20 Celebrities Who’ve Embarrassingly Been Caught Cheating

celebs caught cheating

Celebrities are not perfect; we know that full well by now. Yet it still seems to come as a huge shock when we hear of celeb couples breaking up or divorcing over a cheating scandal. It seems that no one is immune to extramarital affairs: athletes, actresses and actors, musicians, and even reality television stars have captured our attention to two-timing their mates. Here is our list of 20 celebrities who’ve embarrassingly been caught cheating.

You may know these celebs but perhaps you have forgotten or just not heard of their cheating scandals. Well, our list will open your eyes to some of the most high-profile cases of both men and women trying to pull a fast one on their significant other. As the norms revolving around dating and marriage continue to change, we are seeing more and more examples of “open relationships.” Yet, cheating is not going to go away, and it is not okay, even if you are rich and famous like these people.

What causes someone to cheat? The thrill of breaking the rules, boredom or temptation are just some of the reasons. Read on to learn what happens when a celeb does this no-no. Sparks fly!

20 Tiki Barber

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So not only did Tiki Barber cheat on his wife for a 23-year-old mistress, but he actually married said mistress when he was found out! Talk about low. Barber is a retired professional football player who played for the New York Giants as their running back. Barber was caught cheating on Ginny, his now ex-wife back in 2010. The couple had been married for 11 years, and Ginny was even 8 months pregnant when the scandal broke out. Pregnant with twins, on top of it! Hopefully Barber’s mistress is ready to be a stepmother, even though she is only in her early twenties. Barber was working as a journalistic reporter for the Today show on NBC, but obviously lost his job.

19 Sean Diddy Combs

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18 Ryan Phillippe

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After it was revealed that Ryan Phillippe was having an affair during his marriage to actress Reese Witherspoon, all hell broke loose. Reese then proceeded to blame any of her imperfections and poor career moves on the divorce and the trauma from Ryan’s cheating. Yet, after some months to cool down, Reese said that she is right where she wants to be, and she said that her marriage to Ryan was long ago, and they were both quite young. Now Reese is happily married (again) and has three kids to boot! For his part, Ryan cited youth and the Hollywood microscope as catalysts for his affair.

17 Kristen Stewart

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Why anyone would choose to tag along with the oh-so-cheery and emotional Kristen Stewart is beyond us, but apparently some people enjoy her company. Although Robert Pattinson is probably a bit exasperated with her. Stewart ended up cheating on Pattinson with Rupert Sanders, who was a married director, mind you. A couple of years after the fiasco, Pattinson was a bit more forgiving, using the ever-popular line “S--- happens.” Needless to say, Stewart and Pattinson broke up, and Pattinson spoke out about it, saying that it was hard for the two of them to talk it out. Yet, the photos do not lie, and they showed Stewart getting her flirt on with Sanders.

16 LeAnn Rimes

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15 Usher

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You know things are bad when you end up on Oprah Winfrey’s talk show. Just ask Usher. Apparently, the DJ had this R&B crooning falling in love – with someone else besides his (now ex-wife) Tameka Raymond. The two got married in 2008, but someone else at the wedding was having relations with Usher. It turns out that Tameka’s own bridesmaid was having an affair with her hubby, Usher. Besides the cheating scandal, Usher was faced with allegations and reports that he did not attend the funeral for Tameka’s 11-year-old son, who passed away tragically. Yet the singer has denied those reports.

14 Kris Jenner

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Does drama just run in the Kardashian family? Apparently, the answer is a big fat “yes.” Kris Jenner, the matriarch of the Kardashian clan, revealed in a book that she had an affair while married to her ex-hubby, Robert Kardashian, and she was even seeing her “other man” while she was dating Bruce Jenner. In a cheating fiasco that she termed “wild and passionate,” Kris stated that her former flame was just 23 years old when they first met. He was also a soccer player (it looks as though Kris has a thing for athletes!) Kris’ book, All Things Kardashian, chronicles the affair, so give it a read if you’re interested.

13 Jude Law

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It was the stereotypical husband-caught-with-the-nanny charade. Jude Law was found cheating on Sienna Miller, but Miller was also not totally in the clear. She had had her own affair and cheated on Law as well. This is turning into a love pentagon. Miller cheated on Law for Daniel Craig when she was in her early twenties. Sorry, but pulling the whole “I was so young and in love” thing is not going to fly here. Miller made even more shocking headlines when it was revealed that she was having an affair with the married actor Balthazar Getty. Tsk tsk, will she ever learn? She then turned her sights on dating Tom Sturridge.

12 Kobe Bryant

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Our first pro athlete on our list is the basketball legend Kobe Bryant, who was in hot water for facing not only cheating allegations, but accusations of rape as well. He denied that he had raped the supposed victim, but he did reveal a different ugly truth. He had cheated on his wife and had engaged in intimate relations with another woman (although he stated that it was consensual, so therefore there could not be allegations of rape.) This is just one example of professional sports stars shining in the spotlight for the wrong reasons. Bryant has been rebounding his career since the fiasco, but it was indeed very hard to hear about this.

11 Tiger Woods

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Now let us segue from the basketball court to the golf course. Clearly, Tiger Woods is playing at an all-time-worst, and perhaps it is not just injuries and wear-and-tear on the body that is causing him to play badly. A few years back, Tiger was all over the news and headlines for his major cheating scandal. It seemed that every other day, a new woman was claiming that she had had intimate relations with the pro golfer. Obviously, Tiger’s wife, Ellen Nordegren, filed for divorce, and Tiger eventually admitted to having affairs with multiple women. He then was checked into a rehab facility for a sex addiction.

10 Marc Anthony

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9 Jenni Farley (JWOWW)

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Hey, it is the Jersey Shore, and people do what they want, OKAY? Just ask Jenni Farley (also known as JWOWW of Jersey Shore fame.) It turns out that she cheated on her boyfriend not once, but multiple times. Plus, her poor boyfriend saw all of the commotion and drama on television. Nice, JWOWW. The story gets worse though. JWOWW’s boyfriend saw the premiere of the reality show, which revealed that she was cheating on him, but the footage was from when he had been dating her for only 2 weeks. So he thought that it was probably okay and she could have another shot. Um, no, dude.

8 Katharine McPhee

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7 Ethan Hawke

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Even though Ethan Hawke and his ex-wife Uma Thurman have been divorced for over a decade, the actor continues to speak out about their romantic past. Why? Maybe to help out other people who have an affair on their minds? Hawke and Thurman both starred in the biology-class-turned-movie Gattaca and that is where they were said to fall in love. They divorced in 2004, but not after being married for 6 years. They even had two kids together. Now, Hawke claims that he did not cheat on Thurman, but he did go and marry the couple’s nanny after he divorced Thurman. Hm…

6 Jesse James

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5 Hugh Grant

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4 Billy Bob Thornton

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There was a big fuss in 2014 when Brad Pitt (super-famous husband of super-famous Angelina Jolie) was furious that his fiancé was having fun with her ex-husband, Billy Bob Thornton. If we switch over to Billy Bob Thornton’s side, he has his own personal history of cheating. He was living with his then-girlfriend Laura Dern, when he jet-setted off to go make a movie with Angelina Jolie. And marry her. Yep, he just left his girlfriend, Laura and went and married Angelina. Talk about a slap in the face. The Angelina-Billy-Bob love saga just needs to end. Enough is enough!

3 Claire Danes

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So blonde bombshell Claire Danes dated Billy Crudup and supposedly snagged him away from his wife, who was pregnant by the way. The affair left Crudup’s wife, Mary Louise Parker left to fend for herself and an almost-born child. Danes did not seem too fazed by it though. In fact, two years after that fiasco happened, she did it again! She cheated on Crudup this time for Hugh Dancy. Danes and Dancy ended up getting married. As for Crudup, he stayed single, and Mary Louise Parker started dating Charlie Mars. Phew, talk about a love triangle. Claire Danes is one to watch out for, and we really are not going to be surprised if she two-times Dancy!

2 The Dream

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1 Rob Kardashian

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We finish up with another Kardashian moment. This one involves Kris Jenner’s son, Rob, who was dating Adrienne Bailon. It seemed as though the two young celebs had a nice relationship going; Rob even had Adrienne’s name tattooed on his body! Yet when the two broke up, Rob attacked Adrienne on social media saying "FDB" (two of those words are curse words, in case you're not sure.) It was not just Rob who was being mean either. Khloe attacked Adrienne and said that she was contributing to Rob’s depression. Yet Rob is the one who was caught cheating! And while Adrienne was not always super nice to Rob, he was the one who was unfaithful.

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