lot of frustration and disgust from World Wrestling Entertainment. So she did not really get totally off the hook. She did however say that her domestic violence charge was taken out of context, but come on, assault is assault!

14 Stormy Daniels

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You may be asking yourself, “how could a girl with the name Stormy not be violent?” Well, while that joke may be funny, there was nothing humorous about her domestic violence charge. She was trying to be a governor, but she was slammed with the misdemeanor, which involved a spat with her husband in which she threw a potted plant, some candles (hopefully unlit), and her wedding album around the house. Jeez. Talk about political jitters? Or maybe she was just messed up. Needless to say, she did not really stand much of a chance in the run for governor after that.

13 Brenda Harvey

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This is what happens when jilted women feel the wrath come over them. Harvey was unfortunate enough to find her estranged hubby, Lionel Richie, in a hotel room with another woman. Uh-oh. Harvey went full on psycho-woman and was hit hard with a domestic violence charge. The even sadder part? She and Richie separated and Richie went on to marry the woman from the hotel room. Burn, Brenda Harvey! And then, Richie and the “hotel woman” ended up separating as well. That other woman was Diane Alexander, whom Harvey beat up as well. Talk about a drama-filled relationship. Too, too much.

12 Kelly Bensimon

If we are talking about the Real Housewives, then you can bet that it is gonna get ugly, and in so many ways, too. So in the case of Kelly Bensimon, it was not pretty at all. The pseudo-actor/model was arrested for punching her ex-boyfriend in the face. Pretty hard, apparently, because he was left bleeding from his face. The boy-toy was 10 years her junior and Kelly ended up admitting that she had harmed her boyfriend two days after the incident. She was released (without bail) on a third-degree assault charge, and the argument between her and the boyfriend was said to have stemmed from ill-will in the relationship. Too much drama, definitely. But it really does not surprise us.

11 Ryan Haddon

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Ryan Haddon, also known as the wife of Christian Slater, seems to have a violent predisposition. She was arrested for domestic violence battery against her hubby, and she took quite a toll on him. Slater needed to receive a total of 20 stitches to make up for the damage Haddon did to him. She reportedly threw a glass at him while the couple was arguing. Was it all in due course? After all, Slater was charged with battery back in 1988, during which he was required to serve 2 months in jail. He was also nabbed on drug-related charges during that scuffle, in which a previous girlfriend was punched in the face. Ouch.

10 Emma Roberts

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Who would think that sweet little frail Emma Roberts could be capable of harming anyone? Well, she did! At just 22 years of age, Roberts was charged and arrested for domestic violence against her beau, Evan Peters. This was back in 2013, and seemed to have slid under the radar of most people. Yet the actress definitely showed off a violent streak, and she must have done a lot of apologizing because Evan ended up reconciling and the two continued on with marriage. Hm, call us crazy, but is it not a bit unwise to marry someone who has a tendency to beat the crud out of you? We’re just sayin.

9 Sean Penn

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8 Mel Gibson

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It seems that Mel Gibson is always getting himself into trouble, no? Well, in a turn of events, the troubled actor was let loose on his domestic violence charge against Oksana Grigorieva, when a Los Angeles-based judge vacated the crime. The judge dismissed the case after Gibson pleaded no contest in the 2011 incident in which he was sentenced with domestic violence battery against his ex-girlfriend. He was, however, sentenced to three years of probation, as well as counseling sessions for his violent tendencies and two measly days of doing community service. He still had to face a court battle for custody of his young daughter.

7 Nicolas Cage

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In 2011, actor Nicolas Cage was charged with domestic abuse against his wife during a heated argument. It was not the first time that the Hollywood actor was slammed with an arrest by police. Anyway, during this domestic violence incident, Cage looked worn down and cagey (no pun intended) and was later nabbed for disturbing the peace and domestic abuse battery. Apparently, the actor was very much under the influence of alcohol and then got into it with his wife, Alice Kim, in New Orleans, Louisiana. It is also said that Cage pushed her, punched some cars (ok?) and even taunted and egged on the cops who arrested him.

6 Tommy Lee

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The rock musician was arrested and sentenced to 6 months in jail for domestic violence charges against his wife, actress Pamela Anderson. Even worse, if Lee was suspected of violating his probation, he could end up with 3 years in jail. Lee was known for being the rock-hard drummer in the band Motley Crue, but then earned notorious infamy by marrying (and abusing) model Pamela Anderson. Lee was also required to give $6,200 to a shelter for women who were victims of domestic abuse and violence, as well as a victim reinstitution program and domestic violence fundraising effort. That hurts.

5 Ozzy Osbourne

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Okay, so Ozzy Osbourne does not exactly look like a cuddly kind of guy. And he isn’t! And it really is not a surprise that he was involved in domestic violence with Sharon Osbourne. In fact, she did a nice job of reciprocating the actions herself! The high-profile couple ended up separating after a particularly nasty spat in which they were both going at each other like it was no one’s business. Hey, we guess it just goes with the rocker lifestyle, huh? Well, probably not. There really is no excuse for acting violently against your spouse. Even if you are Ozzy Osbourne.

4 Mickey Rourke

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3 James Brown

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Can you believe that the father of soul, James Brown, was charged with domestic violence? It is too true. And apparently Brown’s daughter and father were just as appalled at the incident as we were. Brown’s daughter ended up watching the incident that took place when Brown abused her mother time and time again. Deirdre Jenkins was the subject of various domestic violence incidents from Brown. Their marriage lasted from 1970 to 1979 and two children came out of their relationship: daughter Yamma and son Daryl. Yamma has since stepped forward and spoken out about her father’s frightening violent streak.

2 Slash

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1 Tom Sizemore

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Tom Sizemore is perhaps most famous for starring in the popular movie Saving Private Ryan. He was arrested in 2009 for domestic violence, but was released on bail, which was set at $20,000. Unfortunately, this was not the first time that Sizemore was accused of domestic violence. He was slammed with another such charge back in 2003. That case involved his then-girlfriend, Heidi Fleiss (who starred on Hollywood Madam.) The domestic violence charges were paired with drug-related charges throughout the years. It looks as though fame and riches really took its toll on the actor. We have not heard much from him since.

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