20 Celebrities With the Weirdest Phobias Ever

celebs with strange fears

We all have phobias. There are the common ones that almost anyone can relate to, or at least understand. There is the fear of airplanes and flying, or fear of the dark. Heck, we can even understand if you have a fear of cockroaches, snakes, or spiders. These are fears that can resonate with just about anyone, and we even see them in movies and in our favorite film characters. Ron Weasley could not stand spiders and Indiana Jones had the whole snake thing.

Then there are those fears that are just plain weird. Pigs, cows, and indoor plants are just some of the things that make these celebrities’ skin crawl. You can read all about more bizarre fears in our list of 20 celebrities with the weirdest phobias ever. This is a list that will surprise you and even make you laugh. Tennis balls and chewing gum? Really?

Are these stars in need of an intervention? Or are their irrational fears funny and endearing? All we know is that we will not be inviting Matthew McConaughey to a hotel anytime soon. Nor would we want to have been there when Alfred Hitchcock was served scrambled eggs for breakfast. Have fun reading and take heart. Your weird phobia may not be so strange after all!

20 Matthew McConaughey – Revolving Doors

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When you are rich and famous, you probably spend a lot of time jet-setting. That would be no problem for Matthew McConaughey, as long as the hotel he stays at does not have a revolving door. It turns out that the actor has an intense fear of them! Hey, we can see the fear that could be associated here. After all, revolving doors are tricky business. You need to stick your foot in at just the right time, and then you need to wiggle your body into the space before –SLAM! – you get stuck. Yeah, that could be scary, but still…

19 Woody Allen – Bright Colors

Via inconnumag.com

So, odds are that Woody Allen has trouble shopping, and he's probably never been to New York Fashion Week. We also hope that he does not spend time with little kids, babies, or just about any female human being. Bright colors are all over the place. Sheesh, what did Woody do when bright neon colors were all the rage and on just about every other article of clothing? This is definitely a strange phobia. It is a shame that he was not born with color-blindness. That certainly could have helped. In the meantime, maybe he should just go around wearing sunglasses.

18 Nicole Kidman – Butterflies

Via usmagazine.com

Butterfly, butterfly, where do you roam? Hopefully it is nowhere near Aussie actress Nicole Kidman. The gorgeous woman is afraid of butterflies. But they are so pretty, right? Well, actually, we can kind of understand her weird fear. If you get close to an actual butterfly, they are quite bizarre-looking. Get past the colorful and graceful wings and butterflies have scary faces with huge eyes! Yeah, they can be a bit scary, but come on. They are just gentle creatures that come out in the summertime! Even babies are not afraid of butterflies, and dogs just love to chase them!

17 Oprah Winfrey – Chewing Gum

Via hollywoodpsychicinsider.com

So it turns out that Oprah’s grandma used to chew gum all the time. She would even chew it up, spit it out, and save in on pieces of furniture around the house. Yuck, that is enough to turn anyone away from chewing gum. Oprah’s hatred and fear of chewing gum got so bad that she even banned people from bringing it into the studio where she filmed her famous talk show. Hm, we wonder how Oprah feels about watching a chewing gum commercial or including chewing gum ads in her O Magazine? It looks like she will never be a Doublemint twin!

16 Megan Fox – Dry Paper

Via moviepilot.com

So Megan Fox can run away from giant car-crunching robots, but when it comes to dry paper, she cowers in fear? Wow, what a strange phobia! Yes, the beautiful actress finds nothing soothing about reading a new book or flipping through the newspaper. If she does read, she needs to be sure to keep a glass of water right by her side. That way, she can dip her fingers in when she turns the pages. We guess it has something to do with touching dry parchment paper. Weird! Maybe she is terrified that she will get a paper cut. After all, those slices hurt pretty bad!

15 Tyra Banks – Dolphins

Via wikimedia.org

Oh, but dolphins are so cute? What is it about these aquatic creatures that freaks out Tyra Banks? Is it their skin composed of cartilage? The fact that they need oxygen but can hold their breath for a whopping seven minutes? The chirp they use to communicate? Whatever it is, this phobia is just plain weird. Dolphins are one of the most prized animals on the planet, and there are so many children and adults who adore them. Just watch Dolphin Tale! Go to Sea World! We can understand being scared of Free Willy, but a dolphin? Come on now!

14 Alfred Hitchcock – Eggs

Via anglotopia.net

Alfred Hitchcock would not have his eggs scrambled. Nor would he have them poached, boiled, or sunny-side-up. No, Alfred Hitchcock would not have eggs. Period. This is very bizarre considering that this guy gave us scary movies such as Psycho and The Birds. Yet it is an egg that would send him off the deep end? Really? He has said that not only was he afraid of eggs, but he found them downright revolting, especially the fact that they do not have any holes and they gush out yellow liquid. Well, hey, back off! Eggs happen to be a nutritious breakfast for humans.

13 Carmen Electra – Water

Via popsugar.com

Wait, she was in Baywatch! How does a beach babe say that she has an intense fear of the water? Well it is true. In fact, Carmen Electra said that working on the set of Baywatch was super-tough and that it was not as fun because of her hydrophobia! The water that splashed all around and in her eyes and up her nose definitely did not help either. She made it look good though! This is definitely a testament to Carmen’s acting chops. If she could make swimming and getting all wet with salt water look effortless while fighting back her own immense fears, well, kudos to her.

12 Christina Ricci – Plants

Via nocookie.net

This is a weird phobia that we will just never understand. Christina Ricci is specifically scared of indoor house plants? Why? We have no idea. Sure, there are those fake plants that just sit there and collect a grim coating of dust and dirt on the leaves. Those are never a good look. And then there are real house plants that provide a nice touch of greenery, especially in the colder winter months. So what is the big deal? We just can’t figure it out for the life of us. On a side note, Christina is also worried that a shark will get her while she is in the swimming pool.

11 Diddy – Long Second Toe

Via flow935.com

Now here is a fear that we have never heard of. P. Diddy is a tough musical mogul, but when it comes to feet, he better watch out. P. Diddy has a weird phobia of a long second toe. Scientists have actually studied toe lengths, and if you have a second toe that is longer than the big toe, you are said to have a “royal toe.” Well, don't bother telling that to P. Diddy because he wants nothing to do with toes. He just finds it plain creepy. Hey, we feel that. We do find feet fetishes a bit weird ourselves!

10 Meryl Streep – Helicopters

Via wearemoviegeeks.com

When you are as rich and famous and talented as Meryl Streep, then you probably have loads of fans trying to get a hold of you all the time. And helicopters probably find their way into your life at some point. Helicopters and flying just seem to be something that goes hand-in-hand with the celebrity lifestyle. Well, apparently not for Meryl Streep. She has an intense phobia of helicopters, so be sure to stay far away from her if you are piloting one! It must be the super-powerful and spinning propellers, or maybe the huge hum of the engine, or the wind that just blows everything within 100 feet away.

9 Adele - Seagulls

Via hercampus.com

Hey, if you have ever been on the beach and tried to enjoy a piping hot slice of pizza or some deliciously salty boardwalk fries, then you understand the pain and aggravation (and slight fear) of having a looming seagull swoop down and take it straight from your hands or plate. This must have happened one too many times for Adele. The award-winning singer is absolutely terrified of seagulls. Hey, we can’t blame her! These sea birds can be quite vicious fighters! So hold tight to your food and take cover. These birds are also notorious for pooping on people’s heads!

8 Taylor Swift – Sea Urchins

Via celebdial.com

7 Billy Bob Thornton – Silverware

Via highlighthollywood.com

So, silverware. Yup, pretty scary stuff. We wait all year to whip out the good silverware and antique china so that we can impress the guests who come over to our house for Christmas dinner. Yet if you are Billy Bob Thornton, he will not be impressed with your fancy tableware! He is seriously afraid of silverware and antiques. The mildew-covered French and English chest of drawers or birthing chair that you have stuffed away in your attic? Yeah, keep that away from Billy Bob! Although he is surprisingly fine with Asian and Central American stuff. It is the big non-functional stuff that is scary.

6 Kyra Sedgwick – Talking Foods

Via wikimedia.org

Who does not love those commercials with the cute little animated veggies? Apparently Kyra Sedgwick just can’t stand them! Not only that, but she is downright frightened of them and has to leave the room if they come on the television. Hm, she would really have some serious issues with some of the ads on the tube these days. As more and more people struggle to eat their fruits and veggies, animated and talking foods seem to be quite popular in commercials. It looks like Kyra is going to have to keep an eye and an ear out for these creepy foods!

5 Orlando Bloom – Pigs

Via hotstarz.info

We have a feeling that Orlando Bloom would have some serious problems with reading or watching the famed Charlotte’s Web. With Wilbur the Pig, there are bound to be some fight-or-flight responses in the actor’s brain. It turns out that Orlando is really scared of pigs. But what about the cute little piglet of Winnie the Pooh fame? He is so cute and timid. Surely there can’t be anything scary about a little piggy! Does that mean that Orlando can’t eat pork or bacon? But…bacon…it is so good. For the love of bacon, Orlando, get over your fear! If you can fight Jack Sparrow, you can do anything.

4 Pamela Anderson – Mirrors

Via wikimedia.org

3 Ellen Page - Tennis Balls

Via cloudfront.net

2 Lyle Lovett - Cows

Via fameimages.com

1 Roger Moore – Guns

Via unifrance.org

Roger Moore has such an intense fear of guns that it almost caused him to lose his role in the James Bond movies. This phobia also originates from a previous circumstance. It turns out that Roger was using a rifle while serving in the British military and the gun just full-on exploded in his hands. Now that is enough trauma to cause some long-term effects. So when Roger was cast as the super-suave spy, he almost backed out. Turns out that Roger is not alone; James Cagney was also afraid of guns! To combat his fear, Roger simply closed his eyes and imagined something else.

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