15 Worst Things Found In Fast Food Restaurants

Eating fast food is supposed to be just that, a quick bite when you don’t have time or want to drop a lot of money on a proper meal. The expectation isn’t full nutrition nor is 5-star taste; however, we do not expect to find human remains in our food – regardless of how fast it is served. Here are the 15 worst things found in fast food.

Warning: If you get grossed out over stories of suspicious or disgusting items found in food you really need to move on. For the curious though, oh, we’ve got some good ones here. Personally, I try not to pay too much attention for fear I would find something and then never eat again, slowly dying via starvation. Sure, I’ve come across hairs, and yes, I always convince myself that it might be my hair despite not having short curly hair. You see, I’m very much into denial!

We’ve got all the “big brands” in this list as well the gamut of the very worst items you would ever want to find in your food. How about unwanted animal parts? Check. Did you ask about human blood? Check. Oh, and what about drugs? Check. That’s right; we really do have it all here! Come now and check out the 15 most awful items ever found in fast food.

15 Painkillers


This is a story about a man named Woody Duclos. Duclos worked at Burger King and liked to add more than a special sauce to the sandwiches he prepared. In 2010, there was a customer who was enjoying a BK chicken sandwich and found a small blue bill later identified as hydrocodone, a powerful painkiller drug. Then, while eating a fish sandwich another man found a pill. Both were linked back to Duclos who was arrested and sent away for five years.

You have to wonder how many didn’t recognize the pills and just ate them with their meal. I mean, when I’m eating Burger King sandwiches I’m usually throwing my food down pretty fast and could easily swallow a pill or two without knowing. Maybe the more important question is whether or not the painkillers made the food taste better? I'm guessing it probably did because these drugs do get you “high” and flame broiled is pretty tasty under these conditions, so I’ve been told.

14 A Severed Finger


We’ve all heard the saying there is no such thing as bad publicity, right? Well, I’ve got news for you; here is some bad publicity the fast food restaurant Wendy’s had to deal with. The year was 2005 and the town was Las Vegas, this is where a woman named Ann Ayala allegedly got a surprise with her order. She ordered the chili (in Vegas?) and started screaming when her expected spoon full of goodness came up with a severed finger.

Whose finger was it? That was the mystery and it took six weeks for local police to figure it out. Apparently it was the finger from a man that knew the woman’s husband. His finger was severed at work and decided he didn’t need it anymore so might as well give it away and let his friend try to scam Wendy’s for cash. The cops caught up with the story and they got booked for attempted grand larceny. Somewhere there’s a joke about Dave and his daughter, but I just can’t put my finger on it…

13 A Band-Aid


Somehow a Band-Aid is worse than a severed finger, right? I guess it’s all the blood and unknown contents. Okay, so I guess condom would be worse. Yes, condom would be the worst! Anyway, a man named Ken ordered a large pizza from Pizza Hut. He didn’t finish the pie so he saved it, keeping leftovers for the next day. Hey, there’s nothing better than day old cold pizza! Well, there is when you bite down to find a Band-Aid, no pizza is that good to ignore this, not even a Pizza Hut supreme!

The Band-Aid was baked right into the crust. Of course he kept the pizza and filed a complaint. No word on whether he got anything more than an apology. The fact that it was in the crust definitely raises the question of whether this was before Pizza Hut created the “cheese in the crust” pie or after. If it was after, let’s hope there was some additional protocols added in.

12 A Chicken Head


We have all heard stories or at least had suspicions of the chicken nuggets from McDonald’s. I mean, their chicken nuggets are totally the mysterious “hot dog” of the fast food industry. That says a lot and that’s why this story isn’t too shocking. In 2000, a woman purchased some yummy nuggets to take home to her family. When she got home her family was surprised to find a deep fried chicken head inside the box. That’s pretty much a horror story for a child. “Hey Mommy, where did that severed chicken head come from?”

Bonus was a woman that ordered a box of chicken wings to find a fried whole chicken complete with head and beak. Yes, there were children there as well. Maybe this is how to get kids to eat right – a little bit absurd, but hey whatever gets them eating broccoli. Silver lining is that the beak was identified. You really don’t want to bite into one of those…

11 Human Blood


Now, realize that your food is being prepared in a kitchen where cuts and bleeding happen. That’s a fact in the worst and the best restaurants throughout our fair land. That does not make this acceptable, but it is explainable. In Louisville, a woman went to one of those combo stores that have both a KFC and Taco Bell. She ordered food for both herself and one year-old daughter. At home she realized there were a lot of red smears all over the wrappers. She called the restaurant and the manager found that one of his employees had cut his finger and blood was everywhere.

Okay, so let’s take the “open questions” one at a time. First, anyone going to one of those KFC/Taco Bell combo shops is really asking for at least a stomach ache. Secondly, who buys this garbage for their one-year old? Regardless, let’s hope she got a nice settlement because if you need to feed your baby off the Taco Bell value menu you really could use some extra cash!

10 Bullets


You know how people (gun nuts) say it’s not guns that kill people, but people that kill people. Well, there is also the argument that bullets kill people. Although this story has nothing to do with guns it is an amazing tale that involves ammunition.

Mega-chain Costco has snack bars where they serve a lot of greasy fast food. In 2004, a woman decided she wanted a hotdog because why not, figuring she should take in the whole Costco experience I guess… what she got was more than just a bargain snack. She bit into a hotdog and there was something hard. Upon further review it was a bullet. That is amazing, right? Oh, it gets better, so much better… she then started having stomach pains and went to the emergency room where it was found that she had already swallowed another bullet. Costco has always been a place where you can buy food, tires, plants and ammunition all in one place. I guess they were trying to make it truly one-stop shopping!

9 A Syringe


This one is outright scary and is definitely nightmare worthy. In 2001, a woman went to Burger King for a breakfast sandwich. As she took a bite she felt something hard press against her cheek. After spitting out the contents she found a tip from a presumably used syringe. She sued Burger King for $9 million dollars. That initial “spit” had to be horrifying. We have all had that “oh god, it’s a bone” moment. Imagine the moment when she realized what it actually was, wishing it was just a bone.

The outcome isn’t clear, but I’ve got my theories on where it came from. First, is that one of the employees was a careless heroin addict because, Burger King. The second is a little crazy, but maybe it had something to do with the song “Humpty Dance” by Digital Underground. Here me out… if they were “getting busy in a Burger King bathroom” who knows what they were into. I don’t think we can rule out foul play that involves needles…

8 Cigarette


A mother of four from Kent, Ohio was super grossed out when she found a smoldering cigarette in her Chinese take-out. Granted, we could write a very long list that involved “findings” in Chinese food, but this one is interesting in that we don’t know if it was intentional or just a freak accident. Maybe the “chef” was smoking and it fell out and he thought it went on the floor. Maybe the mother had an attitude and he decided to teach her a lesson. Maybe she was a closet smoker and her children almost caught her smoking, leading her to dropping it in the food and blaming the restaurant.

So many questions, so little time… to me, the most important question is this: What brand was the cigarette? It could have been a Marlboro, Kook or even a Came, or… please, please tell me it was a Kent; that would really be perfect.

7 Human Skin


Full disclaimer: I have never eaten at an Arby’s restaurant and I have no reason for this. I love fast food and I love roast beef sandwiches and was always intrigued by the five sandwiches for five bucks, but have never indulged. Just wanted to get that out of the way before we tell this story…

The good news is this story isn’t about their roast beef sandwich; instead, it’s about their chicken sandwich. A man named David (again, not me, never been to Arby’s) was eating his sandwich when he tasted and/or felt something wasn’t right. He then tore apart the sandwich and pulled out some human skin. Now, how would you know its human skin? Oh, it had a fingerprint on it. Turns out he was totally right because the manager confessed to slicing his finger. Yeah, there was a lawsuit that followed… I like to think Arby’s tried to settle with lifetime of roast beef sandwiches…

6 Fried Mice


If you have ever eaten at a Popeye’s Chicken you probably will read this and just nod your head. This particular restaurant in Baltimore served up some mice along with an order of friend chicken. Lucky for everyone involved it was discovered by the customer prior to eating. Most shocking to me is that he could identify anything deep fried; to me it all looks the same. I would have totally eaten that mouse!

This is definitely a case of fool me once though because this particular chain had been shut down several times, twice for mouse infestation. Walking into this particular restaurant there was probably a 30 to 40% chance you were eating mice. Back to my point earlier, I wonder how many people actually at mice and didn’t know it. “Did they change the recipe? The chicken tastes a little different, plus smaller pieces – I think I like it!”

5 Human Teeth


A McDonald’s in Japan admitted to some of their shortcomings by admitting customers had found bits of plastic and teeth in their food. They apologized, but hey, how can you say plastic first and then teeth? Teeth should really be mentioned first. How did teeth make it into the food? The Japanese are crazy, they are the first to admit this, but even they have to be concerned about teeth in their food. Was there a fight and teeth got knocked out into a batch of fries? Is someone doing dental work in the back room?

Regardless, teeth are near the top of my list of things I never want to bit into, I still bite my own tongue; I really don’t need more teeth thrown into the mix. Also, I’ve always been a fan of McDonald’s, but there’s nothing happy about a meal with a set of teeth waiting for you.

4 Maggots


In Australia, a man went to McDonald’s and claimed he got a hamburger that was infested with maggots. Apparently it wasn’t very believable because the police and employees at McDonald’s all apparently laughed at him. Believing he only wanted his money back, it’s unclear whether or not he had tried to scam the restaurant before.

I don’t have the facts so I can see both sides of this. It’s not out of the realm of possibility that a McDonald’s hamburger would be infested by maggots, I don’t believe you can dispute the possibility. Also, I do picture Aussie officers drinking large beers and laughing whenever anyone comes with a non-serious complaint. Seems to be a pretty tough country where “maggots” are no big deal. The other side is also easy to believe because anyone could try and scam a fast food restaurant. Really on the fence here, guess I’m just going to have to grab myself a big beer and let this one go.

3 Gold Teeth


Technically not fast food, but I’m going to allow it because no one eats a candy bar slow. A Mars bar is typically a pleasant experience; however, sixty-year old man named Terence got more than nougat in his bite of candy bar. After taking a bite and swallowing he coughed up what looked like a piece of metal, but upon further review was actually a gold tooth. There was still some tooth attached, I guess that proved what it was.

So yeah, pretty disgusting, but finding gold is also a pretty cool thing. I might initially wonder if I had won something (quickly disappointed when I call and a bunch of Aussies on the other end of the line laugh at me). Seriously though, candy bar companies should have metal detectors or something. Eating a candy bar should be 100 percent enjoyable experience with no teeth, not even gold teeth.

2 Nails


Oh McDonald’s you really do dominate this list, don’t you? Should point out they are the most popular chain, but still. In Sweden, a man felt great pain when he bit into his burger and found a two inch nail inside. Apparently he took a bite, felt pain and then bit down again, realizing more pain. That’s one tough dude!

Apparently he didn’t care enough to sue, deciding to never eat at the restaurant again and cook his own food. Again, this is a tough dude. I’m surprised he didn’t just eat the nail out of spite and then give it back to McDonald’s on the way out. By the way, if I was his friend I would totally make sure I was at his next cookout and plant a nail in his homemade burger. Imagine the look on his face? Oh, in case you are wondering, yes, I can run really fast. Anything for a good gag…

1 A Condom


Here we go… I was joking earlier, but here it is. A condom inside a Happy Meal, true story and yes, it’s again in Sweden and yes, it’s McDonald’s! How can it get worse? What if I told you it was a seven year-old girl that found the condom? Again, true story… I know you are afraid to ask and I’m happy to report I don’t know whether it was new or used. Some things you just don’t want to know.

Again I’m intrigued by the HOW? Was there some crazy McDonald’s orgy where the fry grease was used as lubricant and condoms were flying around all over the place? Were there "Super-Size Me" jokes? Hmm, yes, there definitely had to be super-size me jokes. However it happened, no object is worse than a condom because of the open-ended questions. Hopefully the seven year-old was too young to realize what happened. If not, you can probably catch her this weekend dancing on the pole in Stockholm.

Sources: ABCNews, LATimes, NYDailyNews

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15 Worst Things Found In Fast Food Restaurants