16 Embarrassing Things That Beyonce Wants Her Fans To Forget

To keep it real, I'm pretty tired of people talking about how perfect Beyonce is. Not only is it really getting old, but it's also not true. No human being is perfect. Even Beyonce has her slip ups from time to time. People seem to worship everything that their Queen Bey does, but she is a person just like everyone else and no person is without flaws. There have been plenty of embarrassing things that Beyonce wants her fans to forget. But really though, I'm serious. It is a lengthy list, just like the rest of us could have.

For the record, I am not a hater. I am just one for always keeping it real and I am over anyone acting like this girl is absolutely perfect and she can do no wrong. Just like you and I, Beyonce has made some missteps here and there. Just like you and I, she has told some lies. Just like you and I, she has worn some tacky and outdated outfits. I can go on and on.

If you still don't believe me, then at least hear me out. Check out this list of 16 embarrassing things that Beyonce wants her fans to forget about.

16 She Copied Other Singers' Outfits


15 She Took Credit For Songs She Did Not Write

14 She Was Accused Of Faking Her Pregnancy

13 She Had a Nip Slip At The Super Bowl


12 Her Sister Went Crazy On Her Husband In An Elevator


11 Her Father Had An Affair Resulting In A Love Child

10 She Tried To Make Her "Sasha Fierce" Alter Ego A Thing


9 She Clearly Photoshopped Her Instagram Posts


8 She Used To Be In Destiny's Child With 3 Other People

7 She Fired Her Own Father


6 She Lip Synced At Obama's Inauguration

5 She Has A Step Sister

4 She Had Unflattering Photos Removed From The Internet

I totally see how Beyonce could feel about unflattering photos circulating on the internet, but I feel like it's a small price to pay in exchange for being a global superstar. Yes, I totally freak out and untag unflattering Facebook photos, but that's pretty passive in comparison to the way-too-controlling move that Beyonce and her camp tried to pull off. Her publicist emailed several publications and asked them not to post unflattering photos of Beyonce's face. Not only is that extremely obnoxious, but that is obviously going to add more attention to the situation resulting in more people talking about and sharing the photos. Such a silly move.

3 She Lost The Spotlight To Jennifer Hudson In Dreamgirls

2 She Has Slipped On Stage

1 She Was A Teenager When She Got With Jay Z


Jay Z and Beyonce are always so vague when it comes to conveying the timeline of their relationship. Yes, I get that it is their own private business, but they are famous figures and their lives are captivating to the public and their fans want to know as much as they can. The story has been changed around a few times and many suspect that it's because the two actually met when Beyonce was 17, which is illegal. But anyway, let's assume that it was 18. This means that Jay Z was 29 which is a pretty big difference that point in people's lives. But in all honesty, celebrities grow up so fast that I'm sure she was way mature than any other teen. Nevertheless, the couple is notoriously inconsistent when it comes to explaining this.

This just goes to show you that no one is perfect. Even Beyonce has embarrassing moments that she would like the rest of the world to forget about!

Images:, karleusastar/Instagram, beyonce/Instagram


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16 Embarrassing Things That Beyonce Wants Her Fans To Forget