15 Where Are They Now Stories You Won't Believe Are True

So many celebrities have come and gone that it's hard to keep track. These days, with YouTube stars hitting the news and album singles dropping every week, it's hard to keep track of who's hot and who's not, and it's even harder to track where these not-so-hot 'celebrities' are going once the limelight shifts away. Once someone loses popularity, it's hard to recapture it. So what happens to them all once we lose interest?

We know the popular "where are they now" stories: Charlie Sheen is "cleaning himself up," but he's still a fun train wreck to watch; Lindsay Lohan is probably in rehab again, but she's sure to leave early to be in another bad movie; and Britney Spears has her own Las Vegas show, and we're excitedly awaiting the day she shaves her head again. These are the stories TMZ can't wait to share with us, even though our interest has been waning for the last few years.

What about celebrities we forgot long ago? Celebrities we haven't wondered about in years? They're still out there, so where are they? Were the rumors floating around about them true? Did Marion Jones really juice herself for the Olympics; did Steve from Blues Clues really overdose; should we be worried about Macaulay Culkin? Here are fifteen "where are they now stories" that you won't believe!

15 Jake Lloyd - Baby Anakin Diagnosed With Schizo 


Jake Lloyd played the young boy version of Anakin Skywalker in Star Wars: Episode 1, The Phantom Menace, which is regarded as one of the worst Star Wars movies.  That said, the pod-racing scenes and Darth Maul fight are pretty epic.  Besides, baby Anakin was adorable!  We all wanted to see this cute baby boy grow up to be a Jedi.  So what really happened?

Jake Lloyd hasn't had an easy go since his stint on Star Wars ended.  Since The Phantom Menace, he's only acted in one project outside of the franchise (Madison).  Though he still made appearances at events and sic-fi festivals, his fame waned.

14 Kiefer Sutherland - Jack Bauer Singing Country


Kiefer is best known for his movies like The Lost Boys and The Three Musketeers, and television shows like 24. He's regarded as a badass and plenty of people will go to see a movie simply because his name is on the bill.

13 Jonathan Taylor Thomas - Left Acting For College


You may not remember Jonathan by name, but you've surely heard or seen him act. He starred in such popular television shows as Home Improvement (Randy Taylor), The Bradys (Kevin Brady), and The Wild Thornberrys (voice of Tyler Tucker); he also did plenty of film work, including The Lion King (voice of young Simba), Tom and Huck (Tom Sawyer), and The Adventures of Pinocchio (voice of Pinocchio). Around 2006, Jonathan Taylor Thomas seemed to disappear abruptly from the screen; so where did he go?

12 Malcolm David Kelley - From "Lost" To The Music Stardom


Malcolm David Kelley was on the cult favorite TV show Lost.  Though he only appeared regularly on the show for the first season, he made frequent guest star appearances throughout the rest of the show up until the series finale as Walt Dawson, estranged son of Michael Dawson.  He was only twelve-years-old when the show aired.  Once off the show Malcolm finished his schooling, while still acting on the side.

11 Michael Richards - From Comedic Genius To Outcast


Michael played arguably the most hilarious character on the '90s television show Seinfeld, Cosmo Kramer.  The character was wildly outrageous and possibly insane, very much like Michael Richards.

10 Jack Gleeson - Left Acting For Academia


Jack Gleeson played the character on Game of Thrones we all loved to hate: Joffrey Baratheon, the psychopathic, young heir to the iron throne.  SPOILER ALERT: his character was killed off in the 2014 episode "The Lion and The Rose," better known as "The Purple Wedding" for the lovely shade of violet his face turns when he chokes to death.  So what has young Jack been up to since he lost the game of thrones?

9 Steve Burns - Left Blue's Clues For...


We all know sweet, beloved Steve as the owner of a cartoon dog in a '90s childhood classic: Blues Clues! Steve would run around the house with his adorable dog Blue, and occasionally with Blue's friend Magenta, identifying colors and numbers and shapes and whatnot. So what happened to good old Steve?

8 Peter Ostrum - From The Chocolate Factory To Vet Sciences


Peter was the star of the 1970's movie, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. He played adorable and honest Charlie Bucket.  The movie was a hit back in the 1970s, an instant classic (one that would be remade and, arguably, ruined, by its remake).  Peter hadn't ever acted before being cast in the film, and he never acted again.  So where did he go, and what did he do?

7 Tonya Harding - Who Knows?


If you don't follow Olympic winter sports, you may not know Tonya Harding.  Tonya was an American figure skating champion.  She won the U.S. Figure Skating Championships, placed second in the World Championships, and attended the Olympics twice.  She was full of promise.  So what happened?

6 Macaulay Culkin - From Cute To Creep


You'll recognize Macaulay Culkin from some of his biggest hits: the Home Alone movies (1 & 2 as Kevin McAllister), My Girl (Thomas Sennett), The Pagemaster (Richard Tyler), and Richie Rich (Richie, himself), to name a few.  He was the child actor that all studios seemed to want in their movies.  He was cute, lovable, and good at his craft.  So what happened to the boy when he grew up?

5 Kel Mitchell - From Sketches To Doing Just About Everything


Kel is best recognized by his work with Kenan Thompson on shows like All That and movies like Good Burger, though he's also well known for his character in the Ben Stiller movie Mystery Men (Invisible Boy).  He was widely known in the '90s.  These days, he seems much quieter. What happened?

4 Dustin Diamond - Saved By The Bell-Themed Dirty Tape


Dustin played the quirky and goofy character Samuel 'Screech" Powers on Saved By The Bell.  He made a lot of terrible puns and was definitely the class clown, but everyone loved him as the class goof.  So what kind of trouble is Screech getting into these days?

3 Carrie Henn - Left Acting Due To Mean Fans


Carrie Henn played one of our favorite children in science fiction, Newt from James Cameron's Aliens.  Carrie was only ten years old when the movie came out.  She'd never acted before starring in the film and, outside of documentaries and interviews about Aliens, she never acted again.  In the entertainment industry, she was a true star; briefly shining bright before her light was extinguished.  So where did she go?

2 Marion Jones - Disgraced Athlete Turned Honest Spokesperson


Marion Jones was an amazing champion of track and field as well as in the Women's National Basketball Association (she played for the Tulsa Shock).  In the 2000 Summer Olympics, she won three gold medals and two bronze medals.  Unfortunately, this is not what brought her fame.

Marion, as well as many other Olympians, was accused of using steroids to win her medals.  Her then husband C.J. Hunter testified against her and, after years of testing and trials/hearings, Marion publicly stated that she'd lied to investigators and had been using the performance enhancing drugs.  She was stripped of her titles and medals, and she retired from her athletic career.

1 Ian Michael Smith - Left Acting For Academia


Ian is best known for starring in the title role in the movie Simon Birch, which is loosely based on John Irving's book, A Prayer For Owen Meany.  The heart-wrenching movie is about a young boy with stunted growth, making Ian an amazing lead; Ian was born with Morquio Syndrome, an enzymatic disorder that forever stunted his growth (he's only 3'1").  Simon Birch was the only acting work he ever did. So where is he now?

Luckily, Ian's Morquio Syndrome is treatable.  He has undergone spinal fusions as well as   osteotomies (surgeries that lengthen/shorten bones to correct mismatched lengths or correct alignment problems).  Ian has never wanted to rejoin the entertainment industry, not because he didn't enjoy his work, but because, like his character Simon, he feels a greater calling in life.  He spent three years at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and also spent time at Gallaudet University in Washington, D.C. He's a big thinker and has plans to revolutionize how the entertainment industry and the world treat small people.

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15 Where Are They Now Stories You Won't Believe Are True