16 Most Outrageously Photoshopped Kardashian Pictures Ever

Let's face it: Whether you like it or not, the Kardashians are here to stay. One way or another. They are famous for being rich and famous celebrities. Beyonce looks good, but she sings good. Margot Robbie is sexy, but she can also act like mad. And the Kardashians? Their celebrity is completely based on looks and lifestyle. They define what they want to be on social media. So, it is not surprising that there can sometimes be a canyon-sized gap between the real thing and the doctored  images. And recently when Kim Kardashian West supposedly "crushed" those rumors of Photoshopping an image, she did it by posting a kind of selfie. Which, by the way, could also have been Photoshopped. Sometimes it's hard to tell. Sometimes it's so obvious it's funny. Often, the K sisters scream denial. Sometimes (tellingly) they say nothing. It's not always their doing, as magazine editors and journalists love to put their own twist on a Kardashian image. No matter how rich, thin, or beautiful you are, Photoshop can help you achieve near pictorial perfection. Here are 15 Kardashian images that many think were outrageously and totally altered thanks to good old Photoshop.


16 Naked In The Desert

In 2015, Kim reportedly had body confidence issues and so she decided to do a naked photoshoot (with strategically positioned white paint) in the desert. Doesn't everybody? It was featured in glorious color on an episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians. And once Kim finally uploaded the black and white images of the shoot, fans were quick to point out that on that particular episode, she just was not as thin as the black and white pictures seemed to show. And indeed, the side by side comparison of the two pictures leads some to believe that the uploaded images had been doctored. This "issue" seemed to cause an Internet breakdown, with fans, photographers, and just about anybody and everybody wading in with their opinion. Some were outraged. Some defended Kim. And others? They just really, really, really couldn't have cared less.

15 The Natural By Photoshop Sears Ad

Many would bet you money that the day a Kardashian sets foot in a Sears, the world will probably come to an end. But that doesn't stop them from selling "their" Kardashian Kollection in the store. Really, what usually happens is that a store will pay big bucks to slap the Kardashian name on a product. And the most the girls have to do with it is some promotional work, like posing for sexy ads. So, we have Kourtney, Kim and Khloe looking fierce and sexy. They were, Kim said, going for a natural look in this ad. The only thing is, said Perez Hilton, there is absolutely nothing natural about any aspect of the ad. Kim's and Khloe's necks have disappeared, "but that's probably because they were trying to fit their heads on someone else's body". Kourtney came out pretty "unscathed", but she seems to be missing a foot and maybe a leg. Natural Photoshop style.

14 Kendall Jenner And That Bikini Shot

Okay, here's lesson one on how to spot an image that has been Photoshopped. Look for inconsistencies in the surroundings. See, if you look at that Sears ad, there is only a white background. Why? Well, it's striking, but it's also easier to Photoshop. But with this bikini shot of Kendall Jenner, there are pesky things like window ledges to contend with. And you totally can see those telltale wavy lines that show the image has been skewed. Some said Kendall looked like she had rickets in this probably Photoshopped picture. And that the wavy lines to the left of the picture are a telltale sign that the image has been doctored to nip in that waist or smooth down those thighs. Many said that, with her body, this was just not necessary. Perhaps Kendall believes in the old adage: You can never be too rich or too thin.

13 Milk Ad And Kim's Waist

Now this is the kind of thing you have to get used to with celebrities, even famous for being famous ones: When the image of blonde Kim, appeared in a "Got Milf" ad, many took one look at it and said that waist had definitely been altered thanks to Photoshop. Not so, said Kim. And here's a picture to prove it. Only thing was, the picture she posted was one she had taken and the blurry lines around her body suggest that perhaps something had been done to it to nip in that waist and slim down those arms. There are those rumors of Kim employing a Photoshop assistant, an "editor" to clean up her pictures. So, other than appearing naked in public on a busy New York street, any "proof" Kim offers up is just another possibly altered image. But see, in the wonderful world of the Kardashians, there just really is not such a thing as bad publicity. Or so they think...

12 Kylie Jenner In The Flesh Versus Instagram

Let's take a break from all those bodies and concentrate on a face. It's a pretty enough face that many would be ecstatic to have. On the left we have Kylie Jenner. On the right, we have Kylie plus. The skin has been smoothed. Those cheeks have been streamlined. The eyebrows have more of an arch and are thicker. And it looks as if she has either had a quick shot of collagen or Photoshop has stepped in to plump out those already nice enough lips. And there's this gauze like haze about the second picture that reminds us of ageing film stars who insist on being shot (literally) through a layer of softening gauze. And there's something about the hair color, too. Do you prefer Kylie number one or Kylie number two? Cute girl next door or sultry vixen?

11 The Photoshop Butt?

What is it with the Kardashians and backsides? Like the joke said, there's a big difference between a big a**ed woman and a woman with a big a**.  And the Kardashian women are most definitely the BAW types. So, when Khloe Kardashian's Complex magazine cover appeared and those ever eagle-eyed fans and foes viewed the original shot alongside the cover, some cried foul. That backside seems more audacious on the cover, those thighs more toned. Khloe admitted that the shadows had been taken out and the skin smoothed, but said everything else was her. Her, plus a little help, some said. Khloe only thumbed her nose at the trolls. Again, Internet spats spawn attention. And we all know the Kardashians need attention probably more than the air they breath.

10 Bikini Shots Re-Imagined

Khloe, Kourtney and Kim together again in front of a Photoshop-friendly white background. Beach Bunny Swimwear paid the girls a lot of money to promote their slightly kinky, hint of bondage, swimsuits. For starters, look at what happens to Kourtney's right leg. She's missing her knee cap and that arm perched on Kim's shoulder looks as if it belongs to somebody else. And that's because it probably does. And then there's the girls' breasts that look mannequin perfect. You can just about recognize Kourtney and Kim, but Khloe on the left looks like her whole face has been altered to make her look slightly demonic. But the real giveaway? They have all been given the same navel.


9 Kim Loses An Arm

Kimmy K. jetted over to Cannes for the Film Festival, as most of the rich and famous tend to do. She is attending a party on the Mail Online yacht and was snapped with reality star and good looking rich guy Jonathan Cheban. Some who compared this shot to other Cannes pictures of KK in the amazing white dress, said she seemed a bit, well, slimmer aboard the yacht. But that is not the main thing. The main thing is that she seems to be missing part of her arm. Now, it won't surprise anyone to hear that all of a sudden, cheeky types were posting Photoshopped pictures of Kim minus an arm. Probably the same people who posted all those altered images of Kanye West pregnant.

8 That Nasty Magazine That Gave Kendall Cellulite

Kim, as we will see, Photoshops out the nasty cheesy cellulite. But in a bid to boost sales, Famous magazine reportedly added cellulite to the back of Kendall Jenner's nearly perfect (if too skinny) legs and reported that she was too fat for the runway and being threatened with being booted out of high paying gigs. As anyone on earth probably knows, Kendall is the "it model" of the moment. Her friend, rich celebrity kid Ireland Baldwin clearly does not have enough to occupy her days and, in a flash, she jumped on social media to defend Kendall and blast the nasty magazine. The whole thing amounted to a minor social media meltdown, with most people giving the fat-shaming magazine a thumbs down. They sold magazines. So, do you think they care? Not.

7 How To Lose Weight Photoshop-Style

On the left, Kim and yet another in-a-mirror selfie. But, just for a change, she is wearing clothes. The waist looks suspiciously like that suspect "Got Milf" ad. So, at least she is consistent with her Photoshopping. Then a public snap that Kimmy didn't have the opportunity to alter and it is plain as anything that those curves just are not as curvy as Kim imagines they are. Some suspicious types point out that there is almost quite a delay between Kim actually taking a picture and when she gets around to posting it. Time to get that "editor" in. Look, nip in the waist. Make the legs skinnier. Nobody will ever know, will they?

6 Cutting Khloe Down To Size

Kim seems to be channeling Daisy May in this Sears ad featuring her with Kourtney and Khloe. A-List photographer Annie Leibovitz, shot the G-Rated Sears lingerie ad. So nasty types say that if Disney put out lingerie, it would look a lot like this stuff. Plus, the picture is so totally over-Photoshopped it looks as if three separate images of the girls were stuck together. Kim is barely recognizable. What else? Well Khloe is 5 feet 10 inches and towers over her much shorter 5 feet 2 inch sisters. So, not to worry, let's cut her down to size. And, indeed, Khloe just looks mad about the whole affair. Clearly, height reduction was not a pleasant experience.

5 More Weight Loss Photoshop-Style

Another magazine in pursuit of bigger sales. This time it's OK magazine. And the magic words are: "Kardashian" and "Diet Secrets". Kourtney has a baby and wham, weeks later she has dropped all her baby weight. Buy the magazine and find out how. The picture on the left is the real Kourtney and the one on the right, the magazine's completely, totally, utterly Photoshopped, 30 pounds lighter in only a few weeks Kourtney. Kourtney was quick to distance herself from the cover, Tweeting away to report that the magazine had doctored the picture. Nothing to do with her, she says. They didn't have an exclusive arrangement with her. In other words, she sold the pictures to anyone who would buy them.

4 Kourtney And Maxim

Another photoshoot with a white background. This isn't even particularly good Photoshopping. The legs are wrong. The poor girl has no knee cap. Plus, the upper body is wrong. Her side is a precisely straight line and the cleavage a blur. The shadows are just wrong. Even the belly button is fake. Her face is just about the only thing that actually looks like Kourtney. But what they have done to it in an attempt to make her look sultry and sexy, just makes her look silly and goofy, like maybe she's got a toothache (or she's not real). It's not totally bad. The hands look all right, we think.

3 Total Body Makeover

Here we have another Kim K in yet another very short, tight dress. And Perez Hilton loved it big time. "So... you can can clearly see that she made her butt more perky, removed a little wispy hair, also made her boobs more perky, made her waistline smaller, removed the zipper from the dress, made her nose smaller, removed a barely noticeable bruise from her leg", before she posted it to her Instagram account. Bet the editor slaved away for ages on that one. But, the thing is, the undoctored image looks pretty good. So, what's the point? Perfection sells. That's the point.

2 Stand Up For Your Cellulite

Seems good old Complex magazine messed up and posted a real (unretouched) image of Kim to its website following a photoshoot for the magazine. Aha, sharp-eyed trolls noticed, we spy cellulite. In a flash, the old image suddenly disappeared and the picture perfect slender-legged, cellulite-free Kim appeared. And she also looks as if she's lost a pound or two. Kim was outraged and blogged that she was proud of her cellulite. No, she didn't quite say that, but she did ask what girl doesn't have a bit of the cheesy stuff? Well, according to Ireland Baldwin, sister Kendall Jenner is a cellulite-free zone. And, she's a lot younger too.

1 It's Those Wavy Lines Again

Khloe bravely defended her right to Photoshop after a sexy thumb-down-my-yoga-pants selfie appeared, revealing a door with distinctly wavy lines in it. You see, a curved door equals Photoshop. Well, Khloe took the picture down and then went on a rant about an accident she had and reconstructive surgery she underwent that left one leg thinner than the other. No, she wasn't slimming down the fatter leg. She was fattening up the thinner one. Thank you for sharing. We believe you, don't we? But still, we wonder about that Kim style waist and the totally rock hard abs.


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