20 Celebrities You Didn’t Know Attempted to Kill Themselves

celebs who attempted suicide

Attempting suicide is no small thing; it’s one of the most serious decisions a person can make. It essentially means they have given up all hope of finding happiness, achieving what they want, or getting out from under the difficulties life throws their way. Millions of people all around the world attempt to kill themselves every single year, and a significant percentage are successful.

These acts leave a hole in the lives of those who cared for them, and many of those family members and friends left behind recount the same idea: they had no idea that person was even thinking about ending their life. Suicide and just the mere thought of ending one’s life is a very personal act and most people tend to keep these thoughts to themselves.

Celebrities are no different than the rest of us and are prone to depression, anxiety, and other emotional challenges. However, they are also under intense scrutiny and public criticism, especially if they do or say something that is offensive or their work is deemed to be unworthy of credit of adoration.

Here are 20 celebrities who you may not have known tried to kill themselves. There are many others, and even those who were, unfortunately for the rest of us, successful.

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20 Drew Barrymore

19 Elton John

Musical icon Elton John is renowned around the world as being one of the greatest rock pianists and eccentric performers of all time, but he also spent much of that career hiding his true sexual orientation. It’s hard to imagine that it’s only been recently considered acceptable for people to be openly gay, but through the 60s, 70s, and 80s, it was deemed to be something people kept to themselves. When he attempted to kill himself by putting his head in a gas stove, he was engaged to Linda Woodrow. It’s safe to assume he didn’t want to live a lie.

18 Tina Turner

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17 Walt Disney

One of the most iconic images of fun and family time together is Walt Disney. He created such memorable characters as Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, and so many others. He also created Disneyland and helped bring many incredible movies to life that touched the lives of millions of children around the world. Yet he struggled early in his career and was once told he had no creative talent. When he was 31, he attempted to take his own life by overdosing on drugs and alcohol. Imagine the world without Disney today and it’s easy to be thankful he wasn’t successful.

16 Billy Joel

15 Eminem

14 Drew Carey

13 Britney Spears

12 Artie Lange

11 Shelley Long

Shelley Long may be best known for her role in Cheers as the annoying and perpetually haughty Diane, and her troubles on the set are legendary. She reportedly fought and argued with fellow cast members, producers, and directors and eventually decided to abandon the show in pursuit of her movie career. That didn’t pan out all too well with one flop after another and in 2004 she apparently attempted to overdose on pain pills. The 66 year old appears to have straightened things out and living life to the fullest.

10 Peter Fonda

An iconic name within Hollywood, Peter Fonda had to endure the loss of his mother to suicide when he was just 10 years old. Just a few months after that loss, he was found shot in the stomach by his own hand. For most of his life after that incident, Peter Fonda claimed that it was an accident, but many who knew him believed that this was his first (and perhaps only) reported attempt on his own life. He recovered from his injuries and went on to become an accomplished actor and director.

9 Patty Duke

Author, actor, singer, and writer Patty Duke has brought many incredible works to the world, but she has also dealt with a number of issues in her personal life. For many years she apparently attempted to commit suicide through various means, but was (fortunately) unsuccessful. She was finally diagnosed as being manic depressive after numerous attempts and since sought out and found the help she desperately needed in order to overcome these issues.

8 Mike Tyson

When Mike Tyson was in his prime, he was untouchable in the boxing ring. He was so feared that it has been reported some boxers took falls in the first round rather than to risk being struck by one of his fierce uppercuts. However, he was managed by Don King and has subsequently stated that he believes King took advantage of him, manipulated him, and that led to severe depression. He was also sent to prison for sexual assault and when he was released, his career never got back on track. He ended up getting involved in drugs an attempted to take his own life.

7 Frank Sinatra

6 Micky Dolenz

While a tremendously successful musician for The Monkees in the 1970s, Mickey Dolenz was also dealing with a number of personal issues. One day the musician decided to attempt to end his own life by walking out into the middle of a busy city street and sitting down in traffic. The attempt wasn’t successful, though there was no word about whether or not traffic was tied up during this incident, and the now 70-year-old enjoys life with his children and still plays the drums when he can.

5 Nadia Comaneci

Nadia Comaneci was one of the greatest gymnasts in the world during the 1970s. Just two years after her incredible success at the 1976 Olympics, she attempted to kill herself by drinking bleach. She denied any such thing for many years until finally admitting that she had been depressed and under an intense amount of pressure during that time. She attributed part of her depression to her parents’ divorce, but it’s also safe to assume that being highly competitive, young, and constantly in the spotlight and under pressure took its toll on her.

4 Owen Wilson

3 Halle Berry

Following the collapse of her marriage to David Justice, Halle Berry became so depressed that she contemplated suicide. She made her attempt by carbon monoxide poisoning. It’s not fully clear whether this was done in her car, but she admits the only thing that really saved her at that time was the thought of her mother finding her body. She stopped what she was doing, sought help to overcome her depression, and vowed to never marry again. She has become a strong, happy, and successful woman in the years since.

2 Sammy Davis Jr.

One of the true musical geniuses of our time, Sammy Davis Jr. was not only a fun-loving and charismatic person, he also was under constant assault due to his race, religious beliefs, and appearance. On the night of his wedding to Loray White, he attempted to commit suicide when he put a gun to his head. The gun was wrestled from his hand in time and it was later discovered that he was secretly in love with a different actress, Kim Novak, but because of the interracial aspect, threats against him were too great and he couldn’t bear the thought of not being with her.

1 Princess Diana

Via vebidoo.com

Few people touched the lives of so many as much as Princess Diana did during her short life. Yet while she was still a newlywed, she admitted to a biographer that she had attempted suicide several times during her short life. As many people witnessed through the years, Princess Diana was not one prone to be in the spotlight and yet she was followed and harassed everywhere she went, to the point where it cost her life in that tragic accident. One time she admitted she deliberately fell down a flight of stairs while pregnant with her first son (William), though Buckingham Palace will not confirm nor deny any such event took place.

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