20 Celebrities You Didn’t Know Were Accused of Sex Crimes

Crime just does not pay. Even if you are rich, famous, or (maybe) talented. Yes, you may very well be surprised by the people on this list. It does include both males and females, although males predominantly make up this list. While there are (sadly) very many celebrities who have been accused of sexual crimes, these are 20 celebs that may have slid under your radar.

The crimes are varied, but of course, they are sexual in nature. From attempted rape, to engaging with underage girls, the list just goes on and on. So what causes a person to commit a sexual crime? We honestly do not know, but we certainly hope that these celebrities have learned their lessons and that they will not do anything of the sort ever again!

Unfortunately, there are some celebs on this list who did have repeat offenses. Sadly, it seems that being rich and famous tends to make some people feel almost invincible. From reality television, to music, to sports, politics, and beyond, these are some high-profile people who have committed sexual atrocities. There are even more people who are under the radar.

20 Britney Spears

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It turns out that Brit got herself into a little bit of trouble when her former bodyguard went on the offensive and claimed that the pop star had exposed herself and then invited him into her private room. He also stated that Britney had some rather embarrassing behaviors and habits, but that the singer did not want them to be revealed, so she fought to keep them under wraps. Hm, after Brit’s nervous breakdown, in which she shaved her own head, we can’t really imagine her having more humiliating things to reveal about herself! Yet, the bodyguard did say that Britney tended to cuss him out a lot.

19 Brad Pitt

Could it even be considered sexual harassment and crime if Brad Pitt is involved? What kind of girl would not want to be with him? Anyway, this case was for indecent exposure (hah!) way back in 1988. Perhaps the world was just not ready to see the full-on Brad Pitt back in the late 1980s? Well, the hunky actor was being a bit rebellious during the time. He ended up being cited for mooning motorists who were driving along the Pacific Coast Highway! Nice! He must have been channeling his inner Tyler Durden.

18 John Travolta

Apparently, John Travolta was accused of sexual harassment when he was riding on a cruise ship, of all places. He was getting a massage (of all things) and he ended up showing the masseuse a little more than the poor guy bargained for. The masseuse even claimed that the ageing actor had offered him thousands of dollars to keep everything hush-hush and under wraps. Well, the masseuse ended up revealing Travolta, even though the celeb tried to deny everything. In another strange turn of events, a man who claimed to be Travolta’s gay lover from the past said he and Travolta had relations.

17 Kobe Bryant

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Back in 2003, star basketball player Kobe Bryant was accused of raping a 19-year-old. It was reported that the teen was working at The Lodge and Spa at Cordillera in Colorado, when Bryant had sexual relations with her without her consent. Now, while Bryant said that he had not had any relations with the teenage hotel employee, he had however had sexual relations with another woman. Yet with this girl it was mutual sex. So much drama! The 19-year-old’s case was eventually dropped and Bryant ended up making a public apology to the woman, even though he evidently did not seem too sorry in actuality.

16 Sean Penn

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Back in the day when actor Sean Penn was dating the superstar singer Madonna, he was accused of a sexual crime. It was reported that Penn had been violent and malicious towards his girlfriend Madge, and that at one point he even tied her up and forced her to perform sexual actions for him. ‘Like a virgin’ you say? This is not the only instance of Penn being violent and abusive. He was also reported to have acted violently toward Madonna on a separate occasion, and it just seems as though this celebrity relationship was just doomed to failure (which it was!)

15 Woody Allen

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14 Mike Tyson

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It seems as though celebrity boxer Mike Tyson has had a lot of negative press and media attention revolving around him. Well, here is another thing to add to that list. Tyson was accused of sexual assault in multiple cases involving different individuals. It was reported by authorities that Tyson had engaged in sexually-harassing behavior in his rental home in California. The boxer was at first very quiet about the whole ordeal and police hoped that he would come forward of his own accord. Yet it was a situation similar to his 1992 charge when he served time for raping a beauty queen contender.

13 Jeffrey Jones

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This is a despicable sexual crime that was committed by Jeffrey Jones of Ferris Bueller’s Day of Off fame. Back in 2003, the under-the-radar actor pleaded no contest to a felony charge that stated he had paid money for a male adolescent to perform adult-rated poses for him as he took photographs. Jones received a criminal probation of 5 years and was forced to add his name to the national sex offender register. He was also required to seek counseling services for his criminal deed. His child abuse allegations came alongside the charges against another male actor, Pee Wee Herman.

12 R. Kelly

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In a lawsuit that involved dozens of female victims, R&B singer R. Kelly had to face loads of criminal charges for sexual harassment. He was accused of sexual misdemeanors with teenage girls back in the 1990s and then was hit hard a case of child pornography in 2002. Even in 2010, the singer did not seem to have learned his lesson. He was accused of sexually harassing his maid, although the case was dropped after a payment of $100,000 was made. We suppose that is what happens when you have tons of money. Hopefully, R. Kelly will just stay on his best behavior.

11 Ian Watkins

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Who is Ian Watkins, you ask? He may be under our radar, but he is a musician from Wales who performed in the band Lostprophets. He was charged with sexual harassment in 2013 and ended up pleading guilty to 13 (yes, 13!) charges. Those included accusations of attempted rape and sexual assault against a victim who was just 13 years old. His punishment included 29 years behind bars and 6 years on extended license. Needless to say, Lostprophets’ musical success faced a downward spiral, and the band was pretty much forced to break up once the news of Watkins’ criminal and sexual charges were out in the open.

10 Paul Reubens (Pee Wee Herman)

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There was always something weird and bizarre about Pee Wee Herman, right? Well, if you were feeling a little weirded out, then you were on to something. As it turns out, the actor was sentenced for a sexual crime decades ago. Apparently the children’s actor went into a movie theater that was playing adult, X-rated films and proceeded to…pleasure himself. That called for indecent exposure and a sexual misdemeanor. He was spotted by authorities in the theater and legal action was taken. Interestingly enough, the allegations against him were brought about at the same time as those against actor Jeffrey Jones.

9 Mystikal

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If you have not heard of Mystikal, then it may be better that way. He is a rapper and he was sentenced to 6 years in prison for sexual battery. So basically he killed two birds with one stone – in a terrible way. His victim was a woman who previously worked as his hairstylist. Maybe he was super unhappy with his hairdo? Well, that is still not excuse for battery and sexual assault. Seriously man, just explain your beef. Mystikal was required to add his name to the national registry of sex offenders. It was reported that Mystikal was threatening the hairstylist to engage in oral sex with him.

8 Roman Polanski

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This sexual crime allegation took place way back in 1977, but it was still a shock to the public. Roman Polanski, the famed film director, was arrested by authorities and charged in a court trial after being slammed with 5 criminal charges against his victim, Samantha Gailey. Perhaps the worst part of all was that Gailey was just 13 years old. Polanski reportedly drugged Gailey and then engaged in crimes such as rape, perversion, sodomy, and lewd and lascivious acts. Initially, the director pleaded not guilty to the accusations, but then he eventually ended up accepting a plea bargain in exchange for a guilty plea to lesser charges.

7 Ruben Patterson

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If it often seems as though professional athletes are constantly getting into trouble, that is because they kind of are. In this case, it is Ruben Patterson, a pro basketball player. He was accused of (and pleaded guilty to) attempting to rape the nanny who took care of his child. Gross much? For the dastardly deed, Patterson was sentenced to one year behind bars, but 15 of the days were suspended. He apparently did not learn his lesson though. He was back at it again in no time and was accused of assaulting a man, punching his wife, and he did not register as a sex offender, even though he was ordered to.

6 Vincent Margera

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If you were a fan of MTV about a decade or so ago, then you can probably remember the show Viva la Bam, which chronicled the shenanigans of Bam Margera, a professional skater. Well, his uncle, Vincent Margera (as known as “Don Vito”,) was accused of two counts of sexual assault – against a child. The middle-aged man was sentenced after less than a day of jury deliberation. He was found guilty of the charges, much to Margera’s exasperation. He basically had a fit in the courtroom. He also had a frightening mug shot, although that was really the least of his worries.

5 Shane Sparks

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This is another case in which a celebrity sexually harassed a young girl. Choreographer Shane Sparks was sentenced to spend time behind bars for sexually assaulting an underage victim, and the whole ordeal was quite a fiasco. First of all, Sparks was practically whisked away by authorities and was sentenced to 270 days in jail for having sex with a girl under the age of 16. Yet, he got off easy for exchanging his guilty plea. The court dropped 8 of his sexual-related charges, although he had to go to counseling for his deeds and he received 5 years’ probation.

4 Lawrence Taylor

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Here is an interesting twist in the sexual assault history. NFL Hall of Famer Lawrence Taylor actually ended up winning a case that was brought to him by a teenager who said that he had sexually assaulted her. The jury would not grant the woman’s claims that he had had sexual intercourse with her when she was just 16 years old. For his part, Taylor (who was a professional football player) said that he wanted to focus on rebuilding his life after everything had toppled down thanks to the young woman’s sexual harassment accusations. And hopefully he did just that!

3 Jeffrey Epstein

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Jeffrey Epstein is a really rich dude, so why would he choose to mess it all up with crimes of a sexual nature? Well, we are not sure, but his story involves some sticky situations. He is now a registered sex offender, which was the result of his involvement in an underage female prostitution ring. For the crime he was sentenced to 18 months in jail. Back in 2005, it was discovered that Epstein had paid hundreds of dollars to watch underage girls strip and dance for him in his private residence. The authorities then proceeded to investigate Epstein’s home, and it was revealed that he had also paid for female escorts.

2 Al Gore

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1 Isiah Thomas


We end our list with yet another man with a high-profile position in professional sports who was accused of sexual harassment. Isiah Thomas was accused in 2007. He was the coach of the New York Knicks and was engaged in a huge court fight between Anucha Browne (who was an executive for the Knicks) that revolved around $11.5 million! Yet, others reported that Thomas was not guilty of the sexual assault claims by Browne and that he had not attacked Browne neither verbally nor physically. It was later said that Thomas was indeed guilty of the crime, leaving the public confused and angry.

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