20 Celebrities You Didn’t Know Are Smokers

Smoking used to be one of the ‘in’ things for people to do, at least back in the 1950s and 1960s. Through the years, as more people learned what harm smoking could actually cause to one’s health, that changed. Now it’s viewed as a somewhat ‘dirty’ habit and with more and more public areas, restaurants, malls, airports, and other facilities that don’t permit smoking in their establishment (either by choice or due to the law), it’s increasingly troubling for some fans to see their favorite celebrities as smokers.

In reality, we’re not likely to just see many celebrities hanging out on the street corner or outside the mall lighting up, but that doesn’t mean they don’t do it. There are plenty of celebrities who smoke and who have developed a good and effective way of hiding it from the public.

Does this change our perception of these celebrities? It might. For some, smoking is a bad habit that not only harm’s the health of the person who does it, but anyone else who is around him or her. Here are 20 such celebrities (including many big name stars) who are smokers and who wouldn’t seem to be taking on this type of habit based on their usual public appearance.

20 Keira Knightley

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19 Kate Hudson

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18 Cameron Diaz

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17 Elijah Wood

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16 Mila Kunis

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15 Katherine Heigl

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14 Miley Cyrus

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The daughter of Billy Ray Cyrus, the man who brought the world the hit country song "Achy Breaky Heart" was a darling of Disney as Hannah Montana. When she turned 18, though, everything seemed to completely change. It was as though she stripped off her nice girl image, trampled on it a few times, then threw it into a raging fire. Miley has gone on to be scandalized with a sex tape, provocative performances, and some less than stellar reviews for her shows, which include automatic pitch correction claims. She also smokes and is reported to do other bad habits as well.

13 Britney Spears

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While Britney Spears may not be in the limelight anymore, few people could claim that it had anything to do with her music and performances. She was another Disney star who once had a stellar reputation to being sweet, innocent, and clean cut. She long trashed that image and has been caught sans underwear in public and in a number of other high profile incidents that didn’t do anything to help her appeal to those who loved her music. One thing that seems to shock people still, though, about her is the fact that she is a regular smoker.

12 Jennifer Lopez

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11 Kristen Stewart

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With an almost flat affect during the Twilight movies for which she became a household name, even films Kristen Stewart has done since those were completed haven’t done much to help change her Hollywood image of a wooden actress without any real emotional depth. However, as her character in the Twilight films was a high school girl who had her challenges in life, that character wasn’t a smoker. Yet in real life Kristen Stewart is and that doesn’t do much to help her likability among some fans of the Twilight films, or other works she has taken on.

10 Ryan Gosling

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9 Mary Kate Olsen

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One half of the Olsen twins, Mary Kate (and her sister Ashley) was essentially born into the spotlight. As the lovable baby on the television show Full House, these twins were needed to play one character because of their infancy. They grew up under the intense glare of public adoration and speculation and while Mary Kate doesn’t act and focuses more on her fashion line, the often too-thin young woman is also a smoker. We’re not sure when she might have started with the habit, but when a person grows up in Hollywood, there are far too many opportunities.

8 Kate Moss

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Supermodel Kate Moss gained a great deal of attention earlier in her career not just for her incredible beauty, but because she was also considered incredibly thin. While she may not be as thin now as she was then, she has also been willing to appear nude at just about any time. She hasn’t provided the public with any misconceptions about who she is, but when we think about somebody who is a beautiful model, we might not directly associate that with also being a smoker. However, maybe it’s the industry because there seems to be a lot of models who smoke.

7 Kelly Osbourne

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Being famous because of your father must not be an easy thing to deal with. After all, Ozzy Osbourne is one of the most recognizable figures in rock and roll history and continues to draw crowds with his performances. Kelly made a name for herself during their family’s reality show and while she might have come across as a young woman who was outside of the usual trials and tribulations that come with being a rock family, she does seem to have taken on some of her father’s habits, including smoking. We don’t blame her, though; it can’t be easy growing up in that lifestyle.

6 Kirsten Dunst

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5 Katy Perry

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Singers are the one profession that people might not associate with being smokers. Of course, there are plenty of rock musicians through the years who have been heavy smokers, but they’ve also been highly addicted to alcohol and drugs, too, and smoking as a musician seems to go hand in hand with that. Katy Perry has had a strong innocent image in the public eye, in spite of some of her songs that had a highly sexualized charge to them. She is a smoker, too, and that could have impacted her clean cut image if it was more widely known.

4 Adele

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3 Eva Longoria

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2 Jessica Alba

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1 Simon Cowell

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American Idol founder Simon Cowell has made hundreds of millions of dollars in the entertainment industry and while he may come across as abrasive, mocking, brash, and condescending, he’s also got an incredible ear for talent. Susan Boyle may be the most glaring example of that as he laughed and mocked her homely, older woman appearance as she stepped on stage, and her choice of song, but she blew the world away with her voice and he made her a star. In the music business, it seems many people smoke and Simon Cowell is one of them.

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