16 Newer Horror Movies That Will Scare The Pants Off You

Each year, there are a bunch of movies being released and horror movies are always more anticipated than other genres. Movies of this kind are either unnerving or just downright spooky. These films are also made to play with your imagination and your hidden worst fear. Films like the iconic Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Wrong Turn, The Exorcist, and The Blair Witch Project make us fear for our out-of-town trips.

Films like these will make you want to sleep with a knife under your bed or maybe get your whole house blessed, just in case. Even so, we still love them as each film gives us the thrill and entertainment that no other genre can give.

This year, another set of scary movies have been released and they'll surely make you stay awake all night. There are a lot of horror movies out there, but only a certain few can give you more thrills and chills than the rest.

Here are a few horror flicks you might want to watch... or not. One thing's for sure, though, you'll probably have second thoughts about watching these movies after going through this list. And so, without further ado, here are the 16 of the most frightening movies from late 2015 up to this year. And, on top of that, we also included some upcoming horror movies you should watch out for.


16 Krampus

This Christmas-themed horror movie involves Santa’s counterpart; Krampus. This hunkering giant is a rugged, shadowy, half-goat, half-demon straight out of German folklore, who was accidentally unleashed by a boy who had a bad Christmas.

When his family clashed over the holidays, the young lad, Max got disappointed and turned his back on Christmas. It turns out that his lack of Christmas spirit summoned Krampus. This goat-like entity gate-crashed their home with his devilish helpers and took Max’s family.

This may be the most misunderstood horror movie of 2015 but it did a good job at transitioning from a typical holiday drama to a darker toned horror/comedy flick. It did a good job on the practical effects as well.

What could be scarier than a group of homicidal gingerbread men, a violent teddy bear and a horrible-looking jack-in-the-box? Plus, the idea of a monstrous goat invading your house on a Christmas Eve, dragging your relatives to hell one by one makes it even more terrifying.

15 Crimson Peak

Crimson Peak will scare the hell out of you and break your heart at the same time. This Gothic romance film tells a story of a woman who married a mysterious man. She then finds herself taken to his husband’s old family home and learns that the house is not as innocent as it seems. Little did she know that they are in for a lot of emotional and violent confrontations.

Crimson Peak is written and directed by Guillermo Del Toro, who is one of the most celebrated filmmakers in the industry. And Crimson Peak is, by far, Del Toro’s most colorful and most serious film he has ever done as it abandons the usual genre effects and focuses on a gothic love story instead.

The film received mainly positive reviews from critics. It got 71% rating on Rotten Tomatoes and 66% on Metacritic. It's worth watching for sob and horror story fans out there.

14 The Other Side of the Door

If you are a fan of supernatural genre, then The Other Side of the Door is a movie that is worth the cinema ticket. To be honest, there is nothing new to this film as it has takes the back-from-the-dead cliché. But, still, this movie is good as it is as scary as hell despite having the generic storyline.

In the film, a western family migrated to India. Their lives were normal up until the sudden death of their son. The mother was very desperate to communicate with her son Their Indian housekeeper gave her a tip on how she can communicate with the dead. She was then given strict instructions; however, as usual, every protagonist is bad at following instructions. Hence, she screwed up and accidentally unleashed the spirits of the dead.

The creepy faces and alarming appearances of the entities accompanied by loud sounds, will totally send chills down your spine. It also has a rare production as it is both set and shot in India.

13 The Purge: Election Year

For starters, The Purge films do not involve any supernatural themes in it but it is the suspense that will make you want to see more of this movie. So, if you are looking for a thrilling movie experience, then this movie is for you.

There is nothing much new with The Purge: Election Year – all crime is legal for 12 hours and all police and medical emergency services are unavailable – but it is a few levels better than the previous The Purge films. And although the drill is the same, this film corrected mistakes from its predecessors. The Purge: Election Year is set two years after the previous film and for the first time, the purge-immune status of political figures has been revoked. Basically, no one is no longer safe.

There are also several jumpscares from time to time even if you can clearly see people purging everywhere. Its writer and director, James DeMonaco did an excellent job as well in introducing new characters as well as further establishing recurring ones.

12 Don’t Breathe

If you are one of the thrill-seeking moviegoers and die-hard fans of horror movies, then you should definitely see Don’t Breathe. In just a few days after its premiere, it already earned $10 million and scored 87% of positive ratings on Rotten Tomatoes, indicating that it is one of the movies that is really worth the watch.

The film follows a young woman who is planning to move away from her abusive mother. Hoping to have a better life in California, she decided to join her boyfriend and his best friend in robbing a house to get money to begin life anew. They then decided to break into an old army veteran’s house. As they found out that their target is blind, they assumed that it would be easier for them. But, little did they know that it was them that will become the prey.

It does not have ghosts or anything that will require more effort on visual effects but its good sound effects and rare suspense will make you hold your breath. It's also a new take on the overpowered killer versus normal guys trope so expect a few surprises along the way.

11 Hush

At first glance, you might think that there is nothing much interesting in this Netflix thriller-horror movie. It’s another story of home invasion and the setup is plain and simple: the protagonist lives in a house in the woods then a masked killer appears and tries to break into the house. The protagonist, of course, needs to find a way to escape from the intruder. That is basically it. But, Hush is not your ordinary thriller/horror movie.

You see, the main character here is mute and deaf; disabilities that the actress expertly portrayed. It is also unique as the suspense did not entirely rely on sound effects and loud noises, unlike typical movie jump scares.

This film will leave you at the edge of your seat as well in the battle between the resourceful heroine and the masked killer. The film is just grounded in reality – which makes it really good – in showing how brave and resourceful the protagonist is without being too heroic.

10 The Visit

The Visit neither involves ghosts, spirits, monsters, aliens, zombies, spells, nor demons. But, only a pair of harmless-looking grandparents - or so you thought. The film follows two siblings who are on a five-day visit to their maternal grandparents’ house for the very first time while their divorced mom goes on a cruise with her boyfriend. It just so happens that those oldies are impostors who escaped from the mental hospital and killed their real grandparents.

Unlike most of his well-known horror films like The Sixth Sense and Signs, director and producer M. Night Shyamalan made The Visit differently with a lighter tone. There are, of course, some jump scares and small amount of blood, spooky sounds, and weird acts made by the antagonists but there is also a character who fancies himself as a ladykiller that overall balances the mood of the movie. Although it is rated PG-13,  it contains some occasional swearing spoken by a 13-year-old boy. This modern Hansel and Gretel is a good movie to watch but make sure it's not with your grandparents.


9 The Boy

The Boy gives a super creepy feel with its setup – an eerie-looking porcelain doll in an old, big and isolated house. The film follows a young woman who is trying to escape an abusive relationship by getting a temporary job as a nanny for an 8-year-old “boy.” At first she finds it very weird for a doll being treated like a living child but then she began experiencing things that are “supernatural” and believes that the boy’s spirit lives on in the doll. The twist of the film is really unexpected and moviegoers were probably shocked in the big reveal near the end.

The Boy has a good twist in it which makes it really worth watching. In addition, the darkness of the story does not really sink in until after the movie has ended. The jump scares are minimal but the film focuses on making watchers feel uneasy. It will also make you keep guessing about the mysteries that it entails.

8 Before I Wake

If you are a fan of Thomas Jane, then you should definitely see this. Before I Wake has a great and interesting concept: a young couple’s son died and they then decided to adopt a child who is just as their son’s age, so as they could feel the gap. The problem with the new kid is that every dream he has somehow manifests physically while he is sleeping. This includes nightmares coming to life too.

Another good thing about this movie is that there are a lot of spooky scenes that are just spine-tingling. And although there are also surprisingly touching moments in it so the film doesn't rely on fear alone.

On top of that, the performances of the actors are solid - especially Jacob Tremblay’s portrayal of Cody. His lines are simple yet his expressions are so hauntingly remarkable. In addition, Before I Wake is also for those who are a fan of Japanese horror movies as it borrows a lot of themes from the genre.

7 Amityville: The Awakening

The Amityville story itself is just so creepy and intriguing at the same time. Now it is making its way to the big screen  yet again and it might probably frighten you more than any of its adaptations to date.

Despite the hype behind it, a lot of people are still having doubts on how the movie will go. They say that there is nothing new with Amityville: The Awakening but every one will be the judge of that once the film premieres.

Another reason why most people are still uncertain about watching this is that they will be releasing this film on January. Most movie geeks know that January is the time of the year where crappy movies come out – it is like the national trashy movies month. Then again, the trailer maybe is not as bad as it looks. And seeing how Thomas Mann portrays his character in the trailer already hints us that this might be a good one to watch.

6 Blair Witch

The Blair Witch Project was a massive success and has made a lot of people talking back in 1999. A lot of people debated as to whether or not, the film is genuine. It also gave a mark of terror on every viewer because it was so good that most of them believed it is real. And now, they are back with a third sequel, Blair Witch (formerly known as The Woods). So if you love found-footage films or if you have been a fan of The Blair Witch Project, then you really have to see this as it sets up the same atmosphere of its predecessors.

The Blair Witch is said to pick up 20 years after The Blair Witch Project (1999) so it is more like a sequel of the first film than the second one. The trailer itself can already send chills down your spine. And it is enough to tease you that a lot of suspense and jump scares await you.

5 Rings

Samara is back at it again with her infamous video tape to menace the characters in the third installment of the Ring series. You know the drill: you watch the video, your phone will ring, someone (or something) will tell you that you will die in seven days, you will experience a lot of terror, and then Samara will show up to get you. Nothing new with the formula but then again, it is how Samara has done her thing since the beginning.

However, Rings (also known as The Ring 3) is going to be quite different this time as Samara found her way to the new media age. With that, the video is not the only one that is worrisome, but also how will the film’s main characters stop something that is already on the internet – which is probably being viewed by a lot of people. It is going to be a busy year for Samara as we expect that the body count of her victims will be a lot higher than the previous films.

4 Leatherface

If you were once haunted by the 1974 film, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, prepare yourself to get even more frightened with Leatherface. 42 years and several entries after the most talked about film, the story of the iconic masked killer is finally being told.

Like Samara, Leatherface will be making a comeback as well. However, this eighth film franchise of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre will serve as a prequel. The movie will unmask the tale of the teenage Jackson who escaped from a psychiatric hospital along with three other patients and a kidnapped nurse. They were then chased by an equally mentally unstable man who is seeking revenge.

There is no official trailer yet and its premiere date is also yet to be announced; but, its plot already sounds disturbing, violent, and as suspenseful as the original film. With its killer storyline, who knows, it might probably fare better compared to Texas Chainsaw 3D.

3 Lights Out

Lights Out (2016) is just as good as the original 2013 short film by David Sandberg. If you are a horror movie enthusiast, you already know how good James Wan’s films are; the good news here is he teamed up with Sandberg, who won the Best Director Award in Who’s There Film Challenge with Lights Out (2013) to bring us an epic full length film. With that, we can say that it is enough proof that Lights Out (2016) is worth watching.

The original film shows a simple scene of a woman being menaced by an entity that only shows up when the lights are out. Now, they have expanded that idea and created an imaginary friend for an adult.

Lights Out (2016) is not just your average horror movie as it deals with wider conceits. It imposes issue on depression as well – which makes it even scarier – and raises understanding on mental health stigmas. But let's face it, what makes the film even more scarier is the fact that it plays with our common fear of the dark.

2 The Conjuring 2

Horror movies are scary enough on their own but the idea that The Conjuring movies are based on a true story adds more thrill to it. The movie is packed with not just mere jump scares for the sake of having them. Its scares are perfectly planned and set up. Moviegoers are made to suffer through suspenseful yet calm moments and the BOOM, a jump scare occurs. James Wan, the director of The Conjuring 2, was able to turn this horror movie into a remarkable one and it could even be the scariest film in recent history.

Although there is still a horror movie cliché factor when the Warrens had a showdown with the demonic entity, the performances of the actors are still excellent, which makes it really worth the watch. Who wouldn’t be extremely frightened by a demonic nun who keeps on popping up at various times? Plus, the actual audio recording that was played over the end credits is really haunting and it would make you believe in ghosts more. It also assured moviegoers that they'll be scared from the beginning until the end of the film. In addition, it became a blockbuster hit and gained a lot of positive reviews from critics.

1 Train to Busan

Zombie flick enthusiast or not, you will definitely not be disappointed when you see Train to Busan. This film gained 93% of positive ratings on Rotten Tomatoes, and 73% on Metacritic. On top of that, it instantly became a blockbuster hit when it premiered in July; not bad for South Korea’s first home-grown zombie movie, right?

The film is set in – you guessed it right – a train from Seoul bound to Busan with passengers who find themselves caught in the middle of a zombie apocalypse. The film also perfectly critiqued the latent social injustice in Korean Society.

Train to Busan will not only scare you to death but will also give you a heart-wrenching drama. This movie is one hell of a fantastic train ride as its story, cinematography, effects (both visual and special), and suspense were perfectly combined and executed. Each character is excellently portrayed as well. Plus, the zombies are terrifying to look at.

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