18 Celebrity Cheaters Who Are Not Sorry

Cheating is rampant in the celebrity circuit, but you usually get denials, apologies and new mistresses as each celebrity moves on to another just as messed-up relationship. Not these celebs. The following 18 celebrity cheaters are just not sorry for their affairs. Whether they felt they were well-deserved, made for better partners, or just that their spouse deserved to be cheated on, these 18 celebs made no qualms about their philandering ways. While this list is full of men, there are a few ladies on the list that make the men look like Mother Theresa. Doing whatever they can to get in that forbidden nookie, some have even taken their children on dates, done it with their children's caregiver and even watched while the paparazzi snapped their illicit photos. Read on to find out who really isn't sorry for engaging in adulterous affairs.

18 Scott Disick

17 Brad Pitt

16 Eddie Cibrian

15 Jesse James

14 Peter Cook


13 Kristen Stewart

12 Ashton Kutcher

11 Dean McDermott

10 Woody Allen


9 Kobe Bryant

8 Ethan Hawke

7 Heidi Klum

6 Jessica Simpson

5 Kris Jenner

4 Anne Heche

3 Billy Crudup


2 Frank Sinatra


1 Billy Bob Thornton

Angelina Jolie hasn't just succeeded in breaking up one relationship, but two. Billy Bob Thornton was living with actress Laura Dern, his fiancée, and when she was away filming a movie, he married Angelina and Laura never heard from him again. Married for three years, Billy Bob says it was "crazy time" and by that he could be partly alluding to the vials of each other's blood they wore around their necks. It could also be because Laura was supposed to be his fifth wife, and Angelina made that number remarkable for him instead. Its ok for Billy Bob, who is now on his sixth wife, in seemingly his longest relationship yet, to make-up artist Connie Angland.

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18 Celebrity Cheaters Who Are Not Sorry