17 Shocking Photos That Prove Ghosts Are Real

You don't need to get any sleep tonight, right? Great, then you're in luck because you're about to come across 17 photos that are going to make the hair stand up on the back of your neck and make sleep seem like a distant possibility.

While you may immediately play the skeptic card, we assure you that these 17 images are as verified as ghost photos get. That means there are no double exposure or photo tricks here, these are the real deal.

And what's a great ghost photo without a chilling backstory to really set you on edge? Like the school bus of children that were killed by a train and now watch over that stop. Or the maid who mops up her own blood from when she was thrown from a banister, or the haunted pizza shop. You may also be missing your loved ones, but I bet you're hoping they don't come back to you in the form of a ghost, as some people have experienced and captured on camera.

Proving that not all ghosts are evil, we've even got one ghost captured on camera that was called the "healing ghost" by the local priest.

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17 Grandpa's Ghost


This is one of the more famous ghost photos, if only for the fact that it's in color and the ghostly figure is clearly seen standing behind the grandma.

Denise Russell, who submitted the photo, said that it is her Grandmother in the photo who lived on her own until she was 94, but was then moved into assisted living. The photo was taken on August 17th, 1997 and the man in the photo is definitely their Grandpa, who passed away on August 14th, 1984.

Not only would the ghost have to be 8-10 feet tall, but if you look even closer, you can see what appears to be another figure hidden in the shrubbery above the red van.

It took until Christmas day, 2000 for the family to notice the man in the photo. Talk about an unexpected Christmas present!

16 Robert A. Ferguson


The above photo was taken during a spiritualistic convention, so at least this ghost had a pretty solid sense of timing. It was taken back in 1968 when Robert A. Ferguson, who was the author behind Psychic Telemetry: New Key to Health, Wealth and Perfect Living, was giving a speech. The figure that appears in the photo was identified as being Ferguson's brother Walter who had passed away back in 1944 during WW2.

Immediately people may point to the potential of double exposure, but because the photo was taken by using a Polaroid it reduced the chances of that being the case. At the very least, you can imagine this probably really strengthened Ferguson's belief in the afterlife!

15 Cemetery Ghost Baby

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You have to admit it would probably be pretty inconvenient to be a ghost. That goes double if you just happen to be stuck as a ghost baby. Mrs. Andrews was visiting the grave of her daughter who had tragically passed away at the age of 17, around the years 1945/1946.

It was a typical visit to her grave, except that when the photo got developed it very clearly showed the chilling image of the small child sitting on the grave and staring at Mrs. Andrews.

You could immediately say double exposure, but Andrews claimed there were no children anywhere near her in the cemetery, and that the child did not look like her daughter when she was a child.

The story was enough to draw the attention of Tony Healy who was a paranormal researcher from Australia. When Healy investigated the gravesite in the late '90s, he discovered the gravesite of two infant girls located nearby.

14 The Back Seat Ghost

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This photo was taken by Mrs. Mabel Chinnery in March 1959. Chinnery had hoped to catch a nice photo of her husband in the car, but upon looking at the photo it shows very clearly that there was someone sitting in the backseat. The person was later identified as being Mrs. Ellen Hammell, the woman whose grave they had visited earlier in the day. When a photographic expert identified the photo, he ruled out the chance of it being a double exposure, saying "I stake my reputation on the fact that this picture is genuine."

Whether you agree with him or not is still your call, but at least you know there are people out there that strongly believe in the photo.

13 The Ghost Of Boothill Cemetery

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When Terry Ike Clanton decided to take a photo of his friend out at Boothill Graveyard, he definitely got a lot more than he bargained for. Clanton had wanted his friend to dress up like his cousin who was part of the legendary Clanton Gang.

Depending on how you want to interpret it, the man in the back appears to either be without legs or is kneeling, but either way, it's terrifying. Clanton was quick to defend the photo, saying "I know there was no other person in this photograph when I shot it. We thought this was a tie at first [that he's holding], but after further review, it appears to be a knife. The knife is in a vertical position; the tip is located just below the figure's right collar. If you're not convinced that something is weird here, look at my friend's shadow in the photo. It appears to be going back slightly to the right of him. The figure in the back should have the same shadow, but it doesn't!"

12 Railroad Crossing Ghost


If you're located near San Antonio, you may want to do your best to try and avoid the railroad track that is photographed above. As is the case with most ghost photos, there's a grizzly story attached to the location. It was reported that young children were killed at the intersection back in the 1930s or 1940s after the bus stalled on the tracks (killing 10 children and the driver).

Want to feel even more creeped out? People have traveled from all around the world to check it out and allegedly stop their car 20 to 30 yards from the tracks and put their car in neutral (or turn off their engines). It's reported that their cars will start to roll and go up and over the tracks. Want to get even more creeped out? Some people have put baby powder on their bumper and reported that tiny fingerprints will appear on the car after getting pushed.

One person who tried it out was Brenda Pacheco, who said "It moved quickly toward the tracks, up over the bump and down the other side, well out of harm's way!...I was so excited, I got out to check the back of my car and there were the tiny handprints! Plain and clear, and so, so tiny! The prints were so perfect, you could see the lines of the palms, and the swirls of the fingerprints!"

Pacheco then did the experiment again, and once again and claimed "There were several little handprints, not only on the back of the car, but down the sides toward the back doors! And there was one big handprint on the side!"

Call me crazy, but "excited" is not the word I would use to describe that experience!!

11 Bachelor's Grove Cemetery

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You need to admit, if there is going to be a place where you're likely to find some ghosts, a cemetery is a pretty safe bet. Located in Illinois, be Bachelor's Grove Cemetery has long been known to be haunted by several ghosts over the years. It was reportedly originally potentially used as a dumping ground for victims of the Chicago crime families, which as you can imagine would cause some upset spirits.

While typically people report seeing orbs of light or a phantom vehicle, there are also reports of people seeing a white lady, also described as the "White Madonna." This figure allegedly walks the grounds during full moons and can also be seen carrying her infant. Some believe that figure is who we see above, while others think it's just another potential ghost.

The photo was taken in 1991 and the cemetery was completely empty except for the Ghost Research Society which had gone looking for activity.

In the 1950s there were also numerous reports of a Phantom farmhouse that would shimmer, float and then vanish, talk about some super spooky stuff!


10 Spectre of Newby Church 

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One of the creepiest, but most common places for ghosts to be seen is inside of churches. I guess it makes sense when you consider the strong religious element to the paranormal. Reverend K.F. Lord was hanging out in the Church of Christ the Consoler (located in North Yorksire, England) in 1963 when he decided to take a photo.

What he probably did not expect was the ghostly sight of what appears to be, a 16th-century monk who has a white shroud covering his face. Adding to the scary factor is the fact that the figure appeared to be around 9 feet tall. The photo, best known by the name "The Spectre of Newby Church" has been debated by many professionals with the general consensus being that the photo could not be due to double exposure.

9 Waverly Hills Sanatorium

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The Waverly Hills Sanatorium is a closed sanatorium that is located in Kentucky. The location accommodated 40 to 50 tuberculosis patients and it is considered to be one of the most haunted hospitals in the Eastern United States. As a result, it's been featured on several television shows including Ghost Hunters which visited the location three times.

One of the most startling images to come from the hospital is the above one which looks to feature a former nurse. The legend goes that there was a nurse who committed suicide (or was murdered) in Room 502 after it was discovered that she was pregnant (but was unmarried), and that may be who you see above.

It was reported that upwards of 9,000 people died at the Sanatorium, but more realistic numbers place it at around only 8,212. That'd be a ton of upset spirits!

8 The Ghost Of The Seven Gables 

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If you ask me, ghost photos get a lot creepier and more credible when you get to understand the backstory of the photo. The above photo was taken in 2004 at the House of the Seven Gables, located in Salem, Massachusetts. When evaluating the photo which clearly shows a little boy on the other side of the wooden fence, it appeared to be the ghost of Nathaniel Hawthorne or his younger son, Julian.

The story goes that the location is the home of Nathaniel Hawthorne, a famous American author (whose best-known work is The Scarlet Letter). Unfortunately for him, a curse was placed on his family by a woman who was sentenced to death during the infamous Salem witch trials. The reasoning for this was because one of Hawthorne's ancestors was Judge Hawthorne who sentenced many witches to burn to death back in 1692. Talk about a long lasting curse!

7 Godfather's Pizza Ghost


If I'm going out for a nice dinner at Godfather's Pizza restaurant in Ogden, Utah, I probably just want an extra large pepperoni pizza, and would be disappointed if my order came with an extra helping of ghosts. But if you went there back during 1999-2000, that may be exactly what you got.

There were enough weird goings on that the Utah Paranormal Exploration and Research team was called in. Management and staff reported occurrences that included a jukebox playing by itself (even when unplugged), 40+ fluorescent light tubes flying out of their boxes, a tile floor that would bulge up to 10 inches and then level itself off (research proved no natural reasons for this), mysterious whistling coming from the kitchen (good luck keeping your minimum wage cook!) and lastly, several spirits being spotted including a man, a woman, and two boys.

UPER discovered that the restaurant may have been built on top of an old cemetery for the poor.

The above photo was caught in 2000 by UPER, who claimed that the misty apparition was visible with the naked eye.

6 The Phantom Pilot

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If you're going to be hanging out at the Fleet Air Arm Station in Yeovilton, Somerset, England why wouldn't you want to take some photos? Especially if you get to sit in a bitchin' retired helicopter as Mrs. Sayer got the chance to! One thing that may deter you is when you find out that after the photo gets developed, there's a ghostly looking figure sitting right beside you in a white shirt.

The photo was taken in 1987 and when Sayer was asked about it by the Society for Psychical Research, she reported feeling particularly cold when she was sitting in the seat even though it was an incredibly hot day out.

Further investigation showed that the helicopter was used during the Falklands War, but it was not reported whether the pilot that was in the aircraft died in action. You can imagine if he did, that it would add yet another layer to this eerie photo.

5 Tulip Staircase Ghost

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Now I need to give a local shout out to Ralph Hardy who was a retired clergyman from White Rock, British Columbia which is only a stones throw away from where I grew up. Thankfully, though, this photo was taken far away from B.C.

Hardy took the photo in 1966 when he was visiting the Queen's House section of the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich, England.

It's definitely a beautiful staircase, but you need to admit the creepy ghost climbing the stairs definitely takes away from some of the overall aesthetic value.

If you want further proof that the house may be haunted, it was reported by two Gallery Assistant's that they once saw the doors slam shut by themselves and then saw a woman gliding across the balcony and then entered a wall on the west balcony.

The assistants then chased after the ghost (are you kidding me?!) and saw it pass through the Queen's Bedroom and out through the wall.

It has also been reported that people have spotted a pale woman frantically mopping up blood (no thank you), which is allegedly the ghost of a maid who was thrown from the highest bannister 50 years ago. Some people have also said that they've heard unexplained choral chanting and some tourists have experienced being pinched by unseen figures.

Sounds like a pretty solid setting for a horror movie to me!

4 The Unwanted Wedding Guest

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Back in 2008, there was a lovely couple that was trying to decide where they should hold their wedding. They decided to hire Neil Sandbach who was a professional photographer and graphic designer to go and take some photos on a farm that was located in Hertfordshire, England.

It ended up looking like a really nice location for a wedding, at least until Neil started looking at the photos on his computer and spotted the white, glowing figure that was peering back at him in the above photo.

Especially because Neil was scouting for the wedding, he was confident that nobody else was at the farm at the time.

Neil then went to the owners of the farm and without showing them the photo, asked them if there were ever any paranormal activities that went down on the farm. The owners admitted that on occasion there would be the figure of a young boy that was dressed in white night clothes.

You can imagine the hair stood up on the back of their neck when Neil unveiled the photo.

3 The Healing White Lady Of Worstead Church

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There are plenty of stories on this list about ghosts that would downright terrify you if you saw them first hand. Now that's not to say the above photo isn't scary, but when asked about it, Reverend Pettit who resided in Worstead Church where the photo was taken in 1975, explained that the photo was of the White Lady.

The White Lady is allegedly a healing ghost that would often appear when someone would be in need of healing, and at the time Diane (who is photographed) was suffering from an illness and taking antibiotics.

The biggest potential legend around the White Lady stretches all the way back to 1830 when a man allegedly boasted that he would climb to the top of the belfry and kiss her if she would appear. When men went to find him, the man was huddled in the corner and explained that he saw her and then died. Now, of course, this story is literally more than 100 years old, but it's still enough to raise at least a few hairs on your neck.

In a humorous twist, don't expect to find the church anymore as it has since been remodeled into a pub.

2 Lord Combermere's Ghost

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When you consider this entry comes in at number 2 on our list, and has some direct ties to our number 1 entry, you better believe there are some scary elements at play here.

The man sitting in the chair is allegedly Lord Combermere and was taken way back in 1891 in the Combermere Abbey library. While alive, Combermere was a British cavalry commander and was killed after being struck by a horse-drawn carriage (so the 1891 version of being hit by a car).

Okay, not so creepy so far, but how about the fact that at the time of the photo being taken, his funeral was happening around 4 miles away (apparently ghosts can travel quick!).

Now one factor of it being 1891 means it took an hour for the film to develop, increasing the chance of someone sitting in the chair and altering the photo, but every member of the household was at the funeral.

1 The Moving Coffins Of Barbados

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When it comes to our number one entry, we're not looking so much at evidence of ghosts in the photo as instead informing you about one of the creepiest paranormal experiences of all time - the moving coffins of Barbados.

Legend goes that back in 1807, a vault was created to host the bodies of the affluent Chase family.

The first to enter the vault was Thomasina Goddard who was put in a wooden coffin (this becomes relevant). A year later, Mary Ann Chase passed away at the age of 2.

5 years went by and Dorcas Chase passed away and entered the vault. Still nothing creepy, but stay with me, because just a few weeks later their father Thomas Chase passed away. It may also be important to note that Thomas was one of the most hated men in town, so he probably earned some curse words in his time.

When the vault, which mind you, was heavily sealed by cement and a huge rock (that required several men to move), was open again, all of the coffins inside were strewn about. With nothing of value taken, gravediggers were ruled out, but nevertheless the coffins were put in place, including Thomas's, and the vault was re-sealed.

4 years go by and in 1816, Charles Brewster Ames passed away (a friend of the family) and when the tomb was opened, all of the caskets were misplaced and found thrown about again, including the 240-pound casket that housed Thomas.

Fifty-two days went by until the tomb had to be unsealed again, and when it was they made sure to note that there were no marks of forced entry. Yet as you can expect, the vault was in disorder again.

Jump forward to 1819 (so roughly 3 years) and the vault is opened again and this time, every coffin is found strewn about, except perhaps oddly enough, Thomasina Goddard's.

The governor of the island was Lord Combermere (who you remember scared you in photo #2) then ordered a thorough investigation of the vault but deemed that nothing strange could be discovered.

The coffins were then ordered to be restacked and sand was placed in order to catch any footprints left by intruders.

When Combermere ordered the vault to be opened again (this time for curiosity) on April 18th, 1820, the vault was messed up again (including coffins being flipped over) despite his seal clearly being unbroken.

Combermere had enough and the coffins were then ordered to be moved and buried elsewhere on the island.

An old wives tale? Perhaps, but the Chase vault absolutely did exist and further inspection has also ruled that no water could have entered and that the spot would not have been impacted by earthquakes (and if they did, why would the wooden coffin had not been altered the last time?). Perhaps Combermere upset some spirits with his reburial and that's why he also came back as a ghost!

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