20 Celebrities Who Got Re-Married to the Same Person

Most people enter a marriage for one reason: love. They don’t take their vows thinking they’ll be getting a divorce at some point in the future. Sure, there are more people now requesting their partner sign a prenuptial agreement to protect the assets they brought with them into the marriage, and while they may be planning on the possibility of a divorce, they’re still not hoping to go through that.

People mostly get married because they’re in love with the other person. Even celebrities. However, being a celebrity certainly does seem to offer more challenges to overcome in a relationship than for others, as their divorce rate is higher. There are even those who ended up getting divorced and ended up remarrying the same person again.

It may sound odd, but it does happen, and a lot more than we might realize. People could get divorced because they were cheated on, felt disconnected from their partner, or had been going through difficult times in life, like financial strife that proved too much to bear. However, after some time passed, they might have begun a friendship with that other person once more and it could have led to both people realizing they never stopped loving their partner.

Here are 20 celebrities who went through that, who got divorced and then remarried that person again sometime in the future.

20 Pamela Anderson

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19 Elizabeth Taylor

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Right up there with Larry King as far as numerous marriages throughout their life, is Elizabeth Taylor. Her escapes at the ‘altar’ were legendary, with people wondering just how long her latest husband would still be with her and how long it would take for her to get married once again. She married Richard Burton in 1964 and it lasted a good 10 years. They seemed to reconcile and gave it another shot, remarrying in 1975 before divorcing for good in 1976. Elizabeth Taylor ended up marrying eight times to seven different men.

18 Barbara Walters

17 Natalie Wood

While Natalie Wood’s sudden drowning death was a shock to the world, some speculated then that it wasn’t an accident. Her husband at the time, Robert Wagner, was out on his boat with her at the time of her death, when she mysteriously disappeared overboard and drowned. She had originally been married to Robert Wagner from 1957 to 1962, and then they remarried in 1972. They remained married until her death in 1981. Both Robert and Natalie married one other person (each) between their marriages to one another.

16 Larry King

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Not many people get married more frequently than Larry King, aside from perhaps Elizabeth Taylor (as we previously established). Larry has been married 8 times (so far) but to 7 different women. One of those lucky ladies was able to marry him twice. His third and fifth wife was Alene Akins. They first married in 1961 but divorced in 1963. They then got back together and remarried in 1967, but they didn’t last more than 5 years when they once again divorced in 1972.

15 Melanie Griffith

Many people will remember that Melanie Griffith was once married to 1980s heartthrob Don Johnson, and while their relationship certainly had its ups and downs, they divorced and then remarried more than 13 years later, after Don Johnson’s Miami Vice days were over. They eventually called it quits a second time in 1996 and a few years later she met Antonio Banderas, with whom she has been with for 17 years … and counting. Her marriages to Don Johnson, though, were from 1976-1976 (we know, a long time) and 1989-1996.

14 NeNe Leakes

While reality TV personalities may be technically considered ‘celebrities,’ NeNe Leakes has been seemingly everywhere since she broke onto the scene in the TV program Real Housewives. She was married to Gregg Leakes from 1997 to 2011, but things didn’t work out in the end, at least not at that time. Yet they got back together and remarried in 2013, at the height of her fame. The also had a son together in 2013 named Brentt.

13 Ben Stein

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12 Marie Osmond

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When Marie Osmond married Stephen Craig in 1982, it made headline news because of her extreme popularity performing with her brother Donny throughout the 1970s. They divorced in 1985 and then Marie married Brian Blosil. She was married to him for 21 years, but then managed to fall back in love with her first husband. They remarried in 2011 and continue to remain together to this day. It’s a testament to the fact that sometimes love may wait until two people are truly ready (and possibly more mature) to try it again.

11 Jean-Claude Van Damme

It might be tough to be married to a martial arts expert, but Gladys Portugues became his third wife in 1987. This was during the peak of Jean-Claude’s acting career and that may have taken a toll on their love life as they divorced in 1992. Gladys was a former bodybuilder, so they certainly had a lot in common, but they could have also been highly competitive with one another. They found each other once again and decided to give their marriage a second chance. They remarried in 1999 and are still living the happily ever after.

10 Sinbad

The comedian Sinbad (David Adkins is his real name) had some interesting things to say once about married life for someone in his profession. “This business is very selfish,” he once said. “We had two kids, I was on the road. I had two lives … and the life on the road probably gets more real than the life at home.” He admitted that he wasn’t a great husband to Meredith Fuller, whom he married in 1985, but divorced in 1992. They remarried ten years later in 2002.

9 Rodney Dangerfield

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Rodney Dangerfield is considered a legend in the comedy world. A stand up comedian whose style was unique to his time blasted onto the movie scene in Caddyshack and then numerous other hit films. He was married to Joyce Indig in 1949 and they divorced in 1962. The worked things out for a while, remarrying in 1963, but divorcing again in 1970. They had two children together, Brian and Melanie Dangerfield.

8 Elliott Gould

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Elliott Gould tried to make things work with wife Jennifer Bogart twice. He had been married to singer and actress Barbra Streisand for eight years, having one child with her, but when that ended, he decided to give marriage another chance (and then another), this time with Jennifer Bogart. They married for the first time in 1973, but divorced in 1975. They reconciled and remarried in 1978, but that didn’t last long and they parted ways for good in 1979. They ended up having two children together.

7 Jane Wyman

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Jane Wyman was one of the brightest stars of her day and she also married several times in her life. She married Fred Karger in 1952 but divorced him in 1955. Six years later they managed to work out their differences and fell in love once again, remarrying in 1961. They didn’t last much longer the second time around, though, getting divorced in 1965. Jane Wyman remains notorious for another reason, too. She was married to future U.S. President Ronald Reagan and remains the only ex-wife of a U.S. President.

6 George C. Scott

Actor George C. Scott established an amazing career in Hollywood, and he was also married to the same woman twice. He married Colleen Dewhurst in 1960 and they remained together until 1965, but they managed to work out their differences and tried again, marrying for the second time in 1967 before finally calling it quits in 1972. They had two children together, Alexander, born in 1960 and Campbell, born in 1961.

5 Dionne Warwick

It can be easy to assume that celebrities get married so often because, to them, it’s not a major expense (considering their usual wealth). For Dionne Warwick, though, she only married twice, and both times it was to the same man. His name is William Elliott. They first married in 1966, but it lasted about a year when they divorced in May, 1967. However, just three months later they remarried in August, 1967 and were married a bit longer the second time around, divorcing in 1975.

4 Jacki Weaver

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3 Paul Hogan

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Before Crocodile Dundee was actually Crocodile Dundee, Paul Hogan was a successful actor, mostly in Australian films. He had also been married to the same woman twice. The first time he married Noelene Edwards was in 1958. They managed to stay together for a long time, divorcing the first time in 1981. Things must have still been burning between them because they tried again, remarrying in 1982, but only making it to 1990. It was a bitter divorce and soon after the paperwork was finalized, he married Dundee costar Linda Kozlowski.

2 Eminem

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1 Judge Judy

Judith Sheindlin, more commonly known today as the harsh, straightforward, and take-no-guff celebrity TV judge on her program Judge Judy, has been married three times in her life. The first time she was with her husband for 12 years before divorcing. Then she married Jerry Sheindlin in 1977. They have 5 children together, but divorced in 1990. One year later, they reconciled their differences and were remarried in 1991. They remain married and devoted to one another to this day.

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