20 Celebrities Who Let Their Bodies Slide in 2015

When you are a celebrity, you are always under a microscope. The media and the public will always want to know about everything: what you ate for breakfast, how many times a week you work out, and what your newest hair color is. It can be a very trying experience for lots of people and it is easy to see that there are not only advantages to being famous.

Unfortunately, some of the rich and famous crack under the pressure and let their careers and bodies go down the drain, with the paparazzi there to capture it. As you go through this list of 20 Celebrities Who Let Their Bodies Slide in 2015, always keep in mind that these are still people and not deserving of ridicule. While their ages and prominence vary, we can all agree that they certainly don’t look how they did in the past.

From old age and stress, to busy schedules and health woes, there are lots of reasons why people let their bodies go. Gender, age, and star-power do not matter in terms of genetics. If you don’t use your body, you lose its sexiness, and these celebs should know how that feels. Our list spans actors, producers, and singers, even a model or two are here. The one thing they all have in common is that 2015 was a year of struggles.

Even so, the promise of a new year is beckoning, and 2016 could be a stellar fresh start for these celebrities. We are wishing them all the best! In the meantime, have fun reading about them!

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20 Chantelle Houghton

Via i3.mirror.co.uk

Chantelle Houghton is perhaps most recognizable from her stint on Celebrity Big Brother. She is also a model, television presenter, and has even penned some publications. Houghton has always been known to be chesty, but 2015 was a strange year of body transformations for her. She was gaining weight and looking heavier than ever, and then decided to undergo breast reduction surgery. In the summer, she displayed her “new” body on the beach in Spain, where the paparazzi snapped loads of photos of her. While she was not exactly “bikini-ready,” people had mixed feelings about her appearance. You can’t win all the time!

19 Kerry Katona

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18 Shia LaBeouf

Via photos.vanityfair.com

We already know that Shia LaBeouf is a weird guy. The 29-year-old has captured our attention on television, in movies, and in his now-famous “Just Do It!” YouTube video. Yet in 2015, Shia let an even wilder side out. First of all, he donned a bulky Amish-looking beard and he seemed to have packed on a bit more weight. He also showed off a weird mullet-turned-rat tail hair style. That was scary! And he got a tattoo of Tupac. (Why?) He better get things together if people want him to be the new Han Solo of the Star Wars franchise.

17 Lauren Goodger

Via hawtcelebs.com

Lauren Goodger may be a model, makeup pro, and television personality, but if she keeps up her weight gain, she may lose her gigs. This is not news to Lauren, she even spoke out about her appearance and weight, saying that she had hit “rock bottom” and needed to get it together. Despite the hopelessness and struggling to get over the initial hump, she has so far been turning things around in 2016. Weight is being lost and she is becoming a regular gym rat. Could 2016 be her year to really shine? She is set up with a new partner, a new physique, and new possibilities!

16 Kevin Federline

Via media1.popsugar-assets.com

My, how K-Fed has changed. Do you remember when he was Britney Spears’ main squeeze? Well, now it seems that he can barely squeeze into his pants! The 37-year-old looks much older than he really is. His weight gain has been extreme, and we aren’t even sure if he wants to do anything about it. While his ex has gotten things together, Kevin looks to be doing some major struggling. If he is going for the “dad bod,” he might want to see how it’s done. The father of six really needs to get things together in 2016, both for his sake and that of his children.

15 Russell Crowe

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Sure, Russell Crowe is 51 years old now, but there are loads of other celebs who are middle-aged and looking fabulous. Unfortunately for Crowe, things are not as peachy. The actor-producer has put on weight and seems to be on the down-low lately. He must have been hiding out for most of 2015. Maybe he should spend some more time with his rugby team. Since sports seem to be his thing, some extra physical activity could do wonders for him. Let’s hope that 2016 is a bright new year for him to really make a turn-around! You can do it, Crowe!

14 Rob Kardashian

Via intouchweekly.com

28-year-old Rob Kardashian already had it tough. Being compared to Kim, Khloe, and Kourtney on a regular basis must be challenging. Add to that his seriously frightening health scare with diabetes, and it is easy to see he has gained so much weight. His hospitalization definitely took a toll on him, and he spent much of 2015 under the radar to avoid the social media rants and paparazzi. Depression and diabetes are not a good mix. We certainly hope that he can get the support he needs to make 2016 a whole lot better. So far, he has resurfaced on Instagram, so that’s good!

13 Mischa Barton

Via celebrityhive.com

What’s going on with Mischa Barton lately? Uh…best not to ask. For one, she is heavier than she used to be, and she almost had her car repossessed! Sheesh! She has certainly changed a lot since her days on The O.C. We would think that a celeb would be able to keep up with a measly car payment, but nope! Hence the vehicle drama. Well, that made 2015 an awkward year, but maybe she can pull things together to make 2016 an improvement. First things first: take financial responsibility, Mischa! Then she can work on her relationship with exercise and diet.

12 Jonah Hill

Via images.lifeandstylemag.com

Remember when Jonah Hill was “not-so-Slim Shady” in 21 Jump Street? Sure, he was never svelte and chiseled, but he used to be much thinner than he is now! 2015 was a year of weight gain for Hill, and the start of 2016 is proving to be kind of awkward, too. At the Golden Globes, he gave a speech that left people stumped yet amused. Donning a bear hat, he gave an acceptance speech from the perspective of an animal. For some strange reason, a lot of his speech was censored out from the television viewing. If anything, this was just WEIRD! Lets hope the weight gain is for a new role!

11 Alec Baldwin

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10 Val Kilmer

Via metrouk2.files.wordpress.com

9 Jon Favreau

Via assets.esquire.co.uk

At 49 years of age, Jon Favreau is far from being at the end of his days. So why does he look like it? 2015 may have been a “down” year for him. He is looking older than ever, but that doesn’t mean he can’t turn it around in 2016. To get things back on track, it might be a good idea to take a break from films such as Chef which he starred in back in 2014. This one is going to be tough though, Favreau has a passion for cooking as well as producing, so it is going to take some serious effort (and less watching the Food Network) to get back in shape.

8 Axl Rose

Via alternativenation.net


With recent news of a Guns N’ Roses reunion looming in the future, Axl Rose seriously needs to get things together. He looks in no state to get up on stage and rock out like it’s the early 1990s. His age is showing, both in terms of unkempt facial hair and a beer belly. Add to that his tendency to dress in an outdated grungy old-man style, and we have a recipe for disaster! The good news is that his musical chops are still there, so if he can just clean up his jowls, then we might be in business in 2016!

7 Matthew Perry

Via ew.com

Fans of the hit television series of yore, Friends, will be super-duper happy to hear about the upcoming NBC Friends reunion special. Yes, it is actually happening. Even so, we hope that Matthew Perry will clean up and shape up for the new gig. He is not looking as trim and fit as he used to. Sure, with time comes age, but early 2016 is going to see this new reunion special come out, so we sure hope that a major makeover is in the works. Even so, we must say that we will always love Matthew Perry and the rest of the Friends crew. After all, where would we be without our friends?

6 Kelly Clarkson

Via images.lifeandstylemag.com

5 Laurence Fishburne

Via nbc.com

4 Steven Seagal

Via hdwallpapersfit.com

Speaking of old, here is Steven Seagal. Sure, he sort of slipped into chubby hairy old guy, but he can still pack a punch. Literally! It turns out that Seagal is a martial arts “master,” and he is not afraid to throws some kicks and jabs. We are pretty sure that dropping some weight and putting on some muscle would help, but hey, if a 63-year-old man is teaching martial arts…well, we can have respect for that. Anyway, 2016 is shaping up nicely so far. He was just granted Serbian citizenship! If we could say “Congrats” in Serbian, we would.

3 Mickey Rourke

Via cdn-parismatch.ladmedia.fr

Man, this guy used to be a total heartthrob. Now…well, at least he’s still doing what he loves and acting. In fact, he is starring in a new film, Weaponized, which featured science fiction, detectives, and homicide. Cool! The film also stars Tom Sizemore. We have to hand it to Mickey for hanging on and continuing with his job. It has got to be tough being an aging dude in Hollywood. Does he get a pass? Nah, we’ll still include him on this list. Even so, we hope that his 2016 is as action-packed (but not as dangerous) as Weaponized!

2 Brendan Fraser

Via i.ytimg.com

1 Hillary Scott

Via pcavote.files.wordpress.com

Any new mom could probably relate to Hillary Scott, but it has got to be even tougher to go through a pregnancy and then be expected to shed the weight magically while the rest of the world watches. So it is with Hillary Scott. Can we blame the Lady Antebellum singer for sort of letting it all hang out in 2015? She announced in the summer of that year that she was going to take a break to focus on family and writing. Kudos to her for knowing when to take a step back. Now if only the haters would stop nagging her.

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