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15 Wildest Celebrity Death Hoaxes That Actually Fooled Us

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15 Wildest Celebrity Death Hoaxes That Actually Fooled Us


A death hoax can be described as a deliberate attempt at making it appear as though someone has died, when truly, they have not. It’s a means of deception that has been used for many years and continues as a form of entertainment and even advancement for some individuals. Death hoaxes have been around for many centuries. They play a huge part in people’s lives, specifically those who have done something terrible and are looking to disappear by faking their death and reassuming a new identity. But the advancement of the death hoax has evolved from what it used to be. Where the hoax was once used for personal gain, it is now being used as a means of gossip and rumor. Throughout social media and multiple online articles, people have been spreading rumors of people dying. And because of the effects social media has on online articles, the rumors and lies keep on pushing through, sometimes appearing in real news reports. Celebrities are the ones who tend to get hit with death hoaxes the most, and it is because of this that a list of fifteen of the craziest death hoaxes totally needed to be compiled.

15. Morgan Freeman



For those who are unaware, Morgan Freeman is an actor who has been around for quite some time. He is known for portraying many characters, as well as his beautiful voice which he has used to narrate many different programs. Rumors about Morgan Freeman passing into the next life have been circulating for years, stating that he had died due to an accident, or that he had simply passed. But one of the most memorable was in 2012, when a terrible joke was made. A Facebook page was created by a user, which read “RIP Morgan Freeman.” The actor decided to take to social media with his response this time, stating: “Like Mark Twain, I keep reading that I have died. I hope those stories are not true…But if they are, I’m happy to report that my afterlife seems identical to my life when I was alive. I did go to Las Vegas to begin work on the film ‘Last Vegas.’ That is anything but a death sentence. – Morgan”

14. Paris Hilton


For those who do not know, Paris Hilton is the grand-daughter of Conrad Hilton, who founded the Hilton hotel franchise. She has also been known as a reality TV star, singer, actress, model and businesswoman, along with many other titles under her belt. Her popularity for simply being pretty and rich has brought her millions of fans. For many years, Hilton has been on the go, pursuing her various interests. Along the way, in 2007, Paris fell victim to a death hoax. The fake statement spoke of the actress’ timely demise and said that she would be dearly missed. Of course, this was an attempt at spreading a rumor that simply wasn’t true. Paris Hilton is actually alive and well, according to various articles by E! Online and TMZ. She has recently bought a place in Ibiza, and doesn’t seem to be backing down from the spotlight anytime soon.

13. Chloe Moretz


Hollywood holds many great stars in its arms. One of the best actresses now fresh in the spotlight is Chloe Moretz. She started acting in 2004 and had her first award nomination the following year. Since then, Moretz has made her way down the road of fame and become a very successful actress. However, in 2013, a rumor began circulating, stating that Moretz had died during a snowboarding accident while in Switzerland. Moretz was actually quite discomforted by this, and took to social media with her response by saying: “I don’t know who made this up but you’re disgusting. I am not dead. I did not die from snowboarding. It isn’t even snowing here in Switzerland.” The post was assurance that Moretz was alive and well, and that some people simply do not know how to quit spreading rumors.

12. Celine Dion



You wouldn’t know it by just looking at her, but Celine Dion has had quite a time getting where she is now. Her singing career started when she was very young, and once people started noticing, it didn’t take long for the singer’s fame to skyrocket. Celine is a Canadian singer still largely known for the famous song “My Heart Will Go On.” However, in 2013, hoaxes surrounded the singer’s fate, stating that she had been in a fatal car accident. Another hoax popped up, stating that Celine had died in a plane crash. The rumors continued to circle until finally, rumors were denied. Celine continues to move forward with her career, despite her husband and brother’s passing, and she seems to be shining brighter which each day that passes.

11. Jeff Goldblum


One of the most revered actors of the times, Jeff Goldblum is an American actor who is considered a cinematic favorite among audiences, and has been acting for quite some time. His work in various movies has shown Goldblum to be a very diverse person with many faces to show off in movies. But despite Goldblum’s massive success, it doesn’t make him invulnerable to death hoaxes and pranks. There was a post stating that Jeff Goldblum had died due to falling off of a mountain in New Zealand. For a few days, people all around the world believed this until Goldblum comically came online, proving that he was alive and well: “No one will miss Jeff Goldblum more than me. He was not only a friend and a mentor, but he was also… me.” Goldblum continues to perform and has earned various awards as well as nominations.

10. Eminem



Rapping has become something of a wonder, especially during the last ten years. It’s shaped a different style of music into fruition and caused a stir in many different cultures around the world. One of the most iconic rappers of all time happens to be a name we are all familiar with: Eminem. His work is considered iconic, however, the fame may have encouraged people to come up with crazy pranks and hoaxes about him. In 2000, Eminem was claimed to be dead due to a fatal car crash. However, not long after the rumor had surfaced, Eminem’s video for his song “Stan” went viral showing him dying in a car accident. Many felt the hoax was planned to accompany conspiracy with the video, however, it was never confirmed. Eminem is very much alive, and is still making music.

9. Russell Crowe



Originally, Russell Crowe hails from New Zealand, however he has spent most of his life in Australia, considering himself an Australian. For many years, Crowe has been acting in various movies, showing off his prowess and rugged good looks, but even tough celebrities are vulnerable to death hoaxes. In 2010, someone spread a rumor similar to that of Jeff Goldblum’s. Supposedly, Crowe had fallen off a mountain, making many of his fans completely devastated. However, Crowe didn’t simply push aside the incident by ignoring it. He made a rather funny comment via social media, stating: “Unable to answer the Tweets, fell off a mountain in Austria, all over red rover. Don’t know how I got there, but the media are never wrong. G’Bye.” For those who are wondering about him now, Russell Crowe is still alive and well.

8. Jon Bon Jovi



Jon Bon Jovi, the lead singer to the very popular rock band, Bon Jovi, has always had various rumors circling around him. Some were terrible, associating him with horrendous people. Usually those rumors were dismissed and no harm was done to the singer or his band. However in 2011, a very nasty rumor was spread, stating that Jovi had died due to cardiac arrest. The public waited anxiously for a response from the media or even Jovi himself, and many fans were beginning to lose hope, and believing the rumor. However, Jovi eventually posted a picture of himself online, holding a picture that stated heaven looked a lot like New Jersey, his home. Jon Bon Jovi, along with his other members, continue to play their music and tour around the world, playing to all the fans still listening to the iconic rock star.

7. Eddie Murphy


Few people can truly say they have been the victim of multiple death hoaxes. However, Eddie Murphy has been around that bin about six times so far in his life. Murphy started out in stand-up comedy in New York, and moved from that to working on Saturday Night Live. Afterwords he played many movie roles in the 80’s and 90’s, and his cinematic career was soaring. So far, all six death hoaxes have been labeled different causes of death. However, Murphy comes through each time, stating that he is not dead but alive, and that these rumors are simply just rumors. Murphy is still acting and it doesn’t appear that he will be kicking the bucket anytime soon.

6. Dwayne Johnson



It probably isn’t a surprise that someone as popular as Dwayne Johnson would have rumors. Just like any other celebrity, he has been bombarded with them. However, one rumor leaked into the public stating that he was dead. Of course, these rumors were dismissed and Johnson quickly set the story straight. He commented: “I would love to meet the person who is starting rumors of my death — to show them how a dead foot feels up their a**.” Dwayne Johnson is very much alive and has played parts in quite a few movies. Johnson first found fame in wrestling as “The Rock.” He performed in the biggest wrestling matches in arenas across the country and became very popular. His career into acting has transitioned easily and he still returns to his wrestling roots from time to time.

5. Zach Braff



This famous comedian and actor is mainly known for his role in Scrubs, as well as other comedy roles he has starred in throughout the years. Braff is a person who is always full of jokes, which helps in the long run. Especially when someone decides to pin a death hoax on you. Braff fell victim to one of these hoaxes in 2009. The hoax was a fake CNN article which stated that Braff had taken his own life. Of course, many thought this to be ludicrous, and dismissed the rumor entirely. Not long after the rumor was made, Braff took to social media to state his side of the story: “I’m alive. I’m here at ‘Scrubs’ shooting the new ‘Scrubs’ title sequence which is a little bit like dying, so I guess that was semi-accurate. Also, I would never off myself with pills. If I had to do it, I would do it the way that everyone else would do it—by hitting myself with pots and pans.”

4. Joan Rivers


Joan Rivers was both an exceptionally great actress, as well as a great person. She was best known for her controversial comedy acts, which would wow the audience and terrify them all at the same time. She was a star that was meant to be kept in the highest regard. Sadly, even she could not be torn away from slander of a death hoax. In 2011, Joan Rivers was believed to be dead. The rumor spread throughout the world and it didn’t take long for fans to start questioning whether or not the terrible rumor was true. Fortunately, when asked by the Huffington Post, Joan Rivers replied, saying: “I don’t know where this came from. I did very well performing this weekend in Ottawa and I didn’t even bomb on stage. I think this story came from Betty White — that b****!”. Certainly an entertaining response. However, in 2014, Joan Rivers actually did pass away, marking an end to a great actress and comedian.

3. Paul McCartney



One of rock’s legends couldn’t even stay away from the threat of the death hoax. Paul McCartney, who was possibly one of the first celebrities to fall victim to a death hoax, did so back in 1966. During the height of fame, it was rumored that the real Paul McCartney had died and was replaced with a look-a-like. This rumor continues to follow McCartney and even shows up in interviews from time to time. Paul, of course, stated that the rumors were false and fans could finally rest knowing the truth. Later, in 2012, someone had Tweeted that McCartney had once again died. The rumor was quickly put away and it was shown that Paul was still alive. However, there are still those out there who believe that Paul isn’t the real Paul McCartney. Disregarding the many rumors that try to plague him, McCartney continues to play music to this day.

2. Will Ferrell


With all great comedy comes those great comedians who bring the laughs to life. Will Ferrell is among a large group of individuals who have been making comedy enjoyable for so many years. Ferrell made his big break in 1990, and from there he assured his place in many different comedy roles throughout the years. However in 2006, a death hoax which was displayed online, stated that the familiar comedian actor had been killed in a terrible sporting accident. This left many of his fans in tears, but when the story was declared a hoax, the worry was lifted. Ferrell is doing quite well as he continues his career in acting. He has landed many famous roles just in the past five years and has made somewhat of a comeback. No reports have been issued about concerns for health, and it appears he will continue to act for quite some time.

1. Lady Gaga


If you have lived in this century, you know that Lady Gaga is one of the biggest pop music icons in the world right now. So many things can be said about her, from her controversial and visually appealing outfits, to her standards and beliefs, along with the many amazing music videos. And of course, even Gaga has her share of death hoaxes. However, one of the rumors struck fear in a lot of fans when it arose in 2013. The rumor stated that Gaga had passed away and that she would be terribly missed. Of course, fans went ballistic, and it wasn’t long before they flooded the internet with comments and questions. Official articles were later released stating that Gaga was alive and well and for fans not to worry. Gaga was simply the victim of another interesting and terrible internet death hoax. Who will be next?

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