16 Big Celebrities Who Nearly Died, And How They Reacted

You’ve probably heard many stories of tragic, untimely celebrity deaths. In fact, there seems to be numerous instances each year. No matter how famous a person may be, one thing they cannot avoid is death. However, what you may have missed, are the shocking stories in which the stars on this list very nearly met their tragic demise. Yes, the stars on this list lived to tell the tale of their near death experiences, but things would have been way different, if they would have been less fortunate.

The events that led to these brushes with death are vastly different for each of the stars on this list and range from shark attacks, to car crashes, to accidents on set. These stars can count themselves lucky that they survived, as many people have not been so lucky in similar situations.

16 Joaquin Phoenix

15 Michael J. Fox


14 Charlize Theron

13 Eminem


12 Sean Kingston


11 Anne Hathaway


10 Orlando Bloom

9 George Clooney

8 Johnny Depp

7 Miles Teller


6 50 Cent

5 Rachel Bilson

4 Seth MacFarlane

3 Mark Wahlberg

2 Travis Barker

1 Leonardo DiCaprio

While taking a break from filming Blood Diamond in 2006, Leo decided to take part in an underwater diving expedition, in Cape Town, South Africa. What was supposed to be a relaxing break from filming, soon turned into something much more sinister after the brave star became trapped in a shark cage and was, as a result, attacked by a great white. The star, who was previously known to have a fear of sharks, described the incident as follows: “Half of its body was in and out, and I flattened down at the bottom, and it was this far away, and it chomped a few times but I survived it.” This was not the only close call for Leo. Once while flying business class on a flight to Russia, the actor witnessed an engine blow up. He described how the wing erupted in a “fireball.” Thankfully, the plane was able to do an emergency landing at JFK and no passengers were harmed. Leo escaped death a third time during a skydiving incident when both the chute, and the emergency chute, became tangled. However, the man accompanying Leo, managed to untangle the emergency chute mid-air, just in time. When speaking about all the times he has cheated death, the actor remarked: “If a cat has nine lives, I’ve definitely used a few.”

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16 Big Celebrities Who Nearly Died, And How They Reacted